Curly Girl: DIY Leave-In Conditioner

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With little ones heading back to school (where did the time go?), but Summer heat sticking around for another month, hassle-free hairstyles are key. Today, Maritza Buelvas of Beauty for Bloggers is showing us how to make a DIY leave-in condition — a super simple way to tame tresses.

Curly Girl: DIY Leave-In Conditioner

Do you find it sometimes difficult to maintain your child’s curls? We’re talking the daily task of diminishing frizz, removing tangles, and bringing back bounce to lifeless curls — yep, we deal with it, too! But here’s our easy method for dealing with curly hair conundrums. This easy washing and maintenance process will not only bring bounce back to uncooperative curls, it’ll save a tear or two. 

Moms go ahead and try this technique on your tresses, too! We think you’ll love the results…I know our little lady did here!

Meet my goddaughter, Maya. She loves her curls, but hates getting her hair done because her knots cause pain and aggravation (for both her mom and herself).

Curly Girl: DIY Leave-In Conditioner

So, we tried this refreshing two-step technique for removing knots and making curls pop:

First, we washed Maya’s hair with Honest Conditioner (instead of shampoo) to remove tangles and calm frizz. We massaged a small amount of conditioner through Maya’s hair and let faucet water run down the scalp and ends to remove product and buildup.

Once washed, we removed excess water with a towel (by dabbing, not rubbing Maya’s hair) and used a wide-tooth comb to easily detangle the hair and separate curls.

Next, we used a diffuser to softly dry Maya’s curls.

We then styled and set Maya’s curls with our easy DIY leave-in conditioning treatment.

Here’s the quick recipe:

Easy DIY Leave-In Conditioning Treatment

We mixed equal parts water and Honest Conditioner into a mini spray bottle to use as a styling aid to set Maya’s curls. Think about using a mini bottle as we did here — it fits great in small hands so your child has the ability to self-maintain curls throughout the day (if needed) creating confidence, independence, and joy in personal grooming.

Curly Girl: DIY Leave-In Conditioner

Story by Maritza Buelvas
Model Maya T.
Photography by Krystle T.

~ Maritza, Beauty for Bloggers

Maritza Buelvas is a beauty editor and Honest mom based in Chicago, Illinois. Be sure to follow her on Instagram for more expert tips and tricks!

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