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You Inspired Our #HonestMom Campaign (And We Want to Hear From You!)

Have you seen our latest commercial dedicated to you, our amazing supporters? The 30-second spot features real moms sharing their stories about motherhood — both the perfect and imperfect moments that make being a mom so wonderful. This is part of our #HonestMom campaign and we want to hear from all moms, including you!

The campaign started when we reached out to customers in the Los Angeles area and asked if they wanted to take part in an Honest commercial. We were overwhelmed by the number of responses from our passionate Honest Moms! While it was hard to narrow down the list, we invited 15 moms to our Santa Monica headquarters to meet us and audition for the commercial.

#HonestMom Campaign

It was so difficult to pick just one mom for the television commercial because every mom had a special story to share. Ultimately, we chose Ryan McGee whose personal statement spoke to all of us:

“I am totally blown away by The Honest Company’s commitment to reducing the negative impact of disposable diapers on the environment, as well as the convenience, cost, and quality of diapers. I use the size 4 diapers for my daughter, Dylan, as well the training under-pants for my other daughter, Reese,” she wrote. “It is more than just an incredibly convenient service delivered to my doorstep, but a lesson that will shape how my girls treat the world with absolute care and respect…I am giving my daughters something that is good for them, good for the earth, and good for my checkbook.”

Because so many moms wanted to share their stories with us, we knew that we were on to something. So, we decided to create online videos featuring a number of the amazing moms who visited our office. They reminded us why creating safe, affordable, and non-toxic products for busy families is so important and we sincerely thank them for that!

And now we want to hear from you! Check out our Facebook page to read stories about Honest mom moments, and leave your own comment sharing your mom moment with us. If you’re selected, you’ll win a year’s worth of Honest diapers, wipes, and essentials. The #HonestMom campaign runs until the end of March.

Visit the #HonestMom Facebook page by clicking here.

Great News—Honest Products Are Now At a Store Near You!

honest products

We know how exciting it is to get a box of Honest goodies delivered straight to your doorstep (we work here and it never gets old for us, either!). But in an effort to make our baby, home, and personal care products available in more places where you shop, we’re excited to announce that The Honest Company is now available at a store in your neighborhood.

Over the past six months, we have been hard at work bringing Honest to your favorite stores.  We are proud to partner with best in class national retailers such as: Nordstrom, Whole Foods Market, Costco, buybuy Baby and Right Start, and locally with The Pump Station & Nurtury in Santa Monica, Galt in Chicago, Albee Baby in New York City, Magic Beans in Boston, Liapela in Florida and The Baby Grocery Store in Charlotte, NC — all committed to offering safe and effective baby and personal care products. So now if you need something ASAP, fast shipping isn’t your only option — there may be a store near you.  We are so thrilled to partner with these retailers to make our safe, non-toxic and eco-friendly products accessible to more families. Currently, our products are in over 700 stores across the country and counting!

Our mission at Honest continues to be to create safe, beautiful, and functional products, while fulfilling the promise of creating a healthier and more sustainable future for our children and for generations to come.

Visit our Retail Locator to find the nearest Honest retailers near you!

A Special (and Sustainable!) Gift — the Honest Family Tree

family tree 1

He who plants a tree, plants a hope” – Lucy Larcom

When we set out to create a holiday gift for our Honest community, we wanted to create something that would bring delight while still upholding our commitment to social responsibility and sustainability. We wanted a gift that would keep on giving. Thus, the concept of the Honest Family Tree was born.

We partnered with an organic nursery in Northern California, The Jonsteen Company, to put together an assortment of living evergreen tree seedlings that would be sent to our members across the country. Called “Honest Family Trees,” these 1-2 year old Cedar, Spruce, Fir, and Sequoia trees will provide ongoing beauty and environmental support for generations to come.

family tree 2

Watch our quick video for a glimpse behind-the-scenes on the history of these trees and an easy tutorial on how to plant your tree at home:

So why trees?

  • Trees teach children about nature and inspire the imagination
  • Trees lessen air pollution by cleaning the air
  • Trees provide food and shelter for wildlife
  • Trees conserve energy by providing shade and cooling the air around them
  • And of course, trees are beautiful!

We hope that you and your loved ones will join us in planting over 65,000 trees across the United States this holiday season. Thank you for being a part of our Honest family!

Share your tree-planting experience with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram using #HonestFamilyTree. You can also check out photos of the rest of our Honest family planting their trees by following this link to Facebook.



Honest’s First Story: The Little Woodsman & The Winter Fox

Winter fox

Cuddle up with your little one and read the tale of The Little Woodsman & The Winter Fox — Honest’s first book. This 24-page softcover book tells the story of a little boy (the woodsman) who misses his adorable fox. Subscribers will receive the book as part of their Diapers & Wipes Bundle.

This sweet story coincides with the recent unveiling of our Winter diaper patterns. There are three winter-themed patterns: Winter Fox, Axes, and Evergreens.

winter fox 2

Our design team wanted patterns that reflect the season without being holiday specific, so Honest babies can wear these diapers all winter long. The team took inspiration from the 1940s stop motion Christmas classic Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and the nostalgic winter scenery in that film, then combined that imagery with modern aesthetics.

Honest co-founder Jessica Alba always envisioned incorporating stories into our products, so the Honest design team decided to make the fox diaper pattern come alive with a story. It truly was a passion project for our design team who worked long hours to translate the design into a special children’s tale — they wrote the book, made the props, took the photos, as well as sewed the fox by hand, all in addition to creating the diaper patterns themselves.

In the coming weeks, we’ll teach you how to make crafts inspired by The Little Woodsman & The Winter Fox. Keep a look out for some fun DIY tutorials on how to make a Winter Fox of your own, the garland featured in the book, and other surprises!

All Honest subscribers will receive the book regardless of the patterns they select (but we hope you select our Winter patterns!). If you’re not a subscriber, you can download the book here.

What are your favorite bedtime stories? Tell us in the comments.


Today we unveil our latest labor of love, The Collective — exclusive designer collaborations of our favorite must-haves for baby and home.

Each unique piece is created in partnership with talented artisans, socially-minded brands, and innovative entrepreneurs who share our unwavering commitment to beautiful, safe, high-quality, and practical products. And, our passion for creating a better world.

Each piece reflects our philosophy of beautiful stylish basics and functional design — heritage quality combined with modern sensibility, sprinkled with a touch of fun. Durable, dependable, and always delightful.

The initial collection includes a delightful mix — a wooden push toy, a hand-knit blanket, an ultra-functional stroller, and more.

We hope you enjoy. There are no limits to the possibilities of what we can do together!



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