Packing your suitcase, carry-on, or diaper bag is an art. When you leave the house for one hour or seven days, you want to avoid bringing everything but the kitchen sink while still being prepared for those what ifs (spit up isn’t a myth!). So, what do you pack? Not to worry. We’ve done the streamlining for you by creating two essential checklists to help simplify shopping, inspire gift giving, and get you organized and out the door on time.


Diaper Bag Essentials Checklist

Packing Checklists

Diapers: Bring one for each hour you’ll be out (just in case!).

Wipes: Transfer some of your regular stash into a reusable travel case.

Diaper Rash Cream: Our healing balm slips perfectly into bag pockets and can be used to treat diaper rash, scrapes, and dry skin.

Hand Sanitizer: This needs no explanation when you have little kids!

Sunscreen: Protect your child in the sun when on the go.

Bottle(s) of breast milk or formula.

Water & Snacks: Pack age-appropriate food and don’t forget about yourself!

Burp Cloths (2)

Blanket: This versatile basic can be used as a play mat, nursing cover, shade, bib, burp cloth, impromptu changing pad (if you’re bag doesn’t come with one).

Biodegradable bags: You can purchase these from the pet section to save money and they’re perfect for diaper disposal or storing soiled clothes.

Change of Baby’s Clothes: Accidents happen!

Scarf: Mom can hide stains and unfortunate leaks, while looking fashionable.

Emergency Info: Slip an index card in your bag listing your child’s health care providers and any known allergies.


First Aid Kit

Sling or Wrap: Easily fold up and tuck this fabric carrier into your bag for those moments where you need to be hands free or the stroller can’t fit.

Toy/Teether/Pacifier: Depending on the age of your child, tuck in a non-toxic teething toy or a small board book.

Download a printable version of the diaper bag checklist.


Travel Essentials Checklist

Packing Checklists

☐  Wipes: Great for refreshing your skin, cleaning hands, and spot treating clothes. Also handy for wiping down airplane tray tables and public bathrooms.

☐ Healing Balm: Traveling tends to dehydrate skin, so this will soothe and moisturize (plus, it’s multipurpose and cuts down on what you need to pack).

☐  Hand Sanitizer: Planes are notorious for germs, so keep them away!

☐  Lip Balm: Our Honest trio in purely simple (unflavored), lavender mint, and sweet orange vanilla will keep your lips moisturized when staying in dry airplane and hotel environments.

☐  Shampoo & Body Wash: Save space with a multipurpose cleanser that works for the whole family (just fill up a TSA-approved travel bottle).

☐  Sunscreen: Your skin still needs protection even in overcast climates.

☐  Natural Immunity Boosters: Keep colds at bay by remembering your family’s preferred immunity remedy – we hear zinc and vitamin C are must-haves and pre-packed powders are also easy to use.

☐  Water & Snacks: Pack age-appropriate food and don’t forget about the parents!

☐  Scarf: You can keep cozy using it as a makeshift blanket or pillow.

☐  Electronic Chargers: Keep spares in your luggage and never be without charge again.

☐  Emergency Info: Slip an index card in your bag listing your family’s health care providers and any known allergies.

☐  Travel First Aid Kit


☐  Earplugs, a Sleep Eye Mask, and Neck Pillow

☐  Entertainment: Reading materials, music, or tablet.

Download a printable version of the travel essentials checklist.


What must-haves would you add to these lists?