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Introducing Our New & Improved Wipes

Watering Grass
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The Honest Company: Proud to be a B Corp

Dig Into Perfect Summer Pasta
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Perfect Summer Pasta

Kids Non-Toxic Nail Polish
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Go Bold With Natural Nail Polish

Finished Watering Can
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Upcycled Laundry Detergent Watering Can

Repurpose Reuse Recycle
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Easy Eco-Friendly Summer Living Tips

Healthy Homemade Ice Pops
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Cool Down With Homemade Ice Pops

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Think Water. As much as we play in the water this summer, it’s also important to drink lots of it.  Hydrate before you head outside in the heat—the key is to do so before you’re thirsty. And don't forget your reusable bottle to sip on the go. Honest Jessica's trick: Freeze the water in your bottle so it thaws and keeps your drink cool throughout the day.
Our Portable Bottle Faves:
Repurposed Glass Bottles, like Perrier
Klean Kanteen
Ikea Slom Bottle 
Lifefactory Glass Bottles with Silicone Sleeve (Honest Jen’s fave)
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5 Honest Tips for Summer Fun and Safety