A Versatile Jacket for All Seasons

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Kids grow so quickly and maintaining a wardrobe for them can add up! I am grateful when I can find a clothing staple that lasts far longer than expected.

The denim jacket is that for us.

Kids can wear them while there is still room to grow, and when the outerwear gets smaller it looks intentionally cropped and stylish.

Here’s how we’ve taken the denim jacket through all seasons this year:

Spring: Paired with brights and whites, it will keep kids stylish and warm during the breezy spring days.

Summer: Great to take along with you everywhere and neutral enough to work for boys or girls, shorts or sundresses! It’s also good to be prepared when you encounter indoor air conditioners that chill your little ones.

Fall: The denim jacket is a fall staple. It’s lightweight enough for warm days, but easily cozy paired with pants for nippy evening air.

Winter: Denim looks great layered with warm hoodies, gloves, and mittens. And buttoning it up keeps the warmth in.

1. Girls Jean Jacket, 2. Boys Jean Jacket, 3. Orange & Blue Button Down, 4. Pink Tee

5. Striped Leggings, 6. Corduroys, 7. Fringe Boots, 8. White Converse


Having versatile pieces in your kids’ wardrobe that can be worn all throughout the year are a great way to save. The denim jacket has seen more days out and about than any other single article of clothing in my kids’ closets!

 ~ Kate Brightbill of Style Smaller

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