A Message from our Founder, Jessica Alba

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I am extremely disappointed by the recent Wall Street Journal article full of misrepresentations about The Honest Company. Since our inception, everyone at Honest has worked hard to build this company into a place that puts trust and transparency at the forefront of everything we do and every product we make. We take this responsibility seriously.

At Honest, we have always been vigilant about the latest science regarding chemicals and their potential effect on human health. We created our Honestly Free Guarantee so our customers can rest easy knowing our products are made without health-compromising chemicals or compounds. As part of the Honestly Free Guarantee, we chose to use Sodium Coco Sulfate (SCS) in our laundry detergent because it’s a gentler and less irritating alternative than what’s used in many other detergents. Using SCS in our detergent is just one example of Honest going the extra mile to create safe and effective products that all of us can feel confident about using with our families and in our homes.

As a person who dealt with asthma and allergy-related health complications my whole life, I created The Honest Company so other families, including my own, would never have to go through what I went through. We care passionately about giving everyone an opportunity to live a healthy, happy life and every day I am humbled to hear from parents who say our products have changed their lives. As our company continues to grow, their support inspires me and the whole Honest team to continue doing our part to make a difference. With your continued support and trust, that’s what we will all stay focused on.









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  4. Maria Kiwie

    Your commitment and the effort of the honest company has been well perceived! I really appreciate the great products of honest!

  5. I’m still a loyal customer and but I’m deeply concerned about this message from Jessica. Why not take the bull by the horns and say: “WE DO NOT USE SLS”. The message is condescending and its lack of information is against all crisis management advice: you do not give context on what claim is the WSJ making exactly and you provide the media with more information than your own customers.

    You told the The Daily News (!!!!) this: “Despite providing The Wall Street Journal with substantial evidence to the contrary, they falsely claimed our laundry detergent contains Sodium Lauryl Sulfate,” IS IT SO HARD to tell us the same and not this PR-influenced statement? A customer centered message would have been appropriate here. And this makes me feel disappointed, not because of the SLS/CLS issue, but your answer to us, your customers. I love your products and until this issue resolves I’ll keep buying them. THAT’S MY LEVEL OF COMMITMENT to you. And you built that in me. But I’m not blind. And I think you can do better than this.

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  7. I’m also very disappointed. The reason why my family buys your products is because of the transparency and honesty of your ingredients. According to the lab tests reported on the WSJ, what you claim, seems to not be true. Your responsibility is HUGE to us, your costumers. Losing our trust will be the worst for your company. Jessica, your customers, we all believed you. I never wanted YOU to disappoint us. I supported you and remained faithful to your company. I thought you were being HONEST with all your claims. How can you not test your own products before you say anything about them??

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  9. One of the things I love about Honest and always will love is their commmitment to being honest. Their labeling is on point, you know exactly what you use!

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  11. Honest is still not owning up to whats going on huh? Its obvious the company is running away from the issue at hand and why yes this is a big issue at hand. Clearly delusional and in denial.

  12. Ashley A

    i KNOW ITS NOT JESSICA’S FAULT. I as a mom of a toddler trust her and the company I’m sure its a mix-up or mistake going on. I will continue to support the honest company and what they stand for. the company personally changed my life and my daughter’s due to sensitivities thank you! – From: a busy Connecticut mom 🙂

  13. Wow – I’m pretty pissed off. This is the biggest bs of a non answer I’ve ever heard. That article is damning but this response makes it seem as though you hope us moms are just too stupid, too uneducated, or too loyal to you to do our own due diligence. According to the WSJ article, you rely on third parties – who you outsource all production to – to do the testing and you don’t test the products yourself before you slap your label on them and promise us that they’re safe. YOU need to control your supply chain and if you outsource, which of course you must for products, then you need to rigorously test and retest your supplies. But taking them at face value (whether it was intentional or a simple mistake on their end) and selling their products, untested, under your brand umbrella with your brand promise is not being HONEST.

  14. I think your products amd your mission is still great. This was most probably funded by a bigger group such as Procter and Gamble who will OBVIOUSLY try and take you down and if anyone cannot see that, then they are truly blind. Thank you for all your help..going chemical free and TOXIC free has bbeen the best thing I could have done for myself and my family .

  15. All I know is that I had horrible skin and allergic reactions before I started using Honest products. I believe in this company, its mission, and its people. This company isn’t called Perfect. I try my best every day but can always improve. Living in a different way is a work in progress. IF they messed up, give them a chance to make it right. Or maybe the WSJ got it wrong. They aren’t chemists. …..
    Honest is at least trying. All the other companies just add cheaper ingredients and mask the chemicals with stronger fragrances.

    I appreciate all the hard work Honest has put forth. I’m at your side

  16. Jessica Cole

    There are very few pure products on the market, and this isn’t one of them. As a mom of a toddler, I trust Branch Basics for all of my cleaning needs, including laundry. Another fantastic option: soap nuts or homemade, using Katie’s (Wellness Mama) recipe. Makeup, hair care, and skincare: Living Libations. And aloe plant, baking soda, magnesium bath flakes, a good relationship with a local farmer/access to farmers’ markets. And cloth diapers of course!

  17. WSJ aren’t chemists so they spoke to some 🙂 they got two independent labs involved. Maybe you should actually read the article. Fact is SLS can be found in the Honest detergent. The responses from Honest Co are very manipulative. The chemical is there. Just say SLS is included in much smaller numbers than in other detergents and so they’re health-ier than others. Why keep pretending that it’s not there? Now other publications and labs are gonna get involved because NOW the company is lying. The company is not called Perfect, but it is called Honest, and right now they’re not being 100 % honest.

  18. “That article is damning but this response makes it seem as though you hope us moms are just too stupid, too uneducated, or too loyal to you to do our own due diligence.” – and she’s not wrong, is she? Just read the comment directly above yours, you know – about the article being “funded.”

  19. because they do use SLS and if they say they don’t they could have legal problems so they can’t just out right say that. She had a team of legal experts proof read this junk before it was posted, trust that.. it’s a component that’s included in CSC – which is composed of several different chemicals. you can actually extract SLS from CSC- but if you do that, the product wouldn’t clean. So there you go. They should simply clarify that their detergents (and probably other products) contain “small amounts” of SLS. THAT would be honest.

  20. It’s not true that SLS is in the Honest detergent. The same molecules that make up SLS are in SCS, but the make up is different. It would be like saying that baking soda and washing soda are the same thing because they have the same molecules to make them up, but since washing soda is caustic and you wouldn’t want to eat it I’d say that saying things are the same would be wrong… Are you a chemist, or do you just believe everything you read?

  21. If you read the blog post from Thursday, the Honest Company gives a detailed response with a chemically correct answer.

  22. J & R Landis

    Who owns the Wall Street Journal? Rupert Murdoch. If you don’t think they have an agenda, you are sorely mistaken!!!

  23. Katie: please do your research, including the responses from the actual chemists who hold a PhD. Honests response shows that they are clearly running away from the situation at hand and/or delusional.

  24. Mandy: that shouldnt be the point. The point is Honest is lying, omitting information, or not being completely honest with their customers. They got caught and are still not owning up to the issue at hand. Their response is very manipulate and vague. They know exactly what they are doing by responding vaguely which is why I’ve lost complete respect for this company.

  25. Your products are great, they are one of the only products out there that don’t give me a reaction. Most products out there claim to be natural but they are not when you read all the ingredients. You have been very transparent about your products. Thanks for all you do!

  26. I really find everyones harsh commments so hard to swallow, because if anyone has been following their blog you can see how much of effort they put into finding the best alternatives out ther. They are not running away, they have to be very careful at what they say and being “honest” they have said that they completely trust their suppliers who have a well known track record for using the lesser harmful ingredients. .Maybe they slipped up By not thoroughly testing each ingredient themselves but that they will obviously check in the future. .I myself make natural products and sell, and I also source my ingredients from certified suppliers and not once did i think of testing the ingredients myself. ANYWAY, this was a terrible way of trying to bring her company down as she has been successfully competing with the big guys such as Procter and Gamble and I honestly believe anyone who stops buying her great products because of this, is stupid. Much Love to Jessica Alba for going AGAINST the general system and trying your best to give the people your best.

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  32. Dee Aquino

    I do love most the products. Obssessed with the diapers n diapering products. But ive noticed everything else starting to go up crazy in price. Especially all the gear. I wish it was more affordable, to wear parents, especially single parents could afford good things for their babies. We love ur products n wish i could use even more of them. But i only get what i can afford..n ive made a point to no matter what purchase ur diaper bundle and essesntials. I am highly disappointed in after newborn sizes…u dont recieve the travel packs wipes. I was super bummed about it and thought maybe it was a mistake. But after contacting customer service ive realized it was correct. But i still love n support the brand.
    I do wish u would hire moms from home for customer service rep jobs like the chatting with a rep. To give real moms who use n believe in your brand, a way to still be with their babies but also make a living. I just think it would show even more what type a brand honest truly is. I know i would love that opprotunity.

  33. So sad to see the Children’s Chewable vitamin discontinued and replaced with the Gummy that doesn’t supply the same vitamins, whole foods blends and probiotics. It was the only vitamin on the market that was organic, non-gmo, whole foods based and supplied iron and probiotics in one. There are only two other organic non-gmo multi-vitamins for kids that supply nearly what the honest chewable did but they do not contain iron or probiotics and are only for children 4 and up. It’s sad to see Honest cutting costs on a children’s vitamin and removing items like the probiotic just to be able to sell a new seperate probiotic they are coming out with.

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