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Summer to Fall Style: Tricks for the Transition

Transition Clothes from Summer to Fall

There’s an evening chill in the air that tells me fall is coming!  And the changing season not only means cinnamon and apples and thoughts of cozy blankets, it also means storing shorts and sundresses and going shopping for cooler days to come…or does it?

Don’t tuck those summer clothes away just yet! Let’s be creative and consider using them well into the fall with a couple of transitional tips to get you there!

Sport a Sundress in Fall with These Tips

Turn a Summer Sundress into the Perfect Back to School Staple: Pull out some tights or knee-high socks to keep legs warm while wearing dresses, even ones with pretty floral patterns! Rain boots can keep the toes from getting wet when the rainy days arrive, and a scarf will keep your kids cozy when they head off to school. Consider layers, too, like wearing a fitted long-sleeve shirt beneath the sundress. Top the outfit with a jacket, light or heavy depending on what climate you live in (here’s one of our favorite fall jackets), and they’ll be ready for anything!

Wear Summer Shorts in Fall

Cozy Up Shorts for Chilly Days: In theory, shorts shouldn’t transition well into the fall. But have you considered adding some knit tights under them? Pair them with your child’s favorite sneakers, boots, or flats for a spunky look. Add a cozy sweater or warm jacket and they’re good to go!

How do you give new life to your kids’ clothing or yours? Be sure to check out our post “A Fresh Take on Hand-Me-Downs“ for more ideas on sprucing up your kids’ wardrobe without spending money.

~ Kate Brightbill of Style Smaller

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UV Safety Month + Stylish Sun Hats for Kids

It's UV Safety Month - Wear Hats

Summer means blue skies, barbecues, swimming, and sunshine. If your kids are like mine, they spend every waking hour playing outdoors. And while very limited sun exposure is recommended to process and maintain sufficient levels of vitamin D, overexposure to ultraviolet rays can harm your overall health—especially the delicate skin and eyes of babies and children.

Because I don’t want to deny my girls fun in the sun, we follow sun safety measures to protect our skin like slathering on natural sunscreen and wearing hats! To make sure I’m always prepared and that our family has shade on the go, I never leave home without flexible sun hats that can easily tuck into my bag. So, I’ve rounded up my favorites for keeping little ones cool and stylish in honor of July’s UV Safety Month.

Stylish Sun Hats for Kids

One   ||  Two  ||  Three  ||  Four  ||  Five

Bonus: In addition to being so stylish, all of these sun hats are sold via fellow B Corporation Etsy or by independent entrepreneurs. What’s not to love!

What sun smart tips do you recommend for protecting your skin this summer?

~ Kate Brightbill of Style Smaller

Creating Sweet & Simple Father’s Day Traditions with Kids

Celebrating Father's Day

It’s time to celebrate the Dads, grandpas, father figures, and caregivers that mean a lot to you. Whether breakfast in bed or an afternoon ball game, here are some sweet and creative ways to show them you care this Father’s Day. And they’re perfect activities for involving kids of all ages!

1. Take the family on an outing to do something he loves! If grandpa loves golf, a putt-putt course would be fun! If dad loves art, have a family painting party in the garage. If your uncle enjoys baseball, take in a game or get out the mitts and play catch together.

Father's Day Breakfast

2. Let him sleep in and prepare breakfast in bed. If you are a chef that can whip up gourmet food with the kids assisting, surprise him with a morning meal that showcases your skills! If not, keep it simple and assemble organic fruit, yogurt, and granola for a tasty and healthy parfait. Add a few wildflowers picked especially for him by the kiddos and a paper chain with written sentiments, and he’ll feel showered with affection.

3. Create a list of questions about dad and have the kids answer them! They can answer on paper or you can shoot a short video. It’ll provide plenty of laughs when small children tell you that their dad’s favorite pastime is washing the dishes, or that his age is 132.

Creating Father's Day Traditions with Kids

4. Celebrate Father’s Day with a special tea party hosted by the kids. This is a great way to get toddlers involved and encourage them to express their appreciation from their own point of view. While sitting together, have everyone go around the table and share one thing they love about the guest of honor.

5. Capture a family picture, serious or silly! Make it a tradition to get a photo of the whole gang every year and add it to an album specifically devoted to Father’s Day. One annual photo would be a gift that gets better with age, and you’ll be able to look back at the book every year to reminisce about all the Father’s Day memories you’ve made!

What are your favorite Father’s Day traditions?

~ Kate Brightbill of Style Smaller

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Fun with Food Art

Fun with Food Art

Sometimes we try our best to have our children eat healthfully, but despite our best efforts they want nothing to do with the fruit and veggies we offer. One solution? Make art out of healthy food! Even the pickiest eaters can’t resist the fun presentation.

It’s pretty easy to create simple pictures for kids on their plates. You can even do a shape of the day and cut everything “round” or “triangle-shaped” and they can learn as they eat their snacks.

Fruit Art

Avocados make great trees and bushes, but more importantly they’re great for your child’s heart and liver—among other health benefits. Berries are bright and beautiful, and your children will love to make berry-shaped flowers on their plates. Carrots can be cut into sticks or circles and are rich in beta-carotene.

So many nutritious foods can be cut into beautiful “art,” and it takes a lot less time to get creative than it does to convince unwilling toddlers to eat their greens!

Making Nutrition Fun

Even your kids can create their own masterpieces with different fruit and vegetable shapes. We’d love to see your yummy creations, so upload a photo in the comments below or share a pic via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram using #HonestDIY.

~ Kate Brightbill of Style Smaller

5 Children’s Books That Inspire Healthy Habits

Reading Teaches Kids About Healthy Living

Reading books together with our children is not only a great way to connect and unwind, but stories also help expose them to new ideas and positive habits. Now that I have toddlers, I look for books that will be a good learning tool. Some show kindness. Others encourage independence and responsibility. But I really appreciate when a book can show my kids that being healthy is fun for them and good for the planet.

5 Children's Books That Inspire Healthy Habits

Here are some of my favorite books for inspiring kids about healthy living while they’re young (clockwise from top left):

1. We Are Extremely Very Good Recyclers {Lauren Child}: Lola learns to recycle and makes it a fun competition with classmates. This book has bright, appealing pictures and teaches tips for your kids to recycle too!

2. Curious George Plants a Tree {Margret & H. A. Rey}: Everything Curious George goes over well in our house, so this would be no different. George obviously gets himself into innocent trouble while learning the ins and outs of recycling, but eventually brings the community together to give back.

3. Little Pea, Little Hoot, Little Oink {Amy Krouse Rosenthal}: These books are a witty take on eating veggies, going to bed, and cleaning up after oneself. The pictures and concepts are creative and make us laugh while we read.

4. Eating the Alphabet: Fruit and Vegetables from A to Z {Lois Ehlert}: Gorgeous illustrations make it appealing for everyone reading to want to eat their fruits and veggies. Perfect for teaching about nutrition AND the alphabet at once!

5. Grow It, Cook It {DK Publishing}: A cookbook for kids, this brilliant book teaches the ins and outs growing vegetables for recipes. It takes the food from the garden to the plate. Perfect for elementary age kids.

There are so many great books for inspiring kids’ appetites for healthy living, so we’d love to know your favorites too!

~ Kate Brightbill of Style Smaller

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