9 Surprising Uses for Oxy Boost (It’s Not Just for Laundry!)

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We at The Honest Company created Honest Oxy Boost because we don’t like what conventional chlorine bleach does to our lungs, our skin, our families, fabrics, and the environment. So, our Oxy Boost has all the power of conventional bleach, minus the toxic fumes and risks. And, just like bleach is used for far more than just laundry, our Oxy Boost is super multi-functional, too! Here are 9 surprising uses to get you started unleashing the power of this product today!


9 Surprising Uses for Oxy Boost


1. Sanitize bottles, toys, cutting boards, & more! Dissolve 1-2 pods in a sink of hot water and dunk your dirty doo-dads. Let soak for 20 minutes or longer, wash with Honest Dish Soap, rinse, and dry. (Note: wooden toys and cutting boards should not be soaked.)

2. Polish porcelain sinks. Make a paste by mixing crushed pods with hot water. Apply to surface of sink, let sit for 10-20 minutes, rub, and rinse.

3. Freshen drains & disposals. Dissolve 1 pod in 2 cups hot water and pour down drains once a month to clean and deodorize them.

4. Manage mold & mildew. For non-porous surfaces, make a solution of 1 pod in 2 cups hot water and pour into a spray bottle (for tougher jobs, make the paste mentioned above). Apply to surface and let it sit for 10-20 minutes. Gently scrub and rinse clean. This works great for soap scum, too! (Learn about preventing mold and mildew and important safety issues from the EPA.)

5. Kick coffee stains off your mugs, cups, and carafes. Dissolve a pod in a sinkful of hot water and soak dishes for a few minutes.  For tough stains, gently scrub.  Wash and dry as usual.

6. Deodorize your diaper pail. Simply break up a pod (or two) and add to hot water. Clean the pail with this solution, rinse, and dry before adding dirty diapers.

7. Wipe out weeds in walkways. Crumble a pod or two into a bucket of hot water and pour over weeds in the cracks and crevices of your sidewalk and driveway. Those pesky plants should be dead in a day and the Oxy Boost solution will help keep them from coming back. (Note: works best on sunny days. Also, be careful not to get the solution on surrounding plants or grass.)

8. Clean-up concrete. Stains or mildew making your concrete patios and walkways look a little lackluster? Mix a few crumbled pods into a gallon of hot water and pour onto the offending area. Let it sit for about ten minutes, scrub with a wire brush and rinse. Tougher stains may take more treatments.

9. Whiten walls. Say goodbye to sticky fingerprints! If you have white walls in need of a quick cleaning, break up one pod of Oxy Boost and mix with a liter of water and a few drops of Honest Dish Soap in a spray bottle. Spray, wipe, and presto! (Note: works best on white or other light-colored walls with glossy or eggshell finishes. Always spot test first.)



  1. We’re glad you’re excited, Graciele. Let us know if you try out any of these new uses and how they work, or if you create your own. We’d love to learn!

  2. Ive used it to mop my floors – dissolve 1 packet in a bucket of water and mop away! I just would rather use this then the stuff that smells really toxic.

  3. Kimberly

    If I were to us them on weeds how would it effect the environment around? Such as soil pH , etc. thank you

  4. Leahkamm

    Great article, thanks for letting us know!

  5. Hi Kimberly,
    Thanks for the great question. If the Oxy Boost solution is put directly on the weeds, it shouldn’t harm other plant life or the water table because it is basically mineral content. Please let us know if there is anything else we can answer.

  6. Hilal Mommy

    my husband washed and steam cleaned the rugs in the house while we are awaiting our baby’s arrival. instead of adding the solution that came with the rug cleaner, we put in an oxy boost pod! worked wonders and left the rugs nice a clean!!!

  7. Fabulous to hear that the oxy boost solution worked wonders on your rugs (we appreciate the feedback). And even more exciting to learn that you’re having a baby. Please let us know if there is anything else we can do to help. Congrats!

  8. bamamoma

    I loved reading the article and was excited to see I could get a free trial until I realized I had to pay shipping and then I would be charged monthly for the product. Do you not have any free samples or coupons I would really like to try your product.

  9. Since most of these examples suggest crushing the pods, why not make it available in a powder?

  10. Shameless product promotion in the guise of a news article


    I’ve used Oxy Clean for almost all of these, and I’m sure Oxy Boost works much the same. I will give it a try, depending on the cost.


    I once used Oxy Clean to remove mildew from a chaise lounge chair. I made a solution in a squirt bottle, and soaked it several times in the shade. I soaked it again about midnight, and in the morning, the chair looked like new. I sold the chair for more than I paid for it, but had to get a new squirt bottle because the oxygenation somehow ruins the sprayer nozzel. That’s happened more than once.

  13. * With your free Discovery Kit you will become enrolled as a MEMBER of The Honest Company. You have 7 days following receipt of your Discovery Kit to cancel your membership at any time, for any reason. We will remind you several times about your membership options. If you choose to not cancel your membership, you will be charged $79.95 plus $5.95 shipping and handling for your monthly supply of Diapers, or $35.95 plus $5.95 shipping and handling for your monthly supply of Family Essentials.

    Actually JOHN, bamamoma sounds like a very pleasent, straight forward, smart consumer who read the fine print on a free trial offer. I agree with her. It would be quite refreshing if a “free trial” was actually… free. Instead of clicking the “close window” key when she discovered it was a bit more convoluted than that, she expressed her continuing interest, and gave the company some very feasable alternatives in their attempt to capture her hard earned $$ and loyalty. She also managed to do this in a very pleasant manner. The suggestions she made would certainly be a better way to capture my interest as well.

    Your comment however was very snarky and contributed nothing that was benificial to either the company who’s marketing these items, or the targeted consumer.

  14. Karen Glammeyer Medcoff

    to be truly honest, you can make this at home

    2 parts water

    1 part hydrogen peroxide

    1 part washing soda

  15. Addy Adoriah

    With 3 kids and 3 dogs I use it dissolved in a bucket of water to clean my durapella couches….but I use oxyclean not whatever those pod things are…lol. Dip rag, wring out, wipe couches down.

  16. Herbert Tarreyton

    Another great “Green” idea for weedkilling; I go to my local auto repair center and get used anti-freeze. They store it in huge drums and it’s free. It is a permanent weed killer and can be used to protect wood from termites, also.

  17. Jodi Weigand

    Not good ,if, however, you have pets!!! Antifreeze is sweet tasting, and pets love it. It will cause renal failure in a short time!!!

  18. We frequently host parties, and our house has white carpet throughout, except for the kitchen and breakfast area. People are amazed how white they still are and they are 15 years old. Part of my secret is that when I use my carpet-cleaning machine (several times a month), I always add Oxyclean. It is awesome, especially on organic stains, like wine, or dropped food.

  19. Thanks, Karen, for sharing this tip. It’s true you can make natural cleaning products at home. Our founder Christopher Gavigan’s book Healthy Child Healthy World offers lots of great suggestions for DIY solutions. Our Honest products are designed to provide you the same safe and effective cleaning options that are also convenient—perfect for busy modern families.

  20. Thanks for this suggestion, MK. We’ll pass the great idea on to our product team. We appreciate the feedback.

  21. Hi Addy, our Oxy Boost is a great alternative to the conventional Oxy Clean because it doesn’t have the harsh questionable chemicals and it’s designed to be safe for your family. Let us know if you have any other questions about the products.

  22. Hi Abacab! It’s important to us to introduce our products and the mission of Honest to new customers and our community. This company blog post is designed to educate on how versatile and safe this product is — it’s meant as an FYI. Thanks for your feedback.

  23. I came here from a google search and have no affiliation with this company whatsoever. Since I can post this, I will: it’s somewhat uncool to hijack a perfectly informative promotional effort on a product’s site for the purpose of attempting to divulge their recipe. How would you like to come up with a product idea, then post it on your site with some legit ideas for how to use it, then have someone attempt to negate the commercial value of your product? Just saying.

  24. Karen, we hope you give Oxy Boost a try. It’s a great performing product that is free of the harsh chemicals that conventional products have so our skin, our families, fabrics, and the environment aren’t subjected to conventional chlorine bleach.

  25. Isn’t it great how many uses Oxy Boost can be used for? The Honest Oxy Boost is a non-toxic alternative that has natural 4-in-1 cleaning power—this way you aren’t exposed to conventional chlorine bleach and other harsh chemicals. We hope you give it a try.

  26. What is washing soda? Also, I found all the replies from “Honest” to be respectful, no matter what the comment is. I think that is great PR!!

  27. @f3039455f1465c35a1243bfbcd9cb386:disqus I came here expecting a journalistic helpful hints article not a product infomercial. I find Karen’s hint a truly neutralizing effect.

  28. Lia Emet

    We used this “recipe” in the 80s & 90s. Along with Peroxide spray for sanitizing counter-tops, children’s desk & toys, vinegar for glass,& borax in the laundry. I also learned how to make my own “play-Dough.” No great secrets here. Get on you tube and learn the recipes for your favorite fast foods, too!

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  30. Hi Judith. Thanks for stopping by. We offer a variety of information on our company blog, some of which is directed at showing our customers how they can use our products in a variety of ways (like this post) and other posts on everything from nutrition to recipes to DIYs that are about natural, healthy, and eco-friendly living and don’t have anything to do with our products. We see our blog as an extension of our mission to encourage natural living and an opportunity to provide added value for our customers and community. We hope you’ll come back and visit, even if you don’t intend to buy.

  31. Hi Amy. Washing soda is a natural surfactant in our Oxy Boost pods. Please let us know if you have any other questions about this product or the company!

  32. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your feedback. The sample kit itself is free, but as a new company, we do have to charge shipping to help offset the cost. Or keep in touch with us on Facebook, Twitter, and more to stay up to date on future promotions. We think you will love the products (or diapers) if you decide to give them a try!

  33. Just saying – free country, free speech and frankly, I was expecting some really cool ideas for the use of the product – not a paid advertisement, which basically all this is – their “9 surprising uses” are not that surprising and not anything anyone who owns a home has already tried and done!!

  34. Unwilling

    Why do companies advertise Free sample just pay shipping and then charge your account for future shipments. I personally will not try any product that uses this policy. To me it is a form of fraud and if a company has to resort to this as their advertising process I will not participate. If your product is so good. this method should be unnecessary. I fall for this once and will never do it again. Not only did they charge my account 98.00 but I didnt have the money to cover it in my checking. You cant trust anyone.

  35. Thank you , I don’t like using weed killer it is bad for every one and my dogs,, so I will be using this from now on,,, thank you so very much I would never have though of it,,

  36. The reason folks don’t throw away antifreeze and take it in for recycling is because it eventually seeps down into the waterbed and is a horrible contaminant in our lakes and rivers – should never be put on the ground.

  37. Washing soda is a natural surfactant in our Oxy Boost pods. Please let us know if you have any other questions about this product or the company!

  38. So your oxy clean is called oxy boost or you have a product called oxy clean or you call your product oxy boost but it’s the same as oxy clean?

  39. Freedom of speech, honey. The recipe that Karen posted is old and well-known to anyone who prefers natural cleaning products. Not everyone is interested in making their own products and prefer the convenience of purchasing ready-made products. If you’re not affiliated with the company, why so angry? No skin off your nose.

  40. Man, there’s a lot of angry people here today. Noone’s forcing you to buy the product, for crying out loud

  41. Silverhawk Spirit-Carroll

    Vinegar is the greatest cleaner for me. It also kills weeds on the spot. Got weeds in the driveway? Pour vinegar on them and they’ll never come back ever. Got stinky laundry? Pour vinegar in the wash as well and it comes out smelling better than ever. Got cravings for food? Use vinegar to curb your cravings.

  42. A friend of mine is a hair stylist. Once when I didn’t have time to go to her to get my hair dyed I used a box brand and ended up with a red tint to my hair. She told me to wash it with the one of the Oxy Boost/ Clean products to get rid of the tint. I tried it and it worked. You can’t leave it on for long just a couple minutes. Not only did it get rid of the red tint it also made my hair feel really soft until I washed it again. It’s not something you can do all the time but it really helped when I needed it.

  43. Anti-freeze isn’t green. It’s a toxin. You should really look up the definition of GREEN. Things that are green don’t typically kill animals or pollute our water supply. You certainly don’t need to return green products to a store to be stored in a large container.

  44. Our product is called “Honest Oxy Boost.” It is not the same as the conventional cleaners. We created Honest Oxy Boost because we don’t like what conventional chlorine bleach does to us, our skin, our families, fabrics and the environment. It’s a stain and odor remover where naturally-derived ingredients use oxygen for destaining and deodorizing — attacking and breaking down stains, grease, and dirt. Hope this helps! Please let us know if you have any more questions about this product and its benefits!

  45. Loving This Article!

    Y’all should give these guys a break. Any business should post great ways to use their products. There’s no way I’m going to make my own oxy. I’m too busy…which is the whole point of this company…to make it easier to buy better for ourselves and our planet…and even if you don’t like this nifty article (didn’t know I could clean my driveway with it!) then sssshhhhhhh…. because most of us like it! Besides, if the point was to get people talking about Honest Oxy Boost, you just did! So, ha! Now I’m going to go buy some and clean some stuff in my house. I’ll be thinking about the complainers while I get out my debit card.

  46. I did not consider this an infomercial in any way. I’m a homeowner for years and didn’t know some of the uses. I’m buying!

  47. Hi, there! Here’s an idea for you DIYers. I’m sure Honest can do volume discounts, so contact them and explain that you’re working on a large project. The reason for this is that you’ll need to acquire as many truck loads of Oxy as you can afford. Then you need to clear ground clutter from your yard (lawn waste, vehicles, cats) and cover your property with 4-6 inches of Oxy, utilizing a woodchipper or similar piece of hardware to separate the powder from the pods (wheat/chaff). It’s very convenient to use the natural ejection effect of the chipper to evenly distribute the Oxy powder across your landscaping, offering a natural snow-like effect. Did you know that washing soda can be extracted from the ashes of many plants?

  48. Thanks for giving us a try! Once you use your Oxy Boost, please let us know what you think. We’d love to hear!

  49. Cathy Creswell

    Remove rust stains from porcelain: pour a dab of hot water on stain, sprinkle with powder. leave it until later.

    Dingy bra solution: Leave the bra to soak in hot water and oxy boost for an after noon or over night. Rinse later and air dry.

    Floor rugs: small rugs can be hauled outside to driveway. Pour hot water over all and sprinkle powder. Work into rug with broom. Rinse with hose later.

  50. Cathy Creswell

    Back in the 70’s we used ‘BIZ’. it was like oxy boost but this an enzyme added. It got out protein stains reallly well. Great for period stained clothing.

  51. Cathy Creswell

    I do this with another oxygen based cleaner. Works great!!

  52. Cathy Creswell

    Oh, but it’s SO BAD for animals!! It kills dogs and cats who lick the stuff up! If cats eat rodents who ate plants and bugs killed by the antifreeze, they could die in turn. bad idea.

  53. ShamanBlair

    i was going to ask, but then Kimberley did…& I’m still confused. You say Oxy isn’t harmful to the environment–like bleach–yet yo say it’s useful for killing weeds, & one must carefully target the weeds so as not to harm other plants.

    This does not compute!

  54. On one hand I hear what you are saying @hmm. On the other hand for me posting the recipe gave me more comfort or confidence in the product as an alternative to bleach. And as @Honest correctly points out some people, especially for smaller projects don’t want to mess around with mixing up a batch of cleanser and would rather buy some of this and keep it in the cabinet for when its needed.

  55. Ah, Karen perhaps this will help for future cleaning projects. After using a solution or suspension, the liquid often evaporates from the sprayer mechanism if it isn’t used daily, leaving behind the solid parts of your cleaning product, jamming the movable parts. After you finish your cleaning, take the sprayer out and spray at least a quarter of a cup of clean, warm water through it. This should remove any left over residue from your cleaner and your sprayer should be good as new and ready to use next time you need it.

  56. It’s not a good idea, even if you don’t have pets. An item, regardless of it’s physical color, isn’t “green” if it doesn’t meet the required safety and biodegradability standards. Anything with a skull and crossbones on it, you can pretty much rule out as “green” and you don’t want to be dumping toxins into your yard. There are EPA guidelines to dispose of materials such as anti freeze which is why the auto centers are required to take it back from customers and for your own safety, don’t tell anyone you’ve used it to kill weeds or protect from termites because you’ve broken federal and probably local and state laws and the fines are steep for that sort of thing. Please, pull up the weeds or get a safe herbicide from your local lawn and garden center and no more using it for termite protection. Any kids playing on anything you used that anti freeze on could become very sick.

  57. dba_vagabond_trader

    We use it on our porcelain enamel sink all the time. Great product!

  58. culinspiration

    Us it to sanitize homebrew materials!

  59. You did not read the ‘fine print”. Lets say a FREE SAMPLE costs $3.99 for the shipping and handling. The actual cost of the shipping is 79 cents. The company just made $3.20. By signing up for the free sample, you actually sign up for a SUBSCRIPTION to the product. Usually there is a 2 week period to cancel the subscription. If you don’t cancel. the fine print says that you like the product and want more of it.

    Unwilling,,, you could have prevented your problems by reading.

  60. sugarfoot

    I’ve used straight hydrogen peroxide on stains….takes them right out. It took a wine stain out of my white chiffon blouse, I dabbed it on with a q-tip…I was thrilled when the stain disappeared.

  61. sugarfoot

    Thank you for that. There are people who will make their own and other’s who just don’t want the extra work, but want to use safe and ecologically responsible products. You are to be commended for your straight forwardness. I can make my own laundry detergent, but do I want to make it? No, too much time and use of my kitchen for other than cooking, but I do make my own window and glass cleaner and daily shower spray…I can control the ingredients and it is a simple mix. Thank you for a good product and for being user “friendly”. Best Wishes to you and your company.

  62. sugarfoot

    Thank you, Geri, for that response….I have been having some problems with my spray bottles, as I make a lot of my own cleaning solutions. I will do as you are recommending.

  63. You can find washing soda in laundry section of your supermarket. It is said to be useful for boosting the power of your laundry detergent.


    Is OXY BOOST the same thing as OXY-CLEAN?

  65. Our product is called “Honest Oxy Boost.” It is not the same as conventional cleaners or Oxy Clean. We created Honest Oxy Boost because we don’t like what conventional chlorine bleach does to us, our skin, our families, fabrics and the environment. It’s a stain and odor remover where naturally-derived ingredients use oxygen for destaining and deodorizing — attacking and breaking down stains, grease, and dirt. Hope this helps! Please let us know if you have any more questions about this product and its benefits!

  66. Karen Glammeyer Medcoff

    Thank you for being so kind about it. I understand the need for people to make money in this world. i also understand that, unfortunately a lot of people cannot afford commercial products, and would be discouraged by not being able to buy them. All alternatives that are natural are good things. Myself, I live off of a 600/month controlled pay, and taking care of both my mother and son on that budget. So commercial products don’t happen much in our home. A lot of people will buy now knowing that the items in the cleaner aren’t harmful in any way to the environment and others, who don’t have money will know ow they can achieve the same results at home with less output of cash.

  67. Janet Jonas

    I also clicked a link on a newspaper website that deceptively made it look like this was a news article, and would be “surprising” uses for an oxy boost product. Neither was true, so I support this comment.

  68. Vic Torino

    I love OxyBoost. Where can I buy stock in the company?

  69. Wait. Wrong stuff. This is the stuff that stops my chlothes from smelling as bad as my feet. I like this stuff too.

  70. IgnatiusReilly

    Oh, NOW the truth comes out. This is a ripoff.

  71. sunshineconnie

    Advertising posing as news??? Any wonder there is dwindling respect for media?

  72. That’s not entirely accurate, to be truly honest. Over the counter peroxide is considerably less potent than commercial grade peroxide. While your solution is minimally useful if used immediately, it will not work as well or as fast as commercial peroxide which can not be purchased just any where because it is powerful and can be dangerous if not handled by informed individuals and used wisely. Also once household peroxide is mixed or left uncapped will lose it’s potency very quickly. Chemistry 101.

  73. Not the same results and require much much more effort and time than commercial grade. Most of us taking care of children, spouses, our homes, parents and full time jobs are very thankful for safe products that actually work well. I’d much rather use the commercial product for quicker easier results and use the extra time to play with my children. Personally, it’s worth an extra dollar or 2 to free up time I can then spend enjoying my life and family. Sometimes we need to weigh options and prioritize. Not all quality items are overprice. This is one of them.

  74. My very favorite glass, counter and all around cleaner is green alcohol with a drop of quality dish soap in a spray bottle. It cleans and disinfects all surfaces except unprotected wood of course. You can even use it to pre-treat and remove spills and stains on most clothing. It smells clean and fresh and it’s very inexpensive. A doctor suggested it years ago and it’s my most used cleaner still.

  75. You can buy it in a large box quite cheap at most grocery stores or big box stores in the cleaning supplies isle. It is called washing soda. If you add some to your wash it will help with the cleaning and I think it softens the water. There are a lot of make it yourself cleaning products recipes that call for washing soda and it is not the same as baking soda not at all. hope this helps.

  76. William R. James

    You can get 30% peroxide at any pool supply store.

  77. Because some of us actually have ethics and morals, honey. I happen to agree with hmm. I happen to think Karen trying to undermine a commercial product that has gone above and beyond to make sure it’s safe and effective is underhanded, immoral, and hateful. And to be quite honest, it’s skin off all of our noses when the efforts to be an honest, moral capitalist who cares more about the product users safety and satisfaction rather than their ability to lie and sell us a product that does harm to us and our environment for a bigger profit is undermined by someone’s jealous whining about their unhappy life and inability to make a living, Just sayin, honey.

  78. You are officially my favorite poster here!

  79. And that is your privilege, BUT for those of us who can read and comprehend, yet decide we want to try a safe and effective product and don’t expect them to have to file for bankruptcy to let us try it or just DON’T want to be freeloaders expecting everything for free have a right to discuss the actual product without the haters who don’t bother to read or who don’t know what the term “Sponsored Link” means and expects everyone to just give them everything.

  80. Or buy spray bottles from your local hardware store that are made for chemical solutions.

  81. Vinegar stinks and it does not kill many weeds also being an acid can even promote weed growth. Yes it does help with stinky laundry, but so does baking soda and you don’t have to re-wash or re-rinse to get rid of the stink left behind.

  82. Hardware/home improvement stores sell spray bottles especially made for cleaners and such. They are only about a $1.00 more and are made to with stand most chemicals. There are even sprayers that can handle harsh chemicals like bleach and bug sprays.

  83. I can’t help wondering what the heck they think “sponsored link” means, and why they are so angry they would have to pay shipping? Personally I just click close on links I think are deceptive, but I’ve never gone to the page just to complain and spread the hate and anger. I don’t get it.

  84. sugarfoot

    I found stronger peroxide at the beauty supply store, they carry 3 different strengths, the strongest is bought (employee told me) by hunters who want to bleach out the deer antlers that they intended to mount. I bought it to remove some stains from my tile counter tops in the kitchen, it did work.

  85. Caroline

    I am curious why your company doesn’t have an easier way to use this product in the alternative methods suggested. Breaking up a pod seems an unusual way to deliver a product, is it possible to offer the powder in a canister where a person could just pour the product into the water? Just wondering.

  86. Caroline

    lol, I should have read down one more, I just asked the same question!

  87. Caroline, the product is designed to just toss in the wash and the uses listed here are to showcase its versatility. But we really appreciate the feedback and ways to improve. We’ll be sure to pass on the idea to our product development team. Thanks for the suggestion!

  88. Deuterium

    Isn’t there already another non-chlorinated all natural product called Oxy-Boost that is already trademarked thus your product name is confusing with others and/or potentially conflicting with trademark laws? Even if their trademarked expired they have precedent a s they’ve been selling the product longer. How do you differentiate your product?

  89. Deuterium

    Agree :). I clicked this on SFGate and found it was in the ad section.

  90. Funny how almost everyone who shouts “freedom of speech” has no clue what it means. Freedom of speech is your right to criticize the government, dear; it is NOT the right to say whatever you want whenever you want.

  91. And 17.5 % on ebay which is where I get my food grade H2O2

  92. Actually it’s an opportunity you don’t have to take advantage of.

  93. All product promotion should be shameless or you shouldn’t be promoting your product.

  94. Wintergreen rubbing alcohol ,it is sold where regular rubbing alcohol is.

  95. Deuterium

    Just to clarify as I feel the honest company response was incomplete. washing soda is sodium bicarbonate ( Na2CO3) and is related to yet not chemically the same as baking soda (NaHCO3) and is not something the honest company created :). Cook baking soda in your oven and voila, you have washing soda. It is used in many products, even water softener.

  96. Deuterium

    Just to clarify as I feel the honest company response was incomplete. washing soda is sodium bicarbonate ( Na2CO3) and is related to yet not chemically the same as baking soda (NaHCO3) and is not something the honest company created :). Cook baking soda in your oven and voila, you have washing soda. It is used in many products, even water softener.

  97. Thanks, Vic. We’re flattered you are such a fan of the product. We appreciate the support.

  98. Cathy, thanks for these additional tips on how to use Oxy Boost outside of the laundry.

  99. FEDupWITHstupidity

    It’s great that this company cares more about consumer safety and awareness than profits. It proves that you can run a business where everyone benefits,,,, not just the manufacturer. Thank you, HONESTLY!!!!

  100. You’re very welcome, Al. We really appreciate you stopping by and sharing with the community. Together we believe we can make the world better for everyone. We hope you come back and visit!

  101. I use it to soak my dentures, polish brass, and get my gold fish high. Or am I thinking of Ovaltine?

  102. FreudianSlip

    All media is advertising and psychological programming. They give your subconscious information as if it is factual and then you make decisions off this in your daily life.

  103. If you click “sign up for free,” you are led into signing up for a membership that costs $79.95! I DON’T THINK SO!

  104. disqus_DH5Xe7Oym4

    Hmm…Well, we found out that WHOLE FOODS president was acting like an innocent consumer and posting on their website! I find it incredible that you would object so vehemently to someone’s tip. Most people can get apple pie recipes on any website or cookbook, but they go out and buy apple pies. It’s the same with clothes…you CAN make your own, but most people don’t. I don’t think the company is going to be hurt by her tip. Try to stay calm, everything’s going to be okay!

  105. disqus_DH5Xe7Oym4

    Syrinx, Keep calm and carry on!…I find your objections humorous and humorless! The original posting was about tips, and I find karen and deb were keeping in the spirit of the original post. Don’t worry, the company isn’t going to lose money because she gave a recipe. Most of us don’t bother to do some things we could, but it was nice of her to post at all. And yes, this is a PUBLIC forum…they can take their public weblink down if they are threatened by some recipe. Personally, I find these sites are just crowded with trolls and people wanting to vent spleen, like you. I’m not clicking on info links like this anymore.

  106. You are obviously confused as I was not objecting to the posting of the recipe here. If you had reading comprehension skills you’d see I was actually criticizing those who were hating on the person who posted it. And I assure you I am quite calm, thanks. If I were “venting spleen” as you say, you would know it.

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  108. Hello! You are correct that this is a forum for people to share differing points of view. We recognize that natural products can be made at home or purchased through our site. We’ve designed our products with both safety, health, and convenience because as you mentioned not everyone has time to do that at home. And if you have time to click around you’ll see that our company blog publishes both posts about how a customer can get the most out of our products and those related to natural living, such as recipes, DIYs, and more. There’s something for everyone, even if you’re not a customer.

  109. Hi Barbara,

    Membership at Honest is free to join and free of obligations. Those that do decide to subscribe for our various bundles can do so without penalty. Additionally, members can simply purchase individual items from our online shop without ever joining the subscription service. Please let us know if you have any more questions about membership and we’re happy to help!

  110. As a company, we welcome all comments and viewpoints. And we encourage an open and honest dialogue within our community and with each other. For the benefit of all our members, we aim to keep our blog as friendly and positive as possible, and we expect all our friends to be respectful of one another when exchanging information. Please keep in mind that comments that are inappropriate, hateful, or damaging will be removed without prior notice. Thanks so much for your continued discussion and participation in the Honest community!

  111. Hi All! Thanks for engaging in a conversation and sharing your different points of view with each other. To keep it educational and positive, we ask that our community members discuss things in a friendly manner. We appreciate your participation and want it to be a positive experience for all involved.

  112. I’m not seeing the Honest mod claiming they invented baking soda. Now do I see where the response was incomplete because it didn’t say baking soda isn’t the same as washing soda.

  113. Sorry if my posting was worded poorly, as my intent wasn’t saying they claimed they created baking soda, which isn’t the same as washing soda. My intent was to prove clarity on what washing soda is

  114. $27222734

    Sodium Perborate is not hydrogen peroxide. Also the hydrogen peroxide one buys in the store is very weak, nowhere near the oxidizing power as the s perborate. If you want to save $$, some stores have their own low price versions of this product for about 3 dollars a small bucket which lasts a long time, longer and more powerful than regular peroxide. PS. You sound like a lot of fun /s

  115. You’re very welcome! Please let us know if we can answer any other questions about the company or our products. Thanks for stopping by!

  116. Not exactly true. Freedom of speech is your right to express your opinions publicly without governmental interference, subject to laws against libel, inciting violence, etc. (according to SO it kind of is your right to say what you want. However, given that this is a publicly accessible but privately purposed forum, I suggest that our ‘freedom’ is limited to supporting a productive, positive outcome for the conversation. For instance, sharing information on how to landscape your entire estate by forcing vast quantities of Oxy through a woodchipper.

  117. Wolfblade

    Actually, it is great to know that I can kill weeds in my driveway without harming the little frogs that hop through. I won’t let the mowing service use weed killer, and it is time consuming for me to pull them by hand. Thank you!! I will try Oxy …

  118. Please let us know what you think of the Oxy boost and share a cute picture of those frogs!

  119. Yes, alcohol DOES kill staph. Please do not post misinformation.

  120. factfinder

    Be careful on colored clothes-takes the color right out too. Oxygen bleach is advertised a color safe bleach, but it is not true. Direct or prolonged contact will leave the same results as chlorine bleach.

  121. factfinder

    If you make your own laundry detergent which usually includes using washing soda-you can simply add 1/2 -1 cup of hydrogen peroxide to the load after filling with water a minute after agitation to avoid direct contact with colored clothes that can be bleached with direct or prolonged contact with peroxide. you can also soak the item in a small basin with your cleaners if very dirty or stained. To avoid putting any more chemicals into the environment-plain boiling hot water also effectively kills weeds in those cracks in the sidewalk.

  122. We can buy 30% and 35 % (way stronger than needed to clean the bathroom and should be diluted) at our health food stores. Over the counter peroxide for minor wound cleaning found at drugstores is 3% and if used as a mouth rinse should be diluted. Or you can read the label. Oh, and please, stop with the “honey”. Please.

  123. James Campbell

    Washing soda (Sodium carbonate) is a sodium salt of carbonic acid.

  124. James Campbell

    I use it in my carpet cleaner with the water and carpet cleaning detergent.

  125. drunkin monk

    I am a home brewer and I use Oxy free(no dyes/perfumes) on all my stainless steel beer kegs. works great.

  126. do you dilute the alcohol at all? what size spray bottle? “drop” meaning meaning just that?
    Thank you!

  127. Right, the Constitution does not give one the right to shout ‘Fire!’ in a crowded movie theater. It does give one the right to share his or her benign views in a public venue.

  128. Some throw the word ‘hate’ around entirely too freely anymore. It is an inflammatory word foments bad feelings where none need exist. It is often used by those whose intent is to silence the free exchange of opposing points of view and has no place in a friendly exchange of helpful hints.

  129. You are making sweeping baseless assumptions and overreacting to what was intended to be a friendly suggestion to those who might appreciate an inexpensive alternative to a commercial product. In this economy, people like myself who struggle with unemployment and putting food on the table certainly do.

  130. Karen Barkel-Rynbrandt

    You can buy Arm and Hammer Washing soda near in the isle where the Borax, ect is sold. I just bought some last Sunday evening.

  131. I just want to say that you can use the paste to clean the white parts of your sneakers. They will look like new.

  132. So does this product kill C-Diff?? So far, it can’t be killed by anything other then bleach at a 1 part in 10 ratio or stronger.

  133. geehwiz44

    Placing baking soda in 400f for 60 minutes is not saving money. Not for me. Gas oven is costly. Then I must wait 60 minutes for a batch. Do no have that luxury of time. Also, I often forget, am hearing impaired and sometimes do not hear timers. And I and others I know have left the apartment or home with oven turned on! I will pay for quality commercial cleaning products such as offered by Honest company . And their body lotions, etc., Well worth the price. PS I have many chronic health conditions.Hard for me to make natural products. Osteoarthritis, injuries, etc., have limited my abilities to do. Yes, even get up again! or out of a chair, etc., Thank you Honest Company!

  134. Irishcowgirl

    You can buy washing soda at some retailers. Big Lots usually carries it. also Winco & sometimes WalMart

  135. What a great idea for using the Oxy Boost in this way – my toddler’s sneakers can definitely benefit from this paste.

  136. JewelEyed

    Alcohol does not, however, kill C. Diff, so be sure to scrub with hot water too.

  137. Patty Kneer

    i use a bottle of hydrogen peroxide with my carpet shampoo. it takes out pet smells that nothing else i have tried does. and it does not affect the color of the carpet.

  138. keepalow

    If you have that extra dollar or two to spend.

  139. I am the same, living on limited amount of money, which is far beyond poverty line, supporting my kid and mom, not buying ready made stuff, cook from the scratch, and we eat much healthy than friends that are well financially.. It is a matter of want to do, and a need, but in the end is much better, we are very happy with what we have, graetfull for one another.

  140. Jazzduck

    It’s only “immoral and hateful” to attempt to save a lot of people money if you start from the premise that what’s “moral” is whatever makes an already-established company the most profit. You could just as easily start from the premise that what’s moral is whatever creates “the greatest good for the greatest number of people,” in which case it would be immoral NOT to share a tip that could save many people from spending money they don’t need to.

    For the record, my perception is that Honest seems to be particularly concerned with customer service and particularly unconcerned with jealously guarding any and all pieces of IP they might have. They seem to want to sell this stuff on the basis that they are adding value to the product by doing the mixing and testing for you. That’s a perfectly valid, ethical, and sustainable approach. So people have a choice about whether to save money by preparing this stuff themselves, or pay a little more for the Honest company to mix it, test it, package it, and distribute it. And that’s exactly the choice that capitalism is supposed to give to the consumer. (In addition to the choice that capitalism offers us about whether we purchase chlorine-based or oxidizer-based bleaches.)

    That choice can only be present when the consumer is educated. For example, Honest goes out of their way to educate consumers about the disadvantages of chlorine-based bleach. Karen took the steps to educate us as consumers, and for that she should be thanked. Honest has taken the steps to offer a convenience to consumers for a price, and for that, they should be thanked.

    TL;DR: If a company is being run in a sound and responsible manner, like Honest appears to be, then it shouldn’t matter whether their formulas are public knowledge or not. Attempting to stifle posts like Karen’s would be anti-free-market, and demonstrably worse for both consumers and producers in the long run.

    Keep doing your thing, Honest! By allowing Karen’s recipe to be posted openly here, you’ve convinced me to buy your product next time I see it in the stores. Just felt you should know!

  141. Christine John

    I have been trying a product called “Stain Solver” advertised as an organic oxygen bleach powder made in the USA. Does anyone know how Honest Oxy Boost compares with Stain Solver? I have not found any independent reviews of both. Thank you.

  142. NaughtyAngel

    She wrote “honest” not “honeY” LOL!

  143. keepalow

    As of today. I am hooked on this cleaner. Thank you for posting that info. 😉

  144. Myriam Bergantin

    I have used this in the solution I make when I shampoo my carpet! It makes it look brighter and help removes the small stains that drive me nuts when using just the shampoo. It also leaves a pleasant odor not the chemical odor or carpet shampoo. If you have kids then you have juice and all that other stuff deep in the pad and this helps eliminate the mold that can grow off of it!

  145. Mike11CTSV

    I tried using an oxygen product to clean aluminum car parts. Whats that white residue thats left behind after soaking in the product? It doesn’t come off.

  146. Hi Mike,

    We’d love to help you get to the bottom of this. Did you use our Honest Oxy Boost or another oxygen product? How did you clean them — how long did you soak them and what temp was the water? Thanks!

  147. Mike11CTSV

    Truthfully, I’m not sure what brand they were. A relative gave me these 2 tablets, and told me to put them in hot water with the parts, and the bubbles would clean them. I’d say that they probably sat in there for 45-60 minutes, then I rinsed with warm water. The dirt came off, but the white stuff remained.

    Any insight would be great.

  148. bob bray

    aluminum oxide brasso will remove it as well as seal the aluminum from creating more. the oxy product did too good of a job and left the metal exposed, the oxide will only be a very thin layer as it self blocks out the free oxygen.most aluminum parts get a clear coat of lacquer.

  149. crabeee2

    For those wanting to buy Oxy Clean / Boost there will be a coupon in this Sunday’s coupon tabloid…

  150. Another great laundry detergent recipe my family member’s and I use has just three ingredients and is very easy to make. It works great with Honest Oxy Boost.

  151. We think it’s great that you make a natural eco-friendly recipe at home (both Jessica’s book and Christopher’s book offer great DIY recipes you can do at home). And it’s great to hear that you love using it with our Oxy Boost!

  152. Re killing weeds on a patio/walkway, etc – only works for a few weeks, then the weeds come back even stronger!!!! Not worth the expense and effort, in my opinion.

  153. Jebcidic

    Most, if not all of your oxy*** products chief ingredient probably is sodium per-carbonate, which, when mixed with hot water, quickly changes to sodium carbonate and peroxide. Peroxide is your bleaching agent that kills mold as well as, if not better than bleach. Plus it leaves no bad stuff behind like bleach does. Sodium carbonate, as you may probably already know, is commonly called washing soda, an environmentally benign chemical, which also “softens” the normally “hard” water found in most of the U.S.; hence it’s use in washing clothes. I have sprinkled sodium per-carbonate on my roof to kill and clean the moss, mold and mildew off the shingles every time it rains. You probably could do the same with oxy boost, though the other ingredients may include a soap type surfactants. I have also used sodium per-carbonate when powerwashing my deck, to clean my coffee pot, to freshen up stinky kitchen sponges, and to sterilize glassware. It rinses clean with no residue like bleach leaves behind. Just don’t use it on aluminum, it will blacken it.

  154. Easy. The chemistry you used was an alkaline form with a high pH (which accounts for its cleaning action) which saponified the oil fractions in the grime and also gave surfactancy in conjunction with the water present.

    Simply stated, oxidizers and alkaline products have no business around aluminum, magnesium or even copper-bronze alloys. You’re left with the additional chore of buffing-out the oxidative stain.

  155. Michael Adams

    Peroxide or 93%alcohol will kill C. diff on surfaces. However, it is pretty ubiquitous. The important thing is to have good bacteria dominant in the gut, which will prevent c. diff dysentery. I have good solid stools, and probably have c. diff growing there, but I also have acidophilus and bifidus in sufficient numbers keep it under control.

  156. Cletus Snow

    Just use couple of tablespoons of Trisodium Phosphate in your laundry It’s very effective and seriously cheaper and available at all building supply stores. Not only cheaper but it’ll do all of the above and more cheaper and better.

  157. Break into a powder, pour down drain, pour vinegar in drain. The bubbling sensation works better than most drain cleaners. Can also put the powder on a carpet stain and pour vinegar on it and it will bubble the stain to the surface allowing you to soak up with cloth.

  158. ishkabibble

    We don’t believe you Michael. Think you could post a youtube video for us?

  159. NYDogWhisperer

    I clicked to get your advertised free sample and you only have very expensive purchases for that…really a fake come on and not so honest after all. Do you sell in stores? I would rather buy from the store..

  160. NYDogWhisperer

    Where can I buy washing soda and is it different than borax?

  161. Hello, NYDogWhisperer!

    We’re very sorry you found the free trials to be expensive. The items you receive in each trial (valued at $14 or more) are free, but as a young company, we do have to charge a small shipping fee. You can get up two free trial kits for the price of shipping and handling, which is $5.95. It’s available here:

    While we think the free trials are a great way to experience our Diapers + Wipes or Essentials, we understand the convenience of just popping into a local store to pick up some products to try out. To locate a retail store near you that carries Honest products, you can go here:

    Please let us know if there is any other way we can help!

  162. I put an honest dishwasher pack in my jetted tub to clean it out today and it worked great! I didn’t think to use the oxy boost!

  163. Stormfront58

    SERIOUSLY?….Google ‘the law and used motor oil’. If the ‘LOCAL AUTO REPAIR CENTER’ gets caught giving or
    letting anyone take the used ANTI-FREEZE , they WILL BE IN SERIOUS
    would probably face big fines if caught! That is against the LAW!!! Why
    do you people think they have those big drums of USED TOXINS around?
    Because they are required by law to accept it and DISPOSE OF IT
    PROPERLY…Not turn around and give it back to people who don’t know any
    CENTER. From what I understand, it breaking the law to put it (anti-freeze) or used motor oil on the ground. PERIOD.

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