Make the most of fresh flowers with these tips from the ladies behind Bloom2Bloom.

4 Tips for Getting Your Valentine’s Day Bouquet to Last

There’s a reason that flowers on Valentines Day remain a classic, thoughtful gift. Flowers bring a lively beauty to the recipient’s day, while reminding them they are loved and cherished — a feeling that goes well beyond February 14th. If you know how to properly take care of them, the flowers can also be a lasting gift themselves! From the moment they arrive to the days following and even at the end of their life, there are easy things you can do to make the most out of your gift.

4 Tips for Getting Your Valentine’s Day Bouquet to Last

We’re sharing our top 4 tips to help your flowers last, so you can keep enjoying this lovely reminder of how special you are.

  1. Prep your blooms. Cut flower stems on an angle before putting them in a vase with fresh water to prolong their freshness. The angle allows increased water uptake, ensuring they don’t lose their rigidity and droop or drop their petals prematurely. If you have some, add flower food to the water to give your flowers an extra boost of nutrients.
  2. Place thoughtfully. When choosing where to display your stunning arrangement, consider a place that gets some sunlight, but not too much! Flowers like a cool environment, so keep away from the stove — an area with indirect sunlight is best. Also, keep them at a distance from fresh fruits and veggies, as they release a gas that’s not friendly to flowers
  3. Change the water. As the days pass when you walk by admiring your bouquet, consider changing the water. Doing this even every other day can double the life of your flowers! If you don’t, you’ll notice the water will get cloudy and that murky water is hard for your blooms to drink.
  4. Creatively repurpose. This is one of our favorite things to do at Bloom2Bloom! Many of our bouquets include a succulent. We love taking it out and replanting it in a cute vase so an element of our gift can last months longer. Eucalyptus, another green present in many of our arrangements, can last for months when dried out. You can pull out the Eucalyptus and place them in small jars to add stylish green touch to different areas of your home.

Nurturing your bouquet has a great pay off. As you care for them you can reflect on the thoughtful gesture and consider how you can continue to spread joy and love. Plus, the end result will be thriving blooms and succulents that bring life and style to your space.

~ Laurenne Resnik + Whitney Port, Bloom2Bloom

Bloom2Bloom is your source for farm-fresh, US-grown flowers that give back. Follow along on Instagram at @Bloom2Bloom.

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