Throw the Sweetest Baby Shower Ever with Sugarfina

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Is there anything sweeter than bringing a new babe into this world? Such an occasion deserves a baby shower with tons of candy. When it comes to the treat department we’d never turn anywhere else than to our friends at Sugarfina. We never knew candy could be so stylish — and we’re never going back. Here’s how to use some of our Sugarfina favorites to transform the next baby shower you throw into the sweetest thing ever.

Snacks on Snacks

Welcome everyone to the party in the best way ever — a candy bar. Stock your entry table with sweets and watch your guests find their inner kid in a candy shop. Bonus: Sugarfina’s pretty treats will make this set-up double as colorful party decor.

Add an extra touch by decorating your non-candy snacks with blue or pink accents — candy pearls or themed flags will do the trick. If the parents-to-be are waiting to be surprised, offer both colors and let guests choose based on their prediction.

Get Personal

The best way to take party decor to the next level is to add personal touches. With our baby shower design kit you can create adorable name cards to help your guests find their seats. Just download with the link above, hit print and write in their names.

Fun & Games

One essential for every shower is a few games to help kick off the party and get people talking. To keep things fresh, avoid the cliche games and try our silly mad libs and mama-themed bingo. Winner gets a Sugarfina candy trunk.

The Perfect Toast

A glass of champagne always tastes (and looks) better with a sweet, colorful garnish. Using a cocktail pick, add a bite of candy to each flute. Plus, let the mama-to-be participate in the toast with a flute filled with Baby Champagne Bears.

The Cake that Keeps on Giving

We’ve already got the dessert department covered, so give the mama the cake she really needs — a diaper cake.

Sweet Gifts

Finally, set up the new babe for a stylish start with our adorable Honest + Sugarfina diapers and bibs.

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