As you spring clean, purge and organize your home, you may also notice the little things that are missing here and there. For all those and more, we love Brookfarm General Store.

Your New Go-To for All Things Home is Here

“We sell simple, useful products that are well-made, long-lasting, and pleasing to both the hand and the eye. We care about both the quality of the materials and our environment.”

Think of it as your best friend for all things stylish (with just a touch of your-grandma’s-kitchen vibes).

Your New Go-To for All Things Home is Here

  1. Teak Salad Servers
  2. French Grocery Bag
  3. Cotton Duck Shower Curtain
  4. Ceramic Soap Dish
  5. Porcelain Measuring Spoons
  6. Wooden Door Stop
  7. Woven Soap Saver
  8. Cleaning Cloths
  9. Olivewood Citrus Press
  10. Enamel Bake Set

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