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Making It Better: Our New & Improved Shampoo + Body Wash

New and Improved Shampoo + Body Wash

Dear Honest Friends,

Often there is an opportunity to refine products and make things better…well, we have some honestly good news – our Honest Shampoo + Body Wash is new and improved!

Here are some of the exciting highlights:

  • Increased Size: Now you’re getting 25% MORE in each bottle – without any effect on price
  • Thicker: More luxurious, full-bodied conditioning and, as always, without those synthetic emulsifiers or harsh chemicals (ever!)
  • Smoother & Silkier: An innovative cleansing system that binds moisture and helps repair damaged hair
  • Infused with MORE Natural & Organic Ingredients.
    • Chamomile, calendula, and aloe gently soothe and nourish
    • Organic coconut oil moisturizes and protects
    • Jojoba and quinoa proteins strengthen and fortify 
(containing all 8 essential amino acids)
  • Luxurious Lathering in Hair: Super-lather experience for all hair types (including 
color-treated hair)
  • Gentle & Enriching for Skin: Will not strip skin of natural protective oils and ensures 
all skin types maintain natural hydration levels
  • Same Delightful Scent: The great sweet orange vanilla that you love 
and expect!
  • Pure & Soothing Bliss: As always tear-free, hypoallergenic, and pH balanced

As in all aspects of life, there is room for improvement, and we are committed to continually doing better—better for you, your children, the planet, and everyone’s future. 
Just another way that we are always working to make it better!

We hope you love our new Shampoo + Body Wash…our kids sure do. Please e-mail or call us anytime if you have any comments, questions, or ideas!

Thank you so much for supporting The Honest Company!

Warmest Regards,

Christopher Gavigan

Founder / Chief Products Officer