Creating Sweet & Simple Father’s Day Traditions with Kids

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Celebrating Father's Day

It’s time to celebrate the Dads, grandpas, father figures, and caregivers that mean a lot to you. Whether breakfast in bed or an afternoon ball game, here are some sweet and creative ways to show them you care this Father’s Day. And they’re perfect activities for involving kids of all ages!

1. Take the family on an outing to do something he loves! If grandpa loves golf, a putt-putt course would be fun! If dad loves art, have a family painting party in the garage. If your uncle enjoys baseball, take in a game or get out the mitts and play catch together.

Father's Day Breakfast

2. Let him sleep in and prepare breakfast in bed. If you are a chef that can whip up gourmet food with the kids assisting, surprise him with a morning meal that showcases your skills! If not, keep it simple and assemble organic fruit, yogurt, and granola for a tasty and healthy parfait. Add a few wildflowers picked especially for him by the kiddos and a paper chain with written sentiments, and he’ll feel showered with affection.

3. Create a list of questions about dad and have the kids answer them! They can answer on paper or you can shoot a short video. It’ll provide plenty of laughs when small children tell you that their dad’s favorite pastime is washing the dishes, or that his age is 132.

Creating Father's Day Traditions with Kids

4. Celebrate Father’s Day with a special tea party hosted by the kids. This is a great way to get toddlers involved and encourage them to express their appreciation from their own point of view. While sitting together, have everyone go around the table and share one thing they love about the guest of honor.

5. Capture a family picture, serious or silly! Make it a tradition to get a photo of the whole gang every year and add it to an album specifically devoted to Father’s Day. One annual photo would be a gift that gets better with age, and you’ll be able to look back at the book every year to reminisce about all the Father’s Day memories you’ve made!

What are your favorite Father’s Day traditions?

~ Kate Brightbill of Style Smaller

Photos by Pictilio.


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