For the cooler fall temperatures, a scarf is a practical accessory. But more than just being functional, it’s a versatile style item. A neck warmer, a blanket, a shrug, or a disguise for baby-made messes…a scarf is the one wardrobe staple that you’re guaranteed to get a lot of mileage out of this season and beyond. Already dreaming of a tropical winter getaway? It even can be used as a beach cover up! Here are five ways you can wear, tie, and style a scarf this season that look equally chic from outerwear to jeans and t-shirt.

The Classic Drape

5 Ways to Style a Scarf

This classic way to wear a scarf—simply drape it around your neck—is a great way to liven up the basics.


The Loop Around with a Twist

5 Ways to Style a Scarf

To create Cristina’s look, drape the scarf along either side of your neck (like the classic drape above). Wrap each loose end around your neck to create one loop. Tuck each loose end through the loop and continue to wrap around the loop to create the twist.


The Muffler

5 Ways to Style a Scarf

This style works well with both winter and light weight scarves, and looks especially chic with the added touch of fringe. April wrapped her shawl style scarf around the back once and brought the loose ends back over her shoulders to the front.


The Slip Knot

5 Ways to Style a Scarf

Matt wears a classic style scarf, which works great under a coat because you can pull it close to your neck for warmth. To tie your scarf like this, fold your scarf in half, wrap it around your neck, and pull the ends through the looped side.


Warm Weather Wrap

5 Ways to Style a Scarf

Kathryn uses a light, flowing scarf to add a punch of color to her outfit and brighten her face. This is a great way to capture the spirit of Fall even when you live in a sunny climate.

For more inspired ways to wear a scarf, check out these additional ways you can tie them on our Honest Pinterest page.

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