We’re Getting Real About Whether or Not Breast Size Affects a Woman’s Ability to Produce Milk

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“Does size matter?” It’s a question many breastfeeding mamas ask themselves. And more specifically: “Will my breast size affect the amount of milk that I’m able to make for my baby?”

In a nutshell: no.

While a mother’s breasts will typically grow larger before/during breastfeeding, breast size is largely irrelevant when it comes to breastmilk production. Meaning: a woman with small breasts may produce the same amount of milk as one with large breasts and vice versa. The truth is, the amount of milk a woman produces is usually dependent upon how much her baby feeds.

It’s all about supply and demand here — the more often (and effectively) baby feeds, the more milk is produced. And, frequent feedings are good for both mama and baby in helping to establish and increase milk supply. How long should each feeding last? See our post on understanding your baby’s hunger and satiety cues for more information on baby-led feedings.

“Sooo…what about nipples?”

Well, this one is a bit more complicated. Why? Because nipple size and shape can affect the latch. And a poor latch can affect the amount of milk that baby gets. Again, it’s about supply and demand — the body thinks there is less of a demand, which can lead to supply issues. Are you or your partner experiencing latch issues? Be sure to reach out to an IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant) and your baby’s pediatrician.

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