Mom’s first Mother’s Day with a new little one is always a special moment. Help her remember this time forever with this super sweet DIY Mother’s Day gift idea from Paging Supermom. It’s simple, sentimental, and something she’ll want to hold onto.

I can still recall my first Mother’s Day with a new baby — such a special time. I know that everyone says the time goes by SO fast, and it’s really sad how true it is. Fast forward 12 years and my little baby has changed into a young woman. My youngest will be four next week. Time really does fly. So today I wanted to share a project that is the perfect way to commemorate that special Mother’s Day with an infant babe. It’s a footprint towel that is fun and easy to create. I strongly suggest you make a set of these towels for yourself and for the grandmas!

DIY: Baby’s First Mother’s Day Gift Idea

I used my favorite flour-sack towels. Brush the sole of baby’s foot with non-toxic craft paint in the color of your choice. Carefully stamp onto a corner of the towel. We ended up stamping the two opposite corners on each towel just for extra fun.

In my experience, it works best to use baby’s foot as stamp while he or she is napping — just work gently and quietly.

DIY: Baby’s First Mother’s Day Gift Idea

DIY: Baby’s First Mother’s Day Gift Idea

If you’d like, you can download my free printable Baby’s First Mother’s Day Gift Band  to package the towels up nicely for gifting. The template is setup to print in black and white on colored card stock — I used brown kraft paper.

DIY: Baby’s First Mother’s Day Gift Idea

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  1. Hi! Would love to do this with my daughter 🙂 I wasn’t able to click on the link to your favorite flour sacks! What brand and where do you order from? Thanks so much!! 🙂

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