Anna Bee Valentine’s Giveaway

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We love remembering special moments with family, friends, and the Honest community —which is why we want to celebrate Valentine’s Day with an Anna Bee jewelry giveaway. We’re sharing our love by giving one Honest friend this necklace that can be personalized to commemorate special dates near and dear to your heart.


Anna Bee Valentine's Day Giveaway


To enter to win this handmade necklace, simply enter a comment by using the Rafflecopter entry form below telling us how you’re honestly celebrating Valentine’s Day. You also have the option (although not required) to earn two bonus entries by liking our Facebook page and subscribing to our blog. No purchase is necessary to enter to win. This giveaway is only open to U.S. residents 18 years and older. The giveaway will run until 11:59 pm PST Wednesday, February 6th.  One winner will be chosen at random. Read the complete giveaway rules here to participate.

And so everyone can enjoy Anna Bee jewelry, the company has sweetly offered the Honest community 20% off a purchase through February 11th at 11:59 pm PST when you use the code HONESTBEE.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Sarah B.

    I am honestly celebrating Valentine’s day with the love of my life, Ryan, and our son Clint. We will be staying home enjoying each other’s company!

  2. Colleen S

    I will be celebrating by spending it with my loves, my little girl and my husband watching movies and cooking a special dinner.

  3. Monica Powell

    Going out for a nice Dinner with my wonderful husband!!

  4. Celebrating Valentine’s Day by putting the kids to bed early, and enjoying a nice glass of hot tea together. 🙂

  5. I will ve spending my Valentine’s with my wonderful hubby and our beautiful 19 month old daughter! 🙂

  6. My sons 3rd birthday is on the 11 and my husband will be out in the field that day so on Sunday 10th we are all making dinner together, getting dressed up and having a picnik in the dinning room!!

  7. Getting a sitter and having a special dinner out with my husband!

  8. Natasha Rodriguez

    We just do something special with the Kids for dessert and then have a movie night after Kids go to bed 😉

  9. Clara Sponhouse

    Snuggles on the couch and watching glee with my valentine

  10. Honestly, we probably won’t do much of anything specific to celebrate Valentine’s Day – it’s never really been our thing… I’ll be spending it with my husband and our new daughter, so the day will be full of love no matter what!

  11. It’s our first Valentine’s Day as Parents – so we’re going to be spending it at home! No sitter this year. We’ll make dinner and maybe have a glass of wine.

  12. this year. nice dinner at home with husband and the new baby!

  13. It is baby’s first Valentine’s day. I am planning a yummy organic strawberry puree as her sweet treat. She is also getting a fun new book. I am also hoping to make some cute homemade Valentine’s with her footprints

  14. We will be spending Vday weekend working my mothers’ yard getting her apple tree and pear tree ready for spring! 🙂

  15. This will be our first Valentine’sday as a family of three! We have so much more love to celebrate this year! We are going to get dressed up and spend the evening at home with giant eclairs from the baker’s crust (papa’s favorite)!

  16. We are expecting in March… so, on Valentine’s Day, we’ll be in our birthing class getting ready for our first addition! <3

  17. Probably cooking a nice dinner, have some candles out.

  18. We will celebrate by making homemade Valentine’s for preschool and a family dinner that evening.

  19. Hubby has to work.. so just spending the day with my little babe.

  20. Making heart shaped pancakes for breakfast, crafting with my daughter and making a dinner my husband will love. Oh and can’t forget the pink champagne!

  21. Cassie L

    Will be celebrating at home with my loves, my hubby and two boys 🙂

  22. Annette DeCeglia

    Making a nice dinner for my family of homemade raviolis and sauce!

  23. I will “Honestly” be doing what I do best.. Being a wife and a mommy to three beautiful little girls. And…….maybe I’ll throw in some homemade sweets for my sweeties…

  24. With my husband and our daughter. Nice dinner at our favorite restaurant is perfect for our LOVE…

  25. josephine

    having a nice homemade dinner with my love

  26. Sarah P.

    We will be celebrating Valentine’s day as a family! My husband and I will be giving our daughter a card and small stuffed toy (since she’s not old enough to enjoy a little box of chocolate yet!), and we will most likely go out to dinner as a family.

  27. I will be celebrating Valentine’s day with my husband and two little girls at home. We will exchange little gifts, like homemade Valentine cards and chocolate with eachother too 🙂

  28. Holly Buchanan

    We will be celebrating by making cupcakes for my son’s preschool class and having a valentine’s day themed family dinner!! My son and I will make a card for my husband and for his 7 month old baby sister as well!

  29. Making a Valentine’s themed dinner and celebrating as a family!!

  30. Lol-not much Daddy has a function at our son’s pre-school!

  31. Planning on celebrating with my husband and kids together at home. Just to be together and cook together and have a nice meal while talking to one another.

  32. We celebrate Valentine’s day with a delicious homemade meal of everyone’s favorite dishes.

  33. Celebrating my 7 month old’s 1st Valentine’s day at home with my hubby! Honestly excited! 😀

  34. Carissa Roddin

    Well my husband works but my little baby bug and I will be home together all day cuddling and snuggling!!! I love being his momma 🙂

  35. Traditionally, we make one another our most decadent meal, and enjoy it with our two little ones, 17 months and 3months. Followed by an equally decadent dessert, both homemade with lots of love!

  36. My husband Leo and 2 month old son (and Honest baby!) Mason will be celebrating at home with a special dinner. Recipe via Honest blog!! So excited to try it. Happy Valentines Day

  37. Momof2amazingkiddos

    We will be spending Valentine’s as a family, hoping that all is well and the Kiddos are over their colds! A little Valentine’s themed dinner maybe some heart shaped brownies?

  38. ThinkthenSpeak

    at home with my boys (hubs and son!)

  39. We are having our first date night in 20 months!! Leaving our toddler and newborn with their visiting Grammies to get a little fancy:)

  40. Spending time with my favorite boys- my hubby and my 7 month old son!

  41. Breanne S.

    We will be home with our 4 kiddos. That is a housefull of love right there!

  42. Priscilla V

    This is our first Valentine’s day with our little one so we’ll likely make a yummy dinner at home and show her the same love we show her every single day.

  43. A quiet evening at home with my significant other. Homemade dinner, Dean Martin record and an Honest bubble bath.

  44. Maureen Modic

    I’ll be spending my valentines day with my hubby and our boys! The best way!!!!

  45. Unfortunately out of town for work, luckily husband and LO will be with me.

  46. J.D. Robinson

    This year, the hubby and I will probably spend Valentine’s with a simple dinner and movie date night. With only weeks before the baby arrives, we don’t want to do too much.

  47. We will celebrate with dinner at home with our boys. I can’t leave them out of the celebration. My husband and I will go to dinner just the two of us a different night.

  48. Carrie Brown

    My husband and I will be having dinner at home with our 4 month old twin boys! 🙂 It will be the best Valentine’s Day ever!

  49. this will be our first valentines day with our little baby girl. we are looking forward to it

  50. Melissa Berhel

    I’m spending time with my sweet baby and family.

  51. We will probably bake Valentine’s Day cookies. My 4th grader has a girlfriend this year, so he is counting down the days until he can give her a Valentine!

  52. I’ll be at home with my little one and hubby, probably making some delicious vegetarian fare and maybe some homemade cupcakes!

  53. Danna Shepherd

    Me and hubby and 6 month old Marlee are making red velvet cupcakes!!

  54. Grandma and Grandpa are coming to watch Baby so we can have our first date night since her birth!

  55. Diana Cote

    We are going to draw and paint cards and we are also making a portrait of our little family, we get to showcase it in our home when anyone visits too. We are also cutting some fruit in heart shapes and dipping it in some melted 100% cacao and milk choc for those that are picky. 🙂 I will do what I also do every day, make my family, food, breakfast and dinner and take my little girl to play. 😀

  56. We will be celebrating Valentine’s with our 2 daughters (ages 2 and 1) after 14 yrs of trying to conceive, what better way to celebrate love than with my 2 miracles.

  57. Teresa Jones

    I’m taking a week vacation, just so I can spend time with my Husband. We’ll go to dinner and a movie and then… :0

  58. Becci Miller

    We will be celebrating by attending a showtune sing along at the local theatre. I love my music nerd family. 🙂

  59. We may have work and school but we will celebrate by just loving each other! All you need is love!

  60. mirabelle004

    Making a special dinner for the hubby & kids.

  61. valeria s.

    staying in and making dinner for my husband! <3

  62. Tricia Telmosse

    I will be celebrating Valentines Day with my 2 favorite people, my 14 year old son and my 9 month old, may be the last time my older son chooses his mom on Valentine’s Day!

  63. Jill Letizia

    My husband and I are taking our baby to the restaurant where we had our first date over 7 years ago.

  64. Amanda G

    My hubby says he’s made plans for us, but it’s a surprise!

  65. Lauren Horton

    Celebrating with my daughter and husband at home. Valentine’s day is a family holiday now that we have our baby girl!

  66. This is such a cute and personal idea! I love it 🙂
    I will be spending a nice night with my one and only and our little one on the way 🙂 Last Valentines just the two of us!

  67. Marybeth

    Staying in and making a special dinner for the family!

  68. Making Dinner/Dessert for the Hubs and Baby

  69. Family time with our little guy and then after he’s in bed, my hubby and I are snuggling up to watch our favorite movies!

  70. Making dinner with my little valentines for Daddy!

  71. Just staying home and enjoying one another 😀 Hallmark holiday’s are overrated! I LOVE my husband everyday!

  72. Handmade valentines for the family and heart shaped pancake dinner

  73. Leeah Bergman

    Just staying home and having a quiet night with the hubby and kiddos.

  74. We are making date night happen! We are so ready to spend a little one-on-one time after this flu season!

  75. We have had a tradition of going to Taco Bell. Sort of a way of avoiding high cost menus and we always forgot to make a reservation in advance. Decided to go the opposite direction and have a nice meal out on a random night.

  76. Jenn Fields

    Takeout and movie night with my husband and 3-year-old daughter.

  77. Sediena12

    Im hoping to be spending the day sleeping in with baby as usual. I go back to work the week after V-Day. 🙁

  78. with 3 under 3years, we are hoping to get them all asleep “on time” and enjoy a glass of wine together……someday we will spoil ourselves on an elaborate dinner date again!

  79. Will be celebrating V-day at home with our precious 2.5 month old daughter.

  80. Going to dinner with the hubby to celebrate our 3 year wedding anniversary!

  81. My husband is in medical school and out of town all month so Valentines day will be a special day for just me and my little boy

  82. Charlee-Ann

    This year I’ll be celebrating Valentine’s Day with the world’s cutest Valentine: My 5 week old little boy 🙂 Hoping to have some heart-design diapers in my Honest Bundle to celebrate!

  83. Night in with my two loves–Hubby and 14-month old son!

  84. I’ll be celebrating V-Day relaxed at home with the two loves of my life–my darling husband and beautiful 3 month old daughter ^_^

  85. My husband and I will be spending a quiet evening at home, after spending a family dinner together and then putting our two year old daughter to sleep.

  86. Latrisha Martin

    My hubs and I will be celebrating our baby boy’s first Valentines at home with a special dinner for 3!

  87. Lily Nguyen

    I honestly have to work the evening on Valentines but after my bf and I will hopefully be able to catch a movie.

  88. Andrea S.

    I’ll be enjoying Valentine’s Day with my son’s preschool class at his Vday party 🙂

  89. We will be celebrating with our son–his first Valentine’s Day! I can’t imagine ever having to share him with another girl!

  90. Valentine’s Day starts out with hearts all over the floors of my children’s bedrooms, leading down to the kitchen table. We have a special heart shaped pancaked breakfast, complete with homemade strawberry whipped cream 🙂 Dinner is heart shaped meatloaf, pink mashed potatoes, and veggies served inside heart shaped cookie cutters! My husband also gets my daughter, who is 2.5, flowers 🙂 That evening we talk about how we show love for each other, as well as others.

  91. Nathan Taib

    I’m working all day on Valentine’s day! And hopefully sending a special someone some flowers 😀

  92. My husband and our 2 kids will spend Valentines Day at home.. I would love this necklace since both of my kids were born on the same day 6 years apart! 🙂

  93. Blanca O

    with my children….. V-day is usually bad for me. 🙁

  94. I’ll have the grandparents in town while my husband and I attend a marriage conference at our church.

  95. That’s my due date. Hoping to meet my little one on Valentines Day!

  96. We will be spending valentines day cooking a nice meal together and then sitting down with our two children and enjoying the night!

  97. Amanda Dumont

    My husband and I will be home with our two month old enjoying a romantic home-cooked meal 🙂

  98. Jessica Rollins

    My husband and I will be celebrating Valnetine’s Day with our son, who will be about a month old by then. Baby’s first Valentine’s Day! P.S. We are cloth diapering and using Honest Company diapers as well. We love them! 🙂

  99. My spouse is working that night, it marks 10 years that we have been together. Delaying celebration until the weekend where we will rent a movie to cuddle up to.

  100. I will be missing my 2-year old on Valentine’s Day! She’ll be spending the holiday with her dad (we’re separated). Makes for one lonely mama!

  101. This Valentines Day is up in the air. I’m pregnant with our first child and I’m due 2/20/13. Usually we like to go to this old little Italian restaurant about 25min away from where we live, so we are hoping I’ll be up to it lol. In all reality we will most likely end up calling in an order for take-out somewhere closer. As far as gifts go we usually don’t exchange anything, he’ll get me flowers then we share a box of chocolates 🙂

  102. I will be celebrating Valentines Day with my first 2 loves, hero’s and best friends… My parents. My Dad had a stroke and can’t swallow that well, so I am making a fabulous dinner at home for my parents and I and then we will be watching a comedy over dessert… May not be the typical romantic day, but it will be filled with love, and laughter and that is what Valentines day is all about!

  103. I’ll be celebrating Valentine’s Day with a bedtime story date with my 17 month old. Hopefully my husband will make it home from work in time for a cozy dinner later!

  104. Courtney K

    V-Day 2013 with my husband and newborn (4.5 weeks) at home and counting down the hours to my birthday which is on the 15th.

  105. I plan to celebrate similar to Courtney K. (congrats!!!) with my hubby and 5 month old baby boy. We will eat ice cream, he’ll make me fish (which he makes soooo good and doesn’t eat himself!) and watch a movie. <3 <3 <3

  106. Awww Congrats Courtney! Is it a boy or girl? Our plans are very similar, but you have a birthday right after too- I hope it’s great! <3

  107. With my most favorite people in the world; my husband and baby son!

  108. So sorry to hear ! I have never had good ones until I got married. Then last year I was horribly morning sickness sick for my first ever valentine’s date! Oh well…. I hope you can do something nice for yourself- bath, nails, candles, just a thought! Blessings and I hope you have a nice surprise, and many good valentines in your future <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 !!!

  109. Too cute! How old is he? Mine is 5 months and just had his first super bowl! Yeah, they are our little men, aren’t they?!

  110. Megan Vrem

    My 3 month old and I will be baking some cookies off the honest blog! Yum yum, happy V day 😉
    Megan & Smith

  111. My husband and I will celebrate Valentine’s Day by getting matching tattoos then maybe go out to eat 🙂

  112. We’re spending the week in a hotel, in Massachusetts for my husbands business trip, so no plans for Valentines day, other than being grateful we all get to be together

  113. Kay H. Hogge

    It looks like I’ll be fixing dinner for my ex-husband who just had a stroke and will be discharged from rehab this week. Our daughters are freaking out because they have never had to deal personally with a loved one who needs a little more care. So, I volunteered to help him and them adjust . He should be able to stay by himself in a few weeks.

  114. That’s very sweet! Warm wishes to your family!

  115. I will most likely just be home with my kids and husband … Hopefully there will be chocolate involved lol

  116. Jennifer Pierce

    I will be spending Valentines Day taking my Nurse licensing test. YAY!

  117. Spending valentines day at home with my Valentines!

  118. I will be home with my hubby and our beautiful daughter!!!

  119. I’ll be handing out food to the hungry in my town. Hopefully after, my husband will have something wonderful planned!

  120. We will make dinner together at home, and make a special treat with our little guy and just be together!

  121. Hannah U

    Will be with my newborn baby, who was due to be born V-day but had to come a month early. We just got her out of the nicu, so this year our Valentines will be full of more love than I could ever imagine!

  122. Candace Seymour

    I will be spending valentines day with my three loves! My husband, 3 year old son, and 2 month old baby girl. Hopefully dinner and a movie with my husband, once the little ones are tucked in for the night!

  123. It’s my 40th birthday! My first birthday with my baby girl spending it with her will be the best ever!

  124. I am a single mother of two little girls. So we will have a mommy and daughter night out. A pedicure, manicure and dinner out! And a box of yummy chocolate!

  125. Angie martinez

    I am just gonna hang with my niece and nephew and eat chocolate make some cookies just family fun

  126. He’s just over 8 months! Enjoy your day with your little man!

  127. Carmen Fadel

    My husband is getting surgery. So at a hospital 🙁

  128. Leslie Reale

    With my beautiful daughter, my husband has to work.

  129. I will be celebrating the night with my 2 year old daughter while my husband is working.

  130. Jennifer

    I will be celebrating with my hubby, 9 month son and 5 year old daughter. We make heart shaped pizza and have a family date

  131. Jenny Johnson

    I will be spending Valentine’s Day with my beautiful, 7 week old son. My husband will be working the night shift. 🙁

  132. My boyfriend and I have reservations for the Melting Pot on Valentine’s Day! 🙂

  133. Cuddled on the couch with my 3 favorite people!

  134. Allison St. John

    It is our first valentines day as parents…needless to say, it will put a new spin on “romance” 🙂 we will have a wonderful family day followed by a momma and daddy only dinner

  135. It’s our first Valentines Day as a family of three! Would be so sweet to wear my family’s birthdays around my neck.

  136. Bernadette

    I’ll be celebrating Valentine’s with my 3 loves: hubby, son, and dog 🙂

  137. I will be spending time with my two nieces and nephew. While my old brother and his wife go out.

  138. I’m spending it with my love, my hubby, doesn’t matter what we do it’ll be perfect! 🙂

  139. jeryl Navone

    I’ll be spending Valentines Day with 28 homeless mother’s and their children, sharing love and good things to come.

  140. We will be on a date at our fave fusion Asian restaurant. I love Chinese and Thai. He likes sushi. We love each other.

  141. Jaabeaner

    Spending the day with my hubby, our rescue doggie, and our baby-to-be in my belly…dessert will be involved. Yum.

  142. I will be leaving work early (it’s my second week back after maternity leave) and spending the evening with my family: husband, 3 year old daughter, and 3 month old son. I’m sure chocolate and red wine will be involved!

  143. Celebrating V day the weekend before to celebrate our daughters 23 months. Taking her to Sesame Street live. On actual V day we are celebrating our 4 yr wedding anniversary going our to dinner with my hubby, daughter and my lil one in the belly.

  144. I’ll be having dinner with my boys (partner, kiddo) and my son has promised me “his heart and a diamond!” He claims he has enough in his piggy bank!

  145. Family Time, Take OuT & Planning My Son’s 3Rd Birthday Party. 😉

  146. it is my anniversary as well as Valentines so we will having a special dinner. Plus it is our baby girl’s first V-day her Daddy is so happy to spend the day with his sweethearts

  147. With my lovely boyfriend – we’re making home made gifts and going for a meal xx

  148. Nicki Zinken

    My daughter is 14-mos, so Valentines will definitely be all about her this year, after all she’s my husband and my greatest love! I’ll probably make some heart-shaped pancakes and let her indulge in a special treat 🙂

  149. Angie Smulian

    We normally just make a nice dinner at home. I am looking for ideas to do make something special for dessert with my daughter, she is 3 and loves to help me bake.

  150. with the 3 people i love the most… my hubby and kids!

  151. Denise M

    Honestly, i am probably going to have to work late, will run around after my daughter and then my husband and i will crash at 10pm 🙂

  152. Honestly, my husband will be traveling so I will be spending the day with my 2yo daughter and my 3 month old son. They will be my Valentines.

  153. I will be celebrating Valentine’s Day by writing personal cards to my two foster children. Telling them how strong, special and amazing they are. I plan to use prior pieces of artwork made by each of them to embellish the cards. My heart is full this Valentine’s Day and I want to share my love and peace with each of them.

  154. Christine

    Spending Valentines day with my husband and our new little girl Olivia. Valentines day takes on a whole new meaning now. We are totally smitten with our new family!!

  155. Margie B

    by cherishing every moment I spend with the people I love the most ! my family

  156. Spending Valentine’s Day with my wonderful Husband and two awesome kiddos. Going to make homemade fondue!

  157. My husband is stationed in Korea for a year, so I’m celebrating by dog sitting for my dad. Super exciting, I know haha

  158. Nicole O'Brien

    it will just be my kids and me. crafting and enjoying heart shaped calzone.

  159. Melissa A.

    Merguez sandwiches and Die Hard 5 afterwards. I can’t wait!

  160. Honestly, not quite sure yet…but the hubster better think about surprising me with some Sprinkles Cupcakes 😉 #addicted

  161. Spending it with my wonderful babies. Unfortunately hubby is out of town.

  162. Making Valentine’s Day cards with my almost 3-year-old daughters at preschool and then dinner out with the hubby!

  163. Going out to a fancy dinner with my fiance’! 🙂

  164. Maria Torsney

    Hopefully will have a babysitter and a bit of alone time with my hubby…nothing fancy, just us.

  165. Jackie G

    We will be staying at home this vday with our baby daughter.

  166. I think I just want to soak in being a new Mommy and enjoy a nice home cooked meal at home with my family. 🙂

  167. Our Mom-Me Fit Club is a group of moms that get together 3-4 times a week at local parks to workout while our kids play. We’ll be having a clean-eating Valentine’s party to celebrate the holiday!

  168. With luck and a prayer, my 5yr. old might, might, get his morning bagel cut in the shape of a heart before school. My 1 yr old might, might, get dressed in pink, if I actually did laundry the night before; my husband, well, I might, might shave my legs if I take the ever illusive shower. Me? I will tell myself Im an awesome mom and wife while pouring myself a mimosa!

  169. And I will be winning an incredible Anna B design courtesy of Honestly. Life is good my friends, life is good.

  170. Amelia Winslow

    I look forward to a relaxing Valentine’s day at home with my husband and daughter – for whom I’ll make heart-shaped pancakes in the morning!

  171. Patricia Leon

    Hello! I might go out to dinner with hubby if I can get someone to babysit my soon to be 4 month old baby girl 🙂

  172. Hi Patricia! We hope you’ll get to enjoy date night with your husband in celebration of Valentine’s Day. We know how hard it is to carve out special time when you have a little baby. We love hearing how you’re going to spend the holiday, but unfortunately our giveaway is already closed. Thanks so much for sharing with us anyway!

  173. We love the originality, too. Thanks for stopping by to check out the giveaway, but unfortunately it’s now closed. We hope you have a lovely Valentine’s Day!

  174. Hi Maria! We agree that the Anna Bee jewelry is a unique way to remember those special moments in your life. Thanks for stopping by to check it out, but unfortunately the giveaway is now closed. We hope you have a happy Valentine’s Day!

  175. Unfortunately, my husband has to work late on Valentine’s Day so we won’t be doing too much. I’ll spend the evening cuddling with my dog and him and I will celebrate low key style this weekend. He has been away for work a lot, so the opportunity to spend a calm belated V-day celebration eating dinner and talking together would be just perfect. If I win this necklace, I think I would like to get our wedding anniversary date engraved on there so that as the years (and troubles) pile on, I can always remember that magical day and hopefully be transported back to that wedding day bliss.

  176. No plans as of yet, but with my mother in law coming over this weekend, she may watch our 11 month old… and thus there may be a quick impromptu date ahead for us lovebirds!

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