Baby to Beauty: 5 Spring Essentials

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Multipurpose products are essential for saving time and money, especially if you’re a busy Mom. Today we’re sharing five beauty bag favorites, borrowed from the baby aisle. Give your beauty routine an update with the quick tips below!

Baby to Beauty: 5 Spring Essentials

5 Baby to Beauty Favorites

  1. Organic Healing Balm. One of our original products, this super salve has become a favorite among beauty editors. Slather it on to moisturize dry and sensitive skin or use it as a brow balm to keep unruly hairs in place. 
  2. Face + Body Lotion. Keep baby’s skin soft and smooth while nourishing your own nails. Stash a bottle in your nightstand and apply to hands, nails and cuticles before bed. The lotion’s aloe, olive oil and shea butter will help soften while you sleep — talk about multitasking!
  3. Organic Baby Powder. This talc-free formula keeps your baby’s bum dry and doubles as a dry shampoo for you. It also helps extend the staying power of your favorite lip color by acting as a light, powder primer.
  4. Organic Body Oil. Give your baby a bedtime massage with this moisturizing blend or tame your own tresses by lightly running through frizz-prone hair.
  5. Wipes. Founder, Jessica Alba, calls these, “Cheek to Cheek” because they’re just as effective on your baby’s bottom as they are safe for your own face. Keep a travel pack in your purse for touching up makeup throughout the day or to freshen up post-workout.

What’s your favorite double duty product? Let us know in the comments section below!


  1. As a mom of youngins, sometimes a shower simply has to wait a day. The Bottom Wash works as well under the arms as it does other places. 😉

  2. Cherylloveshonest

    I’m a new mom and have also been using the bottom wash with the honest wipes when I can’t squeeze in a shower. Works great and I love how it smells 🙂

  3. MarandaNandoOlivia

    Such a good idea! Totally getting the Bottom Wash in the next bundle, along with the powder.

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