Today is the big game and we’re celebrating with a little game of our own — presenting the first ever Baby vs. Puppy Bowl! Honest babies (decked out in this year’s Target exclusive diaper prints) are going head to head with some furry friends from Best Friends Animal Society, competing in a game of cuteness.

Watch the two teams square off below, then get to know the pups and learn how to adopt your own!


Name: Tony Stark
Sex: Male
Age: 6 weeks

Tony Stark, the youngest puppy at 6 weeks, is a scrappy little fellow. Tony was born with a cleft lip, but that hasn’t slowed him down. No challenge is too big for him — he will scale mountains, vault wire walls, play with giant dogs. His favorite activity (aside from cuddling up with his big brother Kodiak) is standing on a balance cushion and surveying his domain.


Name: Kodiak
Sex: Male

Age: 7 weeks

Kodiak (affectionately nicknamed “Little Bear”) is the quintessential lap dog. He loves to cuddle and sleep, especially if it’s on someone’s lap. Kodiak is gentle with his younger brother, and a sensitive soul with deep blue eyes who is the very best at sitting for attention or food and has the absolute best tail wag.


Name: Kayda
Sex: Female

Age: 7 weeks

Kayda might be part cat. She uses her paws to bat at toys, her brothers and sisters and the occasional human nose. She is delicate, but fierce when challenged (by a sibling). And she pounces like a cat!


Name: Nome
Sex: Male

Age: 7 weeks

Nome is a deep thinking philosopher who also enjoys training and a good hike. He’s serious, but playful and is eager to work and learn, especially if it involves chicken.


Name: Kenai
Sex: Female

Age: 7 weeks

Kenai is beautiful, smart, adventurous and sweet. She was the first one to climb out of the box and the first one to climb out of the pen. She had the fastest time around her first barrier challenge (she looked at it, then just walked around and ate her food!). She enjoys playing but is also happy on her own. She is a very special dog and will always seek out a good cuddle.


Name: Talkeenta
Sex: Female

Age: 7 weeks

Talkeetna (“Talk” for short) was the biggest puppy for a long time. She’s a gentle giant, super sweet, and loves being around people. She’s eager to learn and play, but also happy to just lay on a cool surface and chill too. She looks part Saint Bernard, so we’ve contemplated getting her a little rum cask.


Name: Yukon
Sex: Male

Age: 7 weeks

Yukon is now the biggest puppy. He’s happy to run with the big dogs and no challenge is too great for him. He’s a climber, no pen is to high for him to scale. He’s also a thinker, but when chicken is involved, he can get a little single minded. He loves a good cuddle, but is happy alone as well.

Best Friends Animal Society is a national animal welfare organization focused on saving the lives of America’s shelter pets, like these adorable puppies. While these pups aren’t quite ready for a home, there are thousands of awesome dogs and cats eager to meet you at a Best Friends adoption center, shelter or rescue. To find a location near you, visit Not ready to adopt? Then Pledge Your Love this February to saving the lives of dogs and cats in America’s shelters.

Baby vs. Puppy Bowl 2018!

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