Make “My Heart” Sweatshirts for Your Little Loves

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Valentines come in all shapes and sizes, so we’re excited to make these “My Heart” Sweatshirts by Small Fry—a DIY customized for the little loves in your life.

DIY Heart Sweatshirt for Valentine's Day

If you haven’t already met the trio behind Small Fry, let us introduce you (we can’t get enough of their new blog bursting with creativity). Small Fry launched recently in September 2012 because they wanted to share what they love about motherhood—adventure, enjoying their kids for who they really are, embracing their quirks, growing together. “With small kids it can be easy to surrender our days; we wanted to really be intentional about embracing this fleeting phase of child raising in our lives,” says the Small Fry team.

“Each of us enjoys being out in nature with our families. Dance parties, games, reading books—when they’re so little you really can’t contain them too much so anywhere they can run free, that’s where you’ll find us! Our boys are really social and love their friends, so any craft we can do all together will have our kids talking about it for weeks!,” exclaims the ladies. It’s no wonder they created their DIY with their kids in mind…

DIY Valentine's Day Sweatshirt

Every year around Valentine’s Day we start looking for something sweet for our boys to wear. Buying holiday-based clothing can be pretty wasteful, as we usually don’t care to wear it any other time of year. So, we decided to get our kids involved in making their own special love day gear!

We all had extra basics in our closets—each boy had super soft sweatshirts on hand so we upcycled them!

DIY Heart Sweatshirt for Kids

To get the kids involved, they traced their own heart shape onto card stock. For the smaller kids we drew dotted-line hearts that they could use as a template, all they had to do was connect the dots!

Once the kids have drawn their heart, cut out the middle leaving a heart-shaped stencil. Then using something to weigh the stencil down (soup cans work great!) and a sponge paintbrush, dab on fabric paint.

DIY Heart Sweatshirts for Kids

This is where you can get creative. Adding washi tape for stripes, or dots, or even their initials will make it even that much more personal! We love this project because our kids can get involved and it couldn’t be more personal, as it is there very own heart right there on their chest. Or you could recreate it on a bigger shirt of Grandma and Grandpa.

And speaking of little hearts, the Small Fry team wanted to end on a sweet note by sharing a film they created with Jenner Brown of Lumineux Films (PS – Watch their other lovely films here):

~ Small Fry

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  1. lindsey marlor

    love it!, where did you grab sweatshirts?? i never can find any simple ones?

  2. The Small Fry team already had sweatshirts from American Apparel. Hope this helps!

  3. It wont if you use fabric paint. You can get that at your local craft store.

  4. OMG!! Amazing idea .. and cute!! Children should be very happy to do that! .. ^___^ #ILoved .. Actually..The Valentine’s Day is not now here! But I love all the ideas you are posting for Valentine’s Day!!!.. Team Honest Rock! .. 🙂 #Brazil

  5. Hi Juliana. Thanks for your support from Brazil. We love that you’re inspired.

  6. Great idea! & the video is toooo cute!
    Small Fry is one of my Favorites 🙂

  7. Thanks, Amanda! We’re definitely smitten with the Small Fry ladies and their work. If you make a sweatshirt, we’d love to see a pic! Just upload here or share with #HonestDIY.

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