Today, June 8th, is World Oceans Day — a concept first proposed in 1992 as a way to celebrate our oceans and raise awareness about the crucial role it plays in our lives. The ocean is the heart of our planet, and it’s our responsibility to protect it! Yet, despite efforts, the Natural Resources Defense Fund (NRDC) reports that about 80% of marine litter originates on land, with the majority of that being plastic pollution. Working to draw attention to plastic pollution, specifically that caused by plastic water bottles, our friends at Consurfvation have designed a product that’s both stylish and sustainable.

An Honest Giveaway for World Oceans Day


An Honest Giveaway for World Oceans Day

Each Consurfvation tee is made of 100% recycled plastic water bottles. They also get stamped with how many bottles were recycled for its production, so you can see the direct impact that your purchase has. For instance, this women’s long sleeve tee was made from 16 recycled bottles — so, trash that would likely have ended up in landfills or our oceans gets turned into a super soft tee, instead! Take a look at how the process works below:

An Honest Giveaway for World Oceans Day

Consurfvation has aligned itself with 4 major ocean awareness organizations so that proceeds from the recycled tees work towards the bigger picture of preserving our oceans. Even though recycling efforts have made gains over the last couple decades, there is still major room for improvement. Check out 5 things you can do help to keep our oceans clean:

  1. Reduce the amount of plastic your family uses. Bring your own bags to the grocery store, switch to a reusable water bottle, and shop for products that use recycled materials.
  2. Recycle whenever possible. When you do use plastic, make sure to recycle it after it can no longer be reused. This is the easiest way to keep that plastic from polluting our oceans!
  3. Take responsibility for how much you and your family are contributing to plastic pollution.
  4. Participate in a beach cleanup. It’s amazing what an impact just a few hours of collecting trash can have, and it’s fun!
  5. Educate your kids so they have the same appreciation for the ocean and it’s importance. With hopes of inspiring ocean education, Google Maps just released some underwater imagery that let’s you explore the sea, wherever you are.

In honor of World Oceans Day, Honest has teamed up with Consurfvation for a giveaway! 3 lucky readers will win a Consurfvation tee of choice, plus an Honest Sunscreen set (which includes our sunscreen, sunscreen spray, and sunscreen stick) to keep your skin protected this summer.

To enter to win this World Oceans Day Giveaway, simply enter a comment by using the Rafflecopter entry form below telling us what you love most about the ocean. You also have the option (although not required) to earn two bonus entries by subscribing to our blog and following our Pinterest page. No purchase is necessary to enter to win. This giveaway is only open to U.S. residents 18 years and older. The giveaway will run until 11:59 pm PST Friday, June 12th.  Three winners will be chosen at random. Click here to read the complete giveaway rules.

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130 thoughts on “An Honest Giveaway for World Oceans Day

  1. I do like to drink iced coffee at the ocean!?!. I’m not near an ocean but I love to he soothing sound and respect the enormity of it.

  2. I love being out in the water because it creates this surreal feeling and puts all of your troubles and stress on hold.

  3. I love watching my daughter play in the ocean its her favorite thing. I also love the shells it leaves behind

  4. I love the sense of completeness that the ocean brings. Sitting in the sand this summer nursing my newborn and watching my hubby and son playing in the waves for the first time brought me a sense of calm and total fulfillment.

  5. I love the entire experience of being at the ocean! Swimming, playing in the sand and looking for ocean wildlife. My favorite thing is taking a moment to reflect or meditate watching the waves come in and out.

  6. I love the freedom of the ocean.. when I see it.. the belief that anything is possible is real.. When I’m in the ocean.. I’m free, I can go anywhere, with ease❤️

  7. I love many things about the ocean~ the feel of the water, the sound of the waves and ocean inhabitants, the way the vastness makes my chest feel full, the beautiful colors.

  8. Born and raised in the Florida Keys, surrounded by water, living near an ocean is mandatory whether it’s the Atlantic, Pacific or Gulf of Mexico. And wherever we live, our family takes part in beach clean-up efforts to keep the plastic junk away from the sea life that could mistakenly eat it or get caught in it. I LOVE that these shirts are made from the crap that would otherwise end up in the plastic vortex or in a turtle’s belly.

  9. I love that when I visit the ocean I am usually in a warm tropical place. I also love to view the ocean life. Just recently we were in Key Largo and saw a sea turtle, nurse shark and sting ray.

  10. I have had the wonderful opportunity to be born and raised on the side of the ocean (Oceanside, Ca). The ocean has always been ready to provide a warm, fun day of play and also be waiting calmly for an evening of relaxation and reflection. The versatility of the ocean is one of my favorite of its properties, and it’s been amazing being able to be within such close reach of its beauty.

  11. I love the waves! I love to listen to them, watch them and swim in them! The movement of the water gets me every single time!

  12. While it is hard to choose only one aspect of our beautiful oceans that I love the most, in the end I would have to say it is the unsuspecting power and mystique. Our oceans are vast and wide, the entirety of them largely unknown. Oceans support and sustain a plethora of ecosystems and wildlife – awe-inspiring underwater worlds. The depth and darkness of the ocean frightens me and at the same time envelops me in blanket of quiet comfort. Let’s work together to preserve and save our seas!

  13. the smell, the waves, the memories I have of my siblings and me with our mom in Hawaii enjoying the water and the weather before she died of cancer.

  14. I love the fresh air it brings in and the wind. I love the sound it makes and the connection it gives me to the earth when I meditate. Unfortunately I no longer live next to the ocean. It has given me allot of beautiful memories though

  15. The peacefulness of the ocean makes me never want to leave it! It’s a true beauty and even though I have been to the ocean multiple times, every time was different and I just wanted to stay so much longer than I could!

  16. It’s hard to pick just one thing. I do love the peacefulness of watching the ocean, especially at night. Swimming in it can be very refreshing (I do live on the west coast, and the Pacific Ocean is a lot colder than the Atlantic Ocean). I think what I love most is watching the joy my son gets out of splashing around in the ocean. He LOVES water! He doesn’t even care how cold it is.

  17. Thing I love most about the ocean is how it captivates my son. We spend a lot of time reading books and watching documentaries on oceans and the lives they sustain. We always learn something new and amazing!

  18. I love the fact that the ocean is full of mystery and the unknown, yet at the same time it gives such calmness and clarity to the mind and body.

  19. I love the salt water – it helps hydrate my skin look its best, and creates beautiful loose waves in my hair for a no maintenance, no harsh product required, style.

  20. What I love most about the ocean… Is its relationship to the coasts and the moon. The moon controls the tides and the tides control our relationship to the ocean through swimming, surfing, seafood, etc. The ocean is one BIG part of the whole that is our ecosystem. We must not take it for granted. <3

  21. I love scuba diving in the ocean. Seeing the animals and plants in from that perspective really reminds us how fragile this world is.

  22. Living in Hawaii, the ocean was the place you went to heal everything. Whether it was your heart or your knee, the ocean knew how to take care of you.

  23. i love the air coming off the ocean i love the color the taste of it i love the ocean the waves are never the same its beautiful

  24. I love that it’s a free place to create so many memories, my son loves the ocean and it is so easy to just pack a lunch and spend the whole day lounging with my family

  25. I saw whales for the first time in Hawaii and it was amazing! And I love how it makes you feel so small and appreciative 🙂

  26. I love being anywhere near the ocean because just the ocean breeze can make you feel a million times better on a bad day.

  27. I love being able to take my daughter there and make memories. Also its a home to so many different animals.

  28. Love the ocean!! My favorite thing to do is go to the beach , even though its usually way to cold for me

  29. I live in Colorado, so going to the beach is such a treat!! I love the smell, the beauty and of course all of the beautiful creatures that live in the ocean. I love animals and anything to support them, I am in 🙂

  30. The serenity of getting lost in the vast expanse while listening to the incomparable sound of the waves hit the shore

  31. Protecting our marine life is crucial to the worlds ecosystem. What a wonderful company. Thank you for sharing. I love “don’t trash where you splash.” A message that needs to be shared worldwide.

  32. I’ve always been an advocate for all wildlife including ocean creatures. It’s so important to teach our children now so they learn how important it is to take care of our environment because we’re not the only ones living here. The ocean is a vast amazing place where there’s so much we still don’t even know.

  33. I love how the ocean is so vast and never ending. It reminds us of how small we truly are. Very humbling.

  34. We grew up on the ocean in the Caribbean. It’s in our blood forever. I love the smell, the sound and feel of the ocean.

  35. The ocean is my favorite place to be. I love to watch the sun rise and set. I love the waves crashing and picking up seashells. I love walking hand in hand with my husband on the beach. We also enjoy riding our bikes on the beach and surf fishing. I can’t think of a more perfect place to be then the ocean.

  36. I love how vast the ocean is – how small it makes me feel. I was also trained to be an Olympic swimmer, so I really feel like a fish or a mermaid at home in the water. I also love the unpredictably of the ocean, how quickly things can go from tranquil and still, to choppier, and with fun waves to ride.

  37. I love how beautiful and calming the ocean is. There’s nothing more peaceful and relaxing than closing your eyes while lying on the beach and listening to the sounds of the waves and birds. OK, now I really want to go to Cape Cod!

  38. I love everything about the ocean! I love the sounds it makes, the colors, the smell, the view and how peaceful it is to the on or near the ocean!

  39. Besides the common reason of serenity the ocean releases, I love the ocean for its anomalous deep-sea creatures residing in the benthic, bathypelagic, and abyssopelagic zones.

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