Amazing Facts About Aluminum

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Aluminum Bug Spray Packaging - It's Really Cool

In everything we do at Honest, we try to do what we can to protect our planet. (Check out our Health & Sustainability Standards to learn all about our practices and long-term dreams.) One aspect of that commitment is finding the best packaging for our products. And we’re especially fond of our aluminum Bug Spray bottle.

Aluminum is just really cool — and not just in a sleek, modern aesthetic kind of way. It’s also really cool in a nerdy, natural element kind of way.

According to the American Chemical Society, “aluminum is light, strong, corrosion-resistant, non-magnetic, non-toxic and naturally good looking.” And, you know if the American Chemical Society says you’re good looking, you must be one handsome fox.

Silliness aside, aluminum is pretty amazing. Not only is it naturally non-toxic and durable, but of the most commonly recycled materials (aluminum, glass, paper, metals, cardboard and plastics), aluminum is the only material that is infinitely recyclable. What this means is that once produced, it can be recycled over and over and over without any loss in quality. Most other materials – like wood, natural fiber and plastics – can only be “down-cycled” into inferior products once or a few times because repeated processing weakens them.

Interesting Facts About Aluminum

And here’s more:

  • Two-thirds of the aluminum ever produced is still in use today.

  • In a mere 60 days, an aluminum can is recycled, turned into a new can, and back on a store shelf.

  • Aluminum is the third most common element in the Earth’s crust and the most abundantly available metal on Earth.

  • Around the United States, aluminum is recycled 50 percent of the time compared to glass and plastic, which are reprocessed less than 25 percent.

Honestly, the only drawback we’ve found so far is that sometimes during shipping or use aluminum packaging can get dented. But we’re willing to look past these aesthetic “bruises” given all the other positive qualities of this beautiful bottle. Would you?



  1. I am very surprised by your article. In France, aluminium is banned from many deodorant because it’s a cause of cancer. And it’s recommanded not to use aluminium to cook for the same reasons.

  2. I’m a little surprised by this one too. First, the American Chemical Society is probably one of the most biased and least credible sources of information regrading safety and toxicity. They are one of the biggest groups fighting against BPA bans and continue to avow its safety. Second, and possibly more important, this article didn’t address a single concern that I suspect most Honest consumers would hope to read. What impact does the container have on the product inside? Does aluminum generally leach into the contents? Is there some kind of inner film or liner on the interior of the can? Lets address some real questions here. Great, it’s very recyclable, which I do think is nice, but I suspect that’s not on the forefront of most parents’ minds when applying this spray to their children. Maybe you could give this one another try?

  3. Common thread in every Alzheimer’s victim – buildup of Al in the brain! Great product

  4. Maria, thanks for your passionate attention to all these details! Allow us to clarify a few things:

    First of all, we think you’re possible confusing the ACS with the ACC. The ACS is a congressionally funded organization of chemists and the ACC is the industry trade group fighting TSCA reform and chemical regulation.

    Second – whether or not it leaches into the product is a good question! We’re going to have to check with the product development team and get back to you on that one.

    Thanks for asking!

  5. Emeline, we assume the presence in deodorant as a key ingredient and the use in a pan with extreme temperatures create different types of chemical reactions than would a can. BUT – we think you raise a very good point and we’ll check in with our product development team to see what answers they can offer. Thanks for the comment!

  6. Wow since when? Aluminium is not only problem in deodorants but everywhere you find it.specialy in cans or to wrap your food because it can get easily transfered into the food. It builds up in brain, bones, kidneys and liver. It can cause demention and serious liver and kidney damage.

  7. Michael Murphy

    This is just government propaganda meant to distract you from real issues, like the corruption and back room deals happening in our government. Or how we use “Terrorism” as an excuse to go to war, so we can cripple a sovereign nations economy and rebuild it in our image with Central Banking. 3 countries are left (maybe 2) that don’t have Central Banks: N. Korea, Cuba, and maybe like Iran or Afghanistan. We need a government “Reboot” and that might include some people being brought up on charges of treason.

  8. Michael Högler

    why don’t you take a glas flacon instead of alu cans… Aluminium may be recycled fully, but the energy amount needed on first production is up to 40 times higher than other materials…

  9. Hardy-Har-Har

    Exactly. It’s not the same. People read certain things on the internet, but since they are not professionals, they can’t fully understand how one thing differs from another in certain conditions.

  10. I’m very surprised too. Aluminum is a very bad substance, toxic and to be avoided as main ingrediente and in pans or any other object that touches food, hot or cold. You can observe that if you let water inside a aluminum can overnight, the next day you can see a aluminum patina on its surface. Please, don’t incentivate its use without the proper studies.

  11. Ktmkraig

    What about the fluoride produced during the production of this great aluminum? It was used as poison for many years till some scientist found it was good for teeth enamel. Note that ingesting it can degrade bones and teeth, so never swallow it.

  12. Sasha Soetoro

    Edward Bernays sold that myth about ingesting fluoride pretty well. The studies were skewed to imply that children had less cavities when they consumed the byproduct of aluminum production, but they actually had ‘less cavities’ because their tooth growth was completely inhibited.

    After all, you can’t have cavities if you don’t have teeth.

  13. Sasha Soetoro

    How can anyone claim that aluminum is non-toxic, when the human body has absolutely no use for it? Funny (not haha-funny) that this is a documented fact, yet the average human is chock full of it.

    Aluminum passes through the blood-brain barrier and takes all sorts of bonded crap with it along the way. There is a good chance that these aluminum cocktails are causing Alzheimer’s and other umbrella-termed illnesses.

    We need to go back to using glass, instead of all of this plastic and aluminum crap.

    This domain name should be renamed “dishonest dot com” or “propaganda dot com” ..

  14. Aluminum is the main ingredient in atmospheric reengineering. Before you shake your head at “chemtrail” freaks (as I did for years), check the studies and gov’t reports of spraying aluminum in the atmosphere to “reflect incoming solar energy”, thereby reducing global warming. It fails, btw. Yet this aluminum drifts down into everything we consume…water, crops, animals. Deadly and hidden in plain sight. It has also reduced solar energy hitting the planet by 20% in some places, making alternative solar electricity less efficient. (I posted only one link, but a quick search on “The Goog” or YouTube should be successful.)

  15. A true ‘lackey’ response. I realize you have a job to protect, but to do it with such a feigned lack of ‘facts’ on leaching seems karmic. Studies have clearly shown the link between Al and Alzheimer’s.


    Just one of many studies…in a very muddied pool of propaganda. I’ll take independent studies over industry sponsored justification any day.
    BTW, wish you the best and hopes for your happiness, truly.

  16. Aluminum, non-toxic? Just because it’s recycled doesn’t mean that it is not toxic for other parts of the world to create it. I recently traveled to Jamaica with my husband who is originally from there and we toured the island. There are a few large areas in Jamaica where the land(and air quality)is being destroyed by the aluminum mining companies. One of Jamaica’s largest industry is aluminum and the principle environmental issue for the country is contamination of the whole eco-system. The island has become so dependent on this export that they can’t stop the practice. The mining and production process is destroying the island so it’s a shame to put up a nice graphic chart of how great aluminum is. I think Honest.com is a great site, and any company trying make the world more aware of living in a healthier way is wonderful. Please don’t “sell” the cleanliness of a product by claiming it has “safe” packaging.

  17. The American Cash Society likes BPA? That doesn’t make any sense. I really hate them.

  18. Conscious Consumer

    Natural News is the hippie version of Fox. They only write what sounds good to their agenda and do not include all the facts.

  19. Conscious Consumer

    Glass is not without consequences either. Not only is it heavy and hard to transport, it takes a lot of energy to recycle and most of it contains lead.

  20. Aluminum causes dementia, Alzheimer, and all other kind of problems, where is your research or understanding of natural health?

  21. NON TOXIC ?? who are they trying to Fool ? Susana below is correct !

  22. Rational

    Aluminum has been conclusively shown to cause none of those maladies. Google “alz.org alzheimers myths”

  23. Richard Teasdale

    What the #*$*#&$* is with this light gray text on white? This is HARD TO READ! First rule of web design: CONTRAST! Black on white! Black on white! Black on white! Black on white! Black on white! Black on white! Black on white! Black on white! Black on white! Black on white!

  24. Richard Teasdale

    Another interesting fact about aluminum is that aluminum levels in the brain are much higher among Alzheimer’s patients. Now there’s something to think about.

  25. Kevin Snyder

    You must admit, though, that aluminum is a much more lightweight material to make hats from than old fashioned tin.

  26. Sasha Soetoro

    You’re thinking of lead crystal / lead glass, which is atypical of modern glassware, outside of the decorative and industrial fields. Most modern crystal / glassware contains barium, calcium, potassium, or zinc– not lead. It is much more difficult to find leaded glassware than lead free, so your statement is only partially true.

    Also, while you’re correct about the points of energy/recycling and transportation, they are moot, because the ‘problem’ of fuel cost is a blatant matter of artificial scarcity and the implied risk of increased pollution is an overhyped boondoggle for environmental organizations and government red tape (tax revenue).

    In your defense, however, there have been quite a few incidents of shady manufacturers (usually in China) using leaded enamel on painted glass. That is a separate problem, however, which is more about cheap outsourcing and paint, than it is about glass.

  27. I believe that is old news that has been recanted. At one time, they were looking at aluminum compounds in deodorants as a possible culprit for Alzheimer’s, and I know that was debunked. I can’t recall if they found the reports of more aluminum in those brains was inaccurate, or just irrelevant. At any rate, research went another direction and it is not considered important.

  28. shadydiesel

    4 six packs can support a 4,000lb aluminum car… bad news for all the 4000lb steel, wood & plastic cars.

  29. I knew it was coming….enjoy your drink. Don’t research. No matter though…Alzheimer’s will help you forget.

  30. Gregory Williams

    Now that this is being talked about again I suspect that conservatives and FOX will declare war on Aluminum… they do not like America having good things.

  31. Richard Walker

    Nope. Black on white has significant downsides. While contrast is extremely important, it does not banish all web designs to be “black on white”

  32. Wow you really make the left look great! Im sure Fox news lined up a 12 pack and executed them behind the station with those evil guns those blood thirsty neocons own!

  33. It is a fact and I believe aluminum will one day be the next lead, people will laugh and say they use to drink out of this stuff! Mad hatter…

  34. Richard Walker

    Excuse me? Every study to have made those claims has been discredited. Where is YOUR research?

  35. cosmo007


    1812, coined by English chemist Sir Humphry Davy (1778-1829), from L. alumen “alum” (see alum). Davy originally called it alumium (1808), then amended this to aluminum, which remains the U.S. word, but British editors in 1812 further amended it to aluminium, the modern preferred

  36. PhillipGaley

    I can’t say: “Aluminum” or whatever you want to call it, . . . I have to say: “Alunimun”; so, . . .

  37. Rich2741

    Yes, the first time it is a bugger (and that is exactly why you should recycle all aluminum)… but after that it is easy, the purity remains, and the strength remains.

  38. dupkaman

    Yes, as far as I know there is no research to incriminate aluminum definitely. It seems those who stress the dementia theory are the same who believe childhood vaccines are responsible for autism.

  39. Tommy Maq

    Aluminum is the third most abundant element in the Earth’s crust, after silicon and oxygen.

    If it’s ‘toxic’, every creature on Earth learned to deal with it about a billion years ago.

  40. Mr_Electability

    Another example of the usual brilliance of the “we have to pass the bill to find out what’s in it” crowd.

  41. Tommy Maq

    Aluminum is the third most abundant element in the Earth’s crust, after silicon and oxygen.

    If it’s ‘toxic’, every creature on Earth learned to deal with it about a billion years ago.

    Where’s your dictionary, so you can finally learn what “natural” means?

  42. Mr_Electability

    Fine, but he still has a point: medium gray on light gray is still pretty bad.

  43. Tommy Maq

    “Chem trails” are a result of silver-plating on the tips of jet engine turbine blades. As it wears away, it creates traces of silver-oxide in the exhaust.

    Silver oxide acts as a nucleating agent for water droplets, aka ‘cloud-seeding’ – when mixed with the CO2 and H2O in the contrails…it creates persistent clouds.

  44. Tommy Maq

    Aluminum is the third most abundant element in the Earth’s crust, after silicon and oxygen.

    If it’s ‘toxic’, every creature on Earth learned to deal with it about a billion years ago.

  45. Tommy Maq

    Aluminum has been conclusively shown to cause none of those maladies. Google “alz.org alzheimers myths”

  46. Tommy Maq

    People have been using aluminum pans for decades.

    Aluminum is the third most abundant element in the Earth’s crust, after silicon and oxygen.

    If it’s ‘toxic’, every creature on Earth learned to deal with it about a billion years ago.

    Aluminum has been conclusively shown to cause none of those maladies. Google “alz.org alzheimers myths”

  47. Tommy Maq

    Aluminum is the third most abundant element in the Earth’s crust, after silicon and oxygen.

    If it’s ‘toxic’, every creature on Earth learned to deal with it about a billion years ago.

  48. Tommy Maq

    Aluminum is the third most abundant element in the Earth’s crust, after silicon and oxygen.

    If it’s ‘toxic’, every creature on Earth learned to deal with it about a billion years ago.

    Aluminum has been conclusively shown to cause none of those maladies. Google “alz.org alzheimers myths”

  49. Tommy Maq

    So your argument is that professionals can’t make mistakes?

  50. The high aluminium content found in Alzheimer’s patients and the large increase in Alzheimer’s cases that are present in the generation that was the first to drink from aluminium cans does not seem strange to you?

  51. Tommy Maq

    Lots of things seem strange to me – that isn’t the proper criteria, is it?

    Google “alz.org alzheimers myths”

  52. Arrow to the Knee

    This is a stupid post. Stupid as in purposefully uninformed. Recycled Aluminum requires 80% of the energy to make it to recycle it. That means that recycling saves only 20% of the energy that would go to make new aluminum.
    Steel, needs only 20% of it’s new energy to recycle it. Steel can be made new and new again with only 20% of new steel energy. 95% of all steel is recycled, 20% of aluminum is recycled. Steel is the most perfect and best recycled material on the planet. Stupid.

  53. We dont have to agree, i worry there is a link thats all. I respect your opinion and you are probably more informed on the subject.

  54. Victoria

    I see some comments about aluminum being found in the brain stems of people with Altzheimers! This is true. The worst may not be coming from unheated cans but if the pop can is an old one and you look at the interior of the can it is etched and metal is missing. I wonder where it went? Many people use foil to cover foods they heat in the oven and the heat does the rest. Any one who uses underarm deodorant is rubbing an aluminum compound into an area that can absorb it readily. It is a metal that stays in the body and when it gets to a critical level you forget your kids names, where you put your car keys and after a while who you are. Check it out, it’s dangerous!

  55. Truth of the matter

    Aluminum (aka aluminium – depending on where you are from) is not safe! Nobody is paying attention to the long term effects that aluminum has on our bodies! It is hard to purchase anything that does not contain it – whether through the processing stage that we as consumers are not aware of, in the ingredients disguised or not (ie: bleached flour for one), in the container of many products (yes it leeches out into the product!), in the air we breath through many aerosol cans, our cooking utensils, even in flu or vaccine shots in which it is used as an accelerator! It causes many, many health issues and probably the most well known being dementia, Alzheimer’s and even A.D.D.. Why do you thing we are having more sickness, cancer, mental illness than ever before? Aluminum is not supposed to be consumed into our bodies in any form or fashion, yet we are consuming it at an alarming rate. Let’s be “honest” about aluminum on the “real” side. I can personally no longer consume aluminum due to it turning completely toxic on me. I was having intense migraines, memory loss, slurred speech, confusion, trouble swallowing – just to name a few symptoms. I am only 45 years old and was already having signs of dementia. Now that I have eliminated about 90% (100% elimination is near impossible) out of my day to day living, those symptoms have are almost nil. Please do you research!

  56. Actually, the science now shows that the aluminum is a symptom of Altzheimers not a cause. The molecules are too large to enter into the areas of the brain they are found in until the disease has started to degrade the brain and opened up the areas.

  57. Hey “Honest Company”. a WITHHOLD is A LIE!

  58. Victoria

    That’s why I mentioned that aluminum is found in the brain stem.

  59. Aluminum is highly valued as an ingredient by the dozens of big food processors. These along with agribusiness and chemical companies are now forming an alliance. The thrust of their combined messaging will be to discredit and debunk whatever trends do not fit with their multicorporate goals. [their goals? take a guess]Read this and other articles:

    “Front Groups Exposed—50 Industry Groups Form a New Alliance to Manipulate Public Opinion About Junk Food, GMOs, and Harmful Additives”.

  60. TheKillingWords

    Probably because of all of the other chemicals and crap that are in our food and air that we willingly consume. Do you really think an aluminum can is going to harm you more than the soda thats actually inside? Freaking simp.

  61. Ranger Dan Parsons

    Nearly all under arm DEODORANTS do not contain aluminum. It is the Antiperspirants that contain aluminum. There is a difference between the two. One is for covering the smell and one is for stopping underarm sweating.

  62. Ranger Dan Parsons

    Ahh heck, I used to play with mercury as a kid, coating pennies and all. We would misetel the pen889ty an garf, the pl#. Hanl to87. Too barb……ZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzz.

  63. I’m not doubting the research, but if your theory of man evolving to “deal” with environmental toxins were true, then why is man still susceptible to asbestos (in all simple dirt and dust in America’s west). Yes you can get mesothelioma by riding your ATV often on dusty trails.

  64. RonCatdaddy

    To heck with recycling cans…….at 70 measly cents a pound……..are you kidding me??!! I goofed and goofed with with those stinkin’ things for a YEAR……collected 45 lbs and got THIRTY FREAKIN’ MEASLY DOLLARS!! NEVER AGAIN…….they go where they belong……into the garbage!!

  65. disqus_rSxoyWvWdT

    So you’re saying just dump it? Don’t find a more economical way? What? Yes, that’s what the world needs, more trash. People need to stop using junk products and get back to natural, stop the demand. Steel! Do you know what the carbon footprint in shipping alone would be? Even in various gages, the weight to transport! Fossil Fuels my man, not to mention recycling.

  66. Tommy Maq

    Because people only invented ATV’s a little while ago!

    Oxygen, for example, is toxic.

  67. This article is one sided. I would like to hear the other side – about Brain disease being caused by too much Aluminum in the brain. Now how does that get into the body?

  68. JC Wyatt

    I am in the Psych field. So many contradicting studies..It actuallys seems like our silly GMO food is the source of SO MANY of our medical ills, which costs money, ruins and upsets lives, and it is not the patient’s fault. Autism, asthma, dementia, thyroid, digestive, you name it. I like glass first, aluminum if you could get the 2 cents like they used to do with soda bottles. That is how I bought that occassional….soda and candy bar. We didn’t have those in my house in the 60’s:)

  69. Randy Grein

    Could it be that the other side is just another urban myth? (grin) (http://www.alz.org/alzheimers_disease_causes_risk_factors.asp , pay attention to the blurb about aluminum.) Al is the third most common element in the earth’s crust (oxygen, silicon, then aluminum) and in metallic form is remarkably stable for an element that combines with oxygen so strongly. In perusing evidence I found a remarkable number of unsubstantiated claims about a link with Alzheimer’s where the mere claim seems to equate proof of a deadly scourge.

    There are plenty of real problems out there that have proven consequences – lead in water pipes, estrogen-like compounds from (some) plastics contaminating drinking water, global warming. Focus your attention on that.

  70. jack cox

    aluminum first smelted in in early last century came into massive use, before it was discovered small particles get past the blood brain barrier, causing amyloid plaques, and abnormal blood flow in the brain, Many countries have quit cookware, and outside aluminum where it breaks apart, causing small particles to get in the air streams we breathe.

    Our judiciary have sided with the aluminum industry

  71. Arrow to the Knee

    Aluminum has a dramatically larger footprint than steel. I did not say that recycling Aluminum was stupid, I said the emphasis on Aluminum Recycling was stupid. All your shipping containers are steel, all your rail cars are steel, all your rails are steel. There is a place for Aluminum, but it is not the do all and end all of metals. This article is a puff piece for Aluminum.

  72. Victoria

    You are right! Thanks for the data. I guess you don’t need aluminum to cover the smell!

  73. disqus_rSxoyWvWdT

    Yes, the shipping containers are made of steel this is because steel is durable, long lasting metal used for exactly this type of hard use. You didn’t address the carbon footprint for shipping. Plastic is harmful in so many ways. This article is just trying to show that its cleaner than plastic and other things. One could argue all day, try to see the positive in the article. I hope you have a wonderful Sunday.

  74. Adam Evenson

    On the computer, white, yellow, blue, lime green and various other colored print on black background confer the most contrast and is most pleasant on the eyes. Check the Rense.com website and see. Black letters on white background is tough to read. I wish everybody would go with white (and other colors) on black background. Also check out the Viewzone.com website, all of which articles are printed with white (and other colors) on black background.

  75. Allan Richardson

    The “aluminum causes cancer” and “aluminum causes Alzheimer’s disease” charges have not been proven. I have not heard the one about cancer, but the reference to AD is based on the fact that aluminum is found in the beta-amyloid plaques in the brains of AD patients. However, it has not been established that aluminum CAUSES AD; it is also possible that the progress of AD causes aluminum to CONCENTRATE in the brain, thus acting as a marker, while the AD would have the same progress with or without it.

    And remember, aluminum is a constituent of CLAY, which has been used since the Stone Age for food containers.

  76. Allan Richardson

    And it is present in pottery, because clay is a form of aluminum silicate.

  77. Tommy Maq

    What are you talking about? Does your response even relate to what I wrote?

  78. Tommy Maq

    Incorrect. They sided with the research. That the research contradicts your preferred outcome only means your preferences are irrational.

    Would you have the judiciary side with you *despite* what the research says?

  79. Tommy Maq

    Good illustration.

    Pottery has only been in use for…approximately ever!

  80. Truth of the matter

    Then why did my symptoms disappear once I eliminated the majority of alum. from my intake and detoxed it from my system? I am not saying all of the other chemicals are doing us any good, which they are NOT, but people like yourself are missing the boat on this one – sorry. Dr. Chris Exley has some done some very extensive research on this. If it had not been for his research, I would not have been able to get my diagnosis. I am on the extreme side of the effects, but nonetheless, it affects all consumers whether they want to accept it or not. There are countries out there that have taken notice to the effects of aluminum and are doing things about it. But of course the countries that are tied to the dollar bill over the interest and well being of the citizens will not. God bless your research in search of the truth.

  81. Warren Lockaby

    Of course we did, Tommy. If I hadn’t overcome my aluminum allergy there’s no way I could have lived through this past billion years, and I’m sure you couldn’t have either.


    Hey, Gregory. Please post a picture so we can admire the cool ‘tinfoil’ hat you wear.


    That’s right, Tommy…And did you know that passing Fast Neutrons through aluminum makes it temporarily radioactive?

  84. Tommy Maq

    And what does that tell you about Aluminum, exactly?

  85. Mr_Electability

    white on black is painful to my eyes. i much, much prefer black on gray. sometimes, greater contrast = greater pain.

    incidentally, when i open viewzone, the easier-to-read material is white on black or black on gray (insets). the white on black is painful, ESPECIALLY when it’s surrounded by multicolored ads.

  86. Mr_Electability

    quite frankly, i find white on black painful. one of my colleagues had his own slide format that consisted of neon colors on a black background. it was mostly illegible.

    i visited viewzone, and found that the front page was black on white (easy to read), while the articles were a painful white on black (especially with multicolored ads flashing around it), and the insets to the articles were a nice black on gray — which happens to be one of the schemes i use for my real-life website. (the other being a black on light blue).

  87. And Gregory Williiams, another Obama Kool-Aid drinker, shows his ignorance.

  88. Gilhelmi

    I like the Metal. Yes there are risks, but everything has some risk associated in it.

    Aluminum is an excellent metal for general long-term storage and can be easily melted down to make new containers later.

  89. Gilhelmi

    Just because you do not get alot of money out of them does not mean you should just toss them out.

    Save your cans and give them to a homeless person.

  90. Gilhelmi

    You sound JUST like a vaccine conspiracy theorist.

    You started to eat better (by not eating tons of preservatives in regular food) and your symptoms go away.

  91. disqus_rSxoyWvWdT

    Do you see that we are speaking of everyday product usage versus long lasting storage containers. This is where your idea lacks. Your basing the idea on recycling steel on what it’s currently used, not daily consumption and thrown away. This is why I spoke of transport. The weight of steel would increase the carbon footprint.

  92. Truth of the matter

    To kill that “theory”, I can eat a stalk of organic celery that has been wrapped in aluminum foil and within 30 minutes I have symptoms. Conspiracy is not in my realm.

  93. Allan Richardson

    I was replying to the guy above you. 🙂

  94. TheKillingWords

    You might as well start a tirade about peanut butter as well since far more people are allergic to that. LOOK OUT THE PEANUTS ARE AFTER US AND OUR DOLLAR BILLS!!

  95. Mike Sokolow

    Heavy metal is good, but so is light metal.

  96. theonlyrealsarah

    Since I’m not a health researcher and try to refrain from regurgitating stuff I read on the web, I wouldn’t dare posit myself as someone even remotely qualified to comment on aluminum’s potential status as a neurotoxin. However, I can say this: recycling/smelting aluminum is an incredibly energy-intensive process (which is why you often see aluminum plants located next to power stations). So for now, despite its infinite recycle-ability, aluminum is a fossil fuel black hole.

  97. whatsups

    If they ever legalize hemp, will we have hemp cans, not lined with any toxins so we can consume hemp brewskis? Not that I have anything against aluminum but competition is what it is all about. No smoking the empties!

  98. Arationofreason

    Senior moments precluded aluminum cans by thousands of years. Apparently aluminum may not be the only cause.

  99. OrganicSquirrel

    You are correct on all counts. Unfortunately, this is one area in which Americans wrongly think we’re saving the planet. (Much like the folks who think that their Prius is Earth-friendly.) At least they FEEL like they’re doing something for the planet.

  100. Way2MuchGov

    Are plastic containers less so? What solution do you posit?

  101. Aluminum is a known neurotoxin, associated with Alzheimer’s disease and autism. This article is unequivocal bs

  102. imntacrook

    This is terrible!! I just wonder why we are living longer and healthier than ever before in history.

  103. As a company, we welcome all comments and viewpoints. And we encourage an open and honest dialogue within our community and with each other. For the benefit of all our members, we aim to keep our blog as friendly and positive as possible, and we expect all our friends to be respectful of one another when exchanging information. Please keep in mind that comments that are inappropriate, hateful, or damaging will be removed without prior notice. Thanks so much for your continued discussion and participation in the Honest community!

  104. so, what’s the carbon footprint for glass which is easily recycled? Although probably not particularly good for maintaining a pressurized system ..

  105. gunslinger454

    The only ‘problem’ with aluminum is the huge amount of energy it takes to produce it. There is a reason why aluminum producers like Alcoa always locate their plants right next to large power stations! You can almost refer to it as ‘solidified electricity’! Personally I don’t have a problem with that, especially since once it has been produced it essentially lasts forever.

  106. Gilhelmi

    You might just be allergic to Aluminum then. That does not mean it is horrible for everyone else.

  107. wizardgynoid

    aluminum corrodes. it oxidizes, i.e. rusts in a similar manner that iron does.

  108. launchme52

    Aluminum is toxic to the body just like mercury or lead it accumulates. No Aluminum pots here.i

  109. Aluminum. I respect Davy’s choice, and alu-min-eee-um just sounds stupid.

  110. Good point, I was going to say the something similar. Recycling aluminum doesn’t save energy since so much energy went into it’s production.. I too have heard it called “solid electricity”

  111. Recycling on the one hand, and producing aluminum from the ore on the other hand, are two entirely different processes. Yes, producing aluminum from ore requires a lot of energy. Aluminum oxide has a very high heat of formation. That energy has to be put back in order to reduce it from the oxide. However, once it is in the reduced (elemental) state that energy is stored in it, it doesn’t have to be put back in to just recycle it. That’s kinda the point they are making.

  112. Do you have any references for your claims?

  113. PhillipGaley

    Yes, and for that reason, a much greater share of the world’s Al should be refined in Iceland, . . .

  114. I am confused as to why The Honest company wants to promote aluminum? Sure it is necessary, and can be used for good, but it really isn;t the best choice in a lot of situations.. Just wondering what prompted this post in the first place?

  115. The biggest problem with aluminium is the pronunciation paradox as follows: “The only way to say it correctly is to say it incorrectly.”

  116. wondering

    I thought aluminum causes Alzheimer’s…?

  117. PhillipGaley

    Finally, at least someone understands, . . . I can’t say aluminum, I have to say: “alunimun”, . . .

  118. PhillipGaley

    Did you forget, . . . the main cause for az. is aging?

  119. One has to be careful not to STORE acidic foods in Aluminum cookware. But it can be used to cook these foods. It is also more energy efficient to cook with aluminum due to it’s better heat conductive properties.

  120. aluminum can bond with aluminum and cross into the blood brain barrier and causes the brain to break down so no its not that great among other health issues

  121. Manuel Martinez

    aluminum bonds with fluoride to cross the blood brain barrier its one of the only things that can fluoride itself doesn’t cross. only with aluminum can it get into the brain and then it is deadly so its not as useful as they make it sound.or is it depend on what they are using it for to do to us.

  122. Manuel Martinez

    wow misinformed our lifespans have reduce google it.

  123. Manuel Martinez

    the last generation of our grandparents and even some of our parents ate it in baking powder which now says with no aluminum.Alzheimer’s epidemic solved……

  124. Do you have any references for your claim that recycling aluminum requires 80% of the energy to refine it? I am doubtful about your numbers.

  125. Manuel Martinez

    gmos’s cause our bodies to weaken because lack of nutritional content and it gives those things our immune system suppress a opportunity and we get sick. its like have a form of walking pneumonia we are starving but not seeing it or feeling the effect because our tummies are filled with Styrofoam food.

  126. I seriously doubt you have eliminated aluminum from your system. It’s compounds are very common in nature, dare I say ubiquitous. It is a component of virtually all common clays. It’s compounds are everywhere.

  127. Manuel Martinez

    thank you you’re right it is baking powder sorry for the soda

  128. There can be toxic byproducts to aluminum refining if it is not done responsibly, and strip mining IS a problem if it is not done responsibly. However I do agree with your statements about the toxicity of aluminum itself.

  129. Maestro BK

    A-loo-min-ee-um ore (Bauxite) is what made my GF and F a load of ££ in
    Jamaica in the mining business a long time ago (in a galaxy far away) 🙂

  130. What makes you think aluminum is “non-toxic”? There are many concerns about aluminum toxicity. Military vehicles made in the US minimize the use of aluminum because if it takes a hit and burns or vaporizes it produces a highly toxic gas. Also, aluminum smelting produces some very nasty toxic by-products like fluoride, which the industry conveniently dumps into our water supply. Yummy.

  131. Tommy Maq

    So your theory is that the toxic byproducts of aluminum refining and exploding vehicles magically cause aluminum cans to be toxic?

    Or did you simply get confused and forget the actual question?

  132. Tommy Maq

    Long discredited, as a quick perusal of the literature shows.

    Try Googling “alz.org alzheimers myths”

  133. Tommy Maq

    No, it isn’t similar to iron.

    Iron rusts away.

    Aluminum oxide coats the unoxidized metal and keeps it from oxidizing further.

  134. You’re right. Forget I bothered to think about the big picture. Let’s stick to beverage cans. Never mind the tons of poison that are produced as a by-product. And never mind that it can be deadly if it burns, and never mind that it may be linked to Alzhiemer’s and breast cancer…you’re right.

  135. Tommy Maq

    OK so lets take your diversions seriously;

    “tons of poison that are produced as a by-product”

    Is that true of only Aluminum? Or did you simply change the question out of habit?

    IOW, you aren’t saying something about the specific material which is the topic of the article and our disagreement, but rather the importance of safely handling the by-products of industry generally. Ergo, you’ve substituted a vacuous platitude for a useful thought about Aluminum.

    ” it can be deadly if it burns”

    So what?

    Aluminum doesn’t burn spontaneously in 20% oxygen air…just like iron doesn’t burn spontaneously. Both will burn if there is a partial pressure of O2 above about 1/4 of an atmosphere.

    Likewise, wood *does* burn spontaneously – were you just about to advocate ending the use of wood? Or did you merely confuse yourself, and end up substituting a vacuous platitude for a useful thought about Aluminum?

    ” it may be linked to Alzhiemer’s and breast cancer”

    Lots of things “may be” linked.

    The *relevant* question is whether it *is* linked, and the research, according to the available literature, says the correct answer is “no.”

    I recommend you learn what you’re talking about, so you can start substituting useful thoughts for your vapid platitudes.

  136. Wow, you are a true believer guy. How much ALCOA stock do you own? You claim (I now assume it is you who wrote this article, because of the passion behind your defense of it) that aluminum is “naturally non-toxic.” Well perhaps in the ground it it. Perhaps in the form of a can it is. However, the process to get from ground to shelf creates toxic waste. Just like “clean” hybrid-electric cars contain all kinds of nasty toxic elements that must one day be disposed of.

    Also, just because an item doesn’t “spontaneously combust” it must be safe? Fires happen. If Aluminum catches fire it can’t be put out, and it emits a deadly gas.

    What I am trying to do is point out that as much praise as you have heaped onto aluminum as an element and a consumer good, there are things you neglected to mention.

    But really, I don’t care, and I’m not an aluminum buff or a metallurgist. I drink out of aluminum cans and I’m sure the stuff inside is worse for me than the vessel itself. I just think you have omitted some points for reasons unknown.

  137. Tommy Maq

    Criticizing your vacuity doesn’t actually mean I’ve made a claim about aluminum, does it? Do you wonder how you made such an elementary mistake? No? Well, that would certainly explain a lot.

    To wit; repeating your vapid platitudes “industrial processes can create toxic substances which must be handled carefully” means you haven’t learned your lesson; if you (continue to) trust useless standards of judgement, you won’t reach trustworthy conclusions. If you consider that point of logic an example of “passion” then all I can say is that you’re very poor at reading people – I suspect you’ve indulged in a bit of shadow projection. I recommend taking responsibility for yourself instead.

    Indeed, your diversion – you know, where you make up (“assume”) something stupid about me and share it in public like an idiot? – makes it quite plain that you don’t have an answer to my criticism, almost certainly because it absolutely correct.

    Try using logic next time, or simply sticking to the subject, instead of attacking your critic like a child who feels bad about losing the argument – the effort will show!

    Here’s another chance for you to perform above your pay grade, assuming you can;

    The military frequently experiences fires created by or fed by an accelerant.

    Were you trying to say that the same safety concerns apply to people drinking out of aluminum cans, or using hair products from aluminum cans?

    If you were, you’re foolish, because few people experience military assault in their homes, and of those who might, I doubt the safety of their aluminum cans matters at all to either them or their ability to survive such attacks.

    If you weren’t trying to make that argument, then what the military uses for their vehicles is irrelevant for making a valid judgement about consumer products. Indeed, the military won’t stop using aluminum airplanes anytime soon, so I’m pretty sure the only one who ‘left something out’ was you, specifically, you omitted a *valid* standard of judgement from your analysis, and about more than one consideration.

  138. Gerald Wescott

    They strongly insinuated that it is.
    “One aspect of that commitment is finding the best packaging for our products.”

  139. L. Edgar Otto

    Aluminium can contain air bubbles that can ignite fire say in melting wax. I wonder what became of the company’s project to harness the electric potential in the atmosphere? Anyway, does anyone know where I can get Al powder… I find it amazing it can be a catalyst for self rising light weight concrete structures and wonder what happened to that discovery 40 yrs or so ago. I am just beginning to think to google Google and not just my brain or our shared opinnions on this… but in honesty we do not really understand the deeper effects or theories of such relations to biochemistry. The coating in cans was worse than the acid corrosion itself but it sounded like a good idea. I recall in the 50’s when I first too a drink of water out of a colorful aluminium (British pronunciation and spelling) I could not stand the taste of it and imagine we had better senses of smell back then, instinctively to avoid lead once tasted as so much kids put things into their mouths. Better living thru chemistry was an impressive slogan back then, but we do need better chemistry.

  140. Milo of Croton

    For such a powerfully strong argument, the invective use of ad hominem makes it hard to choke down. It’s uncontested that you’ve questioned his vacuity, and further the standpoint of your logical assertions are firmly rooted and sensible. However, to wield that kind of intellect with such a passive-aggressive stance initially , to ending with such vehemence hidden just behind your prose, it really stoops to a level that’s not befitting of your intelligence. However, this rhetoric is just conjecture and opinion.

  141. Tommy Maq

    And you changed it from “for our products” to “the best choice in a lot of situations.”

    Only you have done any insinuating.

  142. Tommy Maq

    I’m not sure I follow you.

    Criticizing the vacuity of his statements isn’t ad hominem, it’s a perfectly valid point, which requires taking his points seriously enough to honestly evaluate them. And I did so, completely independent of any personal issues, addressing his argument on it’s merits, or more accurately, it’s lack of merit.

    Likewise, it isn’t ad hominem to point out that it’s stupid to assume things about people, because it is.

    More specifically, he assumed something that would give him an excuse to pretend my comments were false, instead of honestly evaluating them, which means he gave himself an excuse to ignore valid information from reality, AKA prevent himself from learning. And what does ‘stupid’ mean? Incapable of learning.

    Worse for you, ad hominem means to insinuate that an argument is false because of irrelevant personal details – and only our boy did that, when he imagined that I own Alcoa stock…right?

    Not sure what you mean about passive-aggressive, either.

    I’m pretty sure my criticism was direct and explicit, the *opposite* of passive aggressive..

  143. jimmc1952

    Well, no…Aging it self is not the cause but age can make you more prone to it as time increases the chance of other factors coming into play, (Lifestyle, head injuries, medications, environmental factors.) But age itself is not a cause.

  144. John H Hlavaty

    Sorry ,for your but Aluminum fires Can be put out quickly, emiting Deadly gases wrong again. If Al emited deadly gas as a process of high temps then those that work in Al die casting would be required to wear SCUBA gear(Self Contained Breathing Apparatus). You might be thinking of Mag Fines which if water is applied to a Mag fire, well lets just say you’ve not seen such an explosion and very hard to put out.. Working at a Die Cast foundry is very informative on what can happen and the hazzards of the work enviorment.

  145. Raoulduck

    Aluminum packaging will allow Al to leach into acidic foods and beverages, which may contribute to Alzheimer’s Disease. The plastic coating used in Al packaging often contains BPA, which is an estrogen analogue and is clearly a contributing factor in causing cancers, early onset of puberty in children, and even the growth of breasts and reduced testosterone levels in males.
    Aluminum cans without plastic liners might be fine for beer and other non-acidic beverages, but shouldn’t be used for vegetables like tomatoes. And nothing should be cooked in aluminum pots, except maybe pasta.


  146. Raoulduck

    Well, that is happening. And the massive investment that Iceland made in geothermal development for one aluminum smelting project is a big reason their government went bankrupt.

  147. Raoulduck

    Untrue. The science is still evolving in relation to Al and Alzheimer’s. Whereas, a few studies have shown no relationship between the two, more have shown a clear relationship in environmental Aluminum contributing to Alzheimer’s Disease,
    As of 2013, the ratio of studies is 6 to 3 showing that Al does cause brain damage. Enough of a reason to back away from alimentary and respiratory intake of aluminum traces.

  148. These allegations are controversial (well, not the BPA comments, those is well known, non-controversial, and are backed by tons of evidence), but there is plenty of hints that Aluminum is not as non-toxic as many believe. There is certainly more evidence backing that than the evidence for the statement “it is naturally non-toxic”. Well, it we are not so sure any more. To the point that making that statement so lightly is not very responsible.

    Note: My favorite water bottle? An aluminium one. But would I cook with aluminum? Nope. Waiting for more research.

    All that being said… Aluminium, of all our base metals, is a great tool and infinitely recyclable. On the whole, a great article.

  149. Glass. Ceramic. Beeswax. Wood (depending on application). …and there are plenty of other substances both natural and artificial.

  150. Raoulduck

    It’s all about risk reduction. It may be that Alu/AD vulnerability is genetic and has to do with individual permeability of the blood-brain barrier. If you have a family history of early-onset senility, ditch the cheap cookware and switch to good stainless steel pots and pans. That’s an easy fix. Buy your tomatoes in glass. I also buy tomato products in tetra paks, which uses non-BPA lining. Often less expensive, too.
    There are plenty of reliable studies showing a link. I’ve given Maq links to five scientific studies which seems to have shut him up.
    The Alzheimer Society is concerned with raising funds for research and promoting big pharma solutions and doesn’t want to get their base donors distracted by political issues that my detract from their fundraising. I’m not promoting conspiratorial thinking. Just noting that their immediate interests are not focused on dietary and environmental causes.

  151. Raoulduck

    I gave you five scientific studies on another thread.

  152. loupgarous

    While we’re talking about “tons of poison produced as a byproduct,” let’s talk about arsenic and other transition metal dopants in solar cells. If solar ever becomes a major slice of renewable energy, the environmental costs will be staggering.

  153. Raoulduck

    I agree. “Honest” seems to use aluminum for cosmetic containers (sun block and such) which is fine. AL water bottles are safe, too. I use unlined stainless steel, but washed them first in boiling water and let them sit for days filled with water to reduce any free chromium exposure.

  154. Tommy Maq

    Asking for evidence is ‘shilling,’ then?

    How long have you been making indefensible allegations about people, aka lying in public like a fool?

  155. loupgarous

    There are three major populations who need to watch their intake of aluminum because they’re vulnerable to accumulating it in their bodies – dialysis patients, people taking TPN (total parenteral nutrition), and people with abnormally high levels of parathyroid hormone (such as sufferers of multiple endocrine neoplasia). Apart from that, the toxicity risk from aluminum is pretty low. And the cure for aluminum poisoning syndromes is pretty simple (if you and your doctor find out you have them) – a chelating agent called deferoxamine causes excess iron and aluminum in the body to be passed out through the kidneys.

    Fortunately, nephrologists (kidney specialists) know to look out for aluminum uptake problems in dialysis patients, as do doctors who prescribe TPN, while multiple endocrine neoplasia’s a relatively rare condition. So aluminum gets a pretty clean bill of health as a container for APPROPRIATE foods and other things we consume.

  156. Raoulduck

    You have your evidence. Don’t bother trolling me.

  157. Tommy Maq

    Incidentally, you failed to back up the *critical* assertion.

    You know, the one where you pretended to have made an objective survey of the literature?

    The way you failed to answer my honestly curious question is what gave away *your* game.

  158. Tommy Maq

    SO you waited – what, an hour? – before dismissing the honestly curious?

    How many ways do you plan to telegraph your dishonest intentions?

    Again, why should I trust you, when you display such poor standards of judgement?

  159. Tommy Maq

    But not an honest answer to a direct and honestly curious question, indicating your dishonest intent.

    You also didn’t back up your ratio, which of course, was the strong claim I’d challenged you to back up. Clearly, you can’t.

  160. Raoulduck

    Are you on meds? Or did you miss them today?


  161. I take that back. We do have aluminum water bottles, but any new ones we have acquired have been stainless steel.

    All of our cookwear is ceramic or glass, except for the cast iron widget here and there. Any thermal this, that, or the other thing we have… we only use glass-lined stuff (think: thermal mugs and carafes). Aluminum is questionably at this point, but safe for many applications. Teflon is in consideration for being banned (ceramic is a better non-stick experience anyway).

    Anyway. It is pretty easy to eliminate the questionable crap from your lives. If it is a polymer, try not to associate that with food (packaging is an issue). Aluminum is in debate… etc. etc. Glass and ceramics are about as innocuous as one can get. And plentiful. And not expensive (you have to shop). And usually associated to higher quality products anyway.

  162. Tommy Maq

    So, no, you can’t back up that strong and compelling claim.

    Here it is, again, in case you decide to stop chickening out;

    “As of 2013, the ratio of studies is 6 to 3 showing that Al does cause brain damage. “

  163. Tommy Maq

    Again, your personal attacks in response to an honestly curious question indicates dishonest intent.

    And again you’ve failed to back up your claim.

    It’s your choice if you want to abandon your claim because it was false, but what’s the point of proving yourself immoral with your denial tactics? Repeating your indefensible insinuations when you’ve been politely corrected indicates that you can’t learn, either.

  164. Raoulduck

    So. You. Can’t. Address. The. Evidence.

    That simple.

    It’s not about me.

  165. Tommy Maq

    You’ve provided no evidence about the ratio of studies.


  166. Sparkies

    “In everything we do at Honest, we try to do what we can to protect our planet.” Well, how about protecting the eyesight of us old-timers (living on the planet) by not using a font color (light grey) on a white background? Grey on white causes eye-strain for us “oldies”!

  167. anotherOldie

    Hey Sparkies, a trick I do is to highlight the text on hard to read pages. Not the best but it helps.

  168. anotherOldie

    …remember? Probably not. Aluminum, you know…

  169. anotherOldie

    Aluminum water bottle? If you are concerned about ingesting AL you might want to change your mind. Ever noticed the corrosion inside an AL water bottle after it sits a while? Might change your mind.

  170. anotherOldie

    Looking for aluminum powder? You are also looking for a visit from the ATF. Have fun.

  171. Recycling aluminum does save energy. There is a difference between producing and recycling processes.

  172. robertbyrd

    I thought deodorant was banned in France !

  173. L. Edgar Otto

    Nonsense Oldie, what are they going to do ask me about all the cracked up Etch’e’Sketches? Analyze my signature written on one in shaky square pixels when they can smoothly guide the space shuttle to the launch pad? Are we responsible for our brother’s fantasy we can mine virtual data-bits based to trade as aluminum? There are a thousand things to be paranoid about in this dangerous world- who knows I may try electronic cigarettes and 3D printers- then again at our age we just may have drunk too many large soda pops from aluminum cans.

  174. RonCatdaddy

    A noble ideal. You have a good heart. If it came to that, I would much rather just give them the $30 and not goof with them (the cans). Reality is, I already give MUCH more than that to charity. Nice thought though!

  175. CharlieSeattle

    Why is Aluminum Exposure Harmful?

    Just as cigarette smoke damages lung function and overexposure to UV rays will degrade your skin, aluminum is an attacker and its target is your central nervous system. [2] Studies show that toxic metals contribute to brain diseases by producing oxidative stress and aluminum is one of the worst offenders. [1] The prevailing belief around the world is that aluminum is linked to degenerative brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.


  176. CharlieSeattle

    Why is Aluminum Exposure Harmful?

    According to Washington DC’s Department of the Planet Earth, United States and Canadian regulatory agencies are interested in aluminum as a potential risk factor in elderly cognitive impairment. It makes sense, research shows aluminum can produce toxic, oxidative stress in the brain and a brain autopsy study of elderly persons found them to have aluminum levels 20+ times higher than a middle-aged group. [3] [4] The Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, recognizes aluminum as one of several metals known to affect the neurological system. [5] As far as aluminum is concerned, the supreme brain-health concern is Alzheimer’s disease.


  177. CharlieSeattle

    Why I’m Concerned About the Dangers of Aluminum

    Published on December 27, 2012, Last Updated on May 16, 2013

    Aluminum is the most widely distributed metal on the planet and it’s used in the production of many every-day products. Cookware is made from aluminum, soda cans are aluminum, and aluminum foil is found in most kitchens. Aluminum is also in antacids, aspirin, vaccines, and even flour. This overwhelming infestation of aluminum means that your risk of exposure is through the roof, which is also made of aluminum. Unlike vitamins, minerals, and trace elements, the body does not need aluminum. And aluminum is no innocent or benign participant. Aluminum accumulates in the kidneys, brain, lungs, liver and thyroid where it competes with calcium for absorption and can affect skeletal mineralization. In infants, this can slow growth. Animal models have linked aluminum exposure to mental impairments.


  178. Glenn Griffith

    LOL, Oldie, I buy AL powder all the time. Have some in the desk drawer right beside me actually.

  179. Glenn Griffith

    WOW, so because the lifespan went from 77.7 years to 77.9 it must because we are shoving AL in our bodies. Got any proof that AL is adding to lifespans??

  180. Glenn Griffith

    why don’t you google “Aluminum, Neurotoxin” Look for the CDC’s papers on the subject. Maybe then you’ll wise up.

  181. Glenn Griffith

    ROLFL, nothing is proved until that ratio is x to 0. You arbitrarily choosing to through out 3 studies does not prove your case.

  182. Glenn Griffith

    WOW, try that again in English, maybe some punctuation would help as well. Not sure if your trying to saying our grandparents ate it and so that proves it’s fine?? Or are you saying that it proves that it does cause Alzheimer’s?? In either case I know that two of my grandparents died having Alzheimer’s and both tested high for AL on autopsy. I know its a low sample size but it is a interesting coincidence.

  183. Glenn Griffith

    But yet the CDC says that studies have shown a link to Alzheimer’s and that further study needs done.

  184. Tommy Maq

    MY case?

    I was not the one who made a claim that the ratio was any particular number.

    I’m still waiting to see if our boy can back up his claim that it was. So far, it looks like a big fat “nope!”

  185. Glenn Griffith

    Leave it to a libtard to make something political when politics has absolutely nothing to do with it.

  186. Glenn Griffith

    I’m not so sure it will ever be as bad as lead but I think we will find more and more negatives about it.

  187. Glenn Griffith

    How bout you try a more official source like the CDC. CDC QUOTE “Children with kidney problems who were given aluminum in their medical
    treatments developed bone diseases.” “Aluminum in large amounts has been shown to be harmful to unborn and
    developing animals because it can cause delays in skeletal and
    neurological development.” “Some studies show that people exposed to high levels of aluminum may
    develop Alzheimer’s disease, but other studies have not found this to be
    true. We do not know for certain whether aluminum causes Alzheimer’s

  188. Glenn Griffith

    According to the CDC and ATSDR it is still on the list of suspects and further study needs done.

  189. Glenn Griffith

    Don’t forget Uranium, is natural and according to Tommy we should be all immune to that too.

  190. Glenn Griffith

    LOL, haven’t been over to the CDC website huh? They say research is still needed and that they haven’t eliminated AL as a cause of Alzheimers or Dementia.

  191. dupkaman

    Call me when they proved it. They said the same about childhood vaccines and autism until is was disproven.

  192. Tommy Maq

    “More” official?

    And how, exactly, do you measure “officialness”?

    Or were you just dreaming up a throw-away line, by which you could throw away the reasoning that supports a conclusion you don’t happen to like?

    Taking the first quote seriously discloses the irrelevancy; which metals can people with kidney problems ingest safely?

    Taking the last quote, we discover either that you agree with me, or have used an unreasonable standard;

    “We do not know for certain whether aluminum causes Alzheimer’s disease.”

    Therefore it’s wrong to say that Aluminum *causes* AZ because we don’t really know what causes it.

    Or were you inadvertently claiming that *certainty* is the proper standard in science, and thereby utterly dismissing yourself from the rational part of the conversation?

  193. Tommy Maq

    I think you got confused, boy!

    It was Roaulduck, not me, who made that claim, ergo, only he was ignoring contrary evidence.

  194. Eric_in_TX

    I agree in part with Charlie Seattle. There is significant negative info about ingesting or absorbing AL. That’s why I use a deodorant that is not an antiperspirant as the latter contains aluminum which gets absorbed into the body. However, as a useful metal, I agree with most of the article. Everything has a positive and a negative. If someone eats a soda can instead of drinking the contents, they should expect to get sick.

    Some other useful info is being aware of the amount of electricity it takes to produce AL. According to the Dept of Energy, 5% of our electricity production goes to producing AL. 17 MWhr/ton. That’s about $2200 of electricity in retail prices per ton. AL is the most abundant metal and the third most abundant element in earth’s crust. However, iron is by far the most abundant metal and element if you include the earth’s core. That swirling, molten iron ore is why earth has a magnetic field.

    AL is far from rare, but the energy to produce it is. Also be aware that for each 12 lbs or tons of AL produced from ore (bauxite) 17 lbs or tons of CO2 are produced. Ie, each 12 oz soda can has already produced enough CO2 to fill a small kitchen (dispersed at current concentrations in the air). Chemically it is:

    AL3O2 (alum ore) + C (carbon) (+LOTS of electricity) -> AL2 + CO2 (greenhouse gas)

    So how much energy is used to recycle AL? Approximately, zero, zip, nada but call it 5% on the outside. That’s because the melting point of AL ore is twice that of AL so once the ore is melted and processed it has to be cooled. The processed ore can be cooled by throwing in AL to be recycled.

    Want to make a serious dent in both our energy crunch and CO2 footprint?

    Currently, we recycle only 40% of our aluminum cans. And like the Alcoa web site said a while ago, “Did you recycle your alum lawn chair?”. Alum foil? Also perfectly good. Just clean it enough to keep varmits away. The bar-b-que sauce gets vaporized long before the AL melts.

    Please recycle Aluminum. It makes a huge difference. Thank you.

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