Fall Kicks for Kids

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We’re thrilled to join the Honest blog team. In our Smaller Style column, we look forward to sharing tidbits on style and life with little ones with you!

Today we’d like to talk fall shoe wardrobes. It can be daunting to consider all those shoes in all those stores that your child needs, right? The dollar signs keep adding up as you consider shoes for school, playtime, birthday parties, sunny days, rainy days…

Our shopping strategy this fall is to organize and plan ahead. We no longer want to overbuy and we definitely don’t want to overspend; in fact, we don’t see any reason for your little ones to own more than five pair of shoes, total! Keeping it simple makes the morning debates easier, and the closets tidier. Win-win!

Creating a Versatile Kids' Shoe Wardrobe

(Pictured: Converse, J.Crew Similar., Target SimilarSilver SperrysToms

Our Top Five:

1. Colored High Tops: We love the style of high-tops right now. They’re classic, they’re good for boys AND girls (the hand-me-down factor is always a perk), and brands are now making them in eco-friendly and in bright, amazing colors! {favorites: Keen and Converse}

2. Waterproof Boots: Basic, neutral boots transition easily from warmer fall temperatures to crisp coolness, and allow kids to jump freely outside in puddles on those long, rainy days. {favorites: Target & Livie & Luca recyclable for girls, or gender-neutral Kamik}

3. Boat Shoes: Boat shoes are nice because they go with everything. They’re great for school days, shopping trips, and they’re a tad nicer than play shoes. There are fantastic colors and options for boys and girls. {favorites: J.Crew Sparkles, and Brown Faded Canvas}

4. Toms: The trusty Toms shoe is the best park shoe out there for us. Kids can take them on and off easily, and the color and pattern options are adorable! Toms also donates a pair of shoes to a child in need, and are sustainable, so we like where our money is going. {Toms}

5. Dress-it-up Shoes: For birthday parties, special occasions, and dressing up, it’s nice to have an option that has never seen park sand or rain puddles, but are comfortable enough for our children to actually want to wear! {favorites: J.Crew BalletSimple Doodle Organics}

Have fun shoe shopping with your little ones!

– Kate & Erin 

All photos taken by the amazing Pictilio, styled by us at Style Smaller.

Katie (Kate) Brightbill lives in San Francisco with her husband and two daughters. Out of her love for mini fashion and writing, she created a blog called Style Smaller with her cousin and good friend, Erin Taylor. Erin is also from the Bay Area and in addition to her role as a wife and mother, she owns an event design business, and a custom and vintage rental company. Follow them on Twitter @stylesmaller.


  1. Great tips! Love the ideas and the links…thanks 🙂

  2. Great picks, but I wish there were more styles on the list to fit smaller sized Toddlers. I’m having trouble finding cute styles in a toddler girl’s size 7, especially a ballet flat.

  3. It looks like the post is saying that every kid needs ” 5 pairs maximum”, not that every kids needs at least 5.

  4. Hi Amber. Thanks for reading. That’s what our guest bloggers Kate & Erin intended…they agree that 5 pairs of shoes max is appropriate for little ones, especially to keep costs down. What shoes do your kids love?

  5. We’re glad you like the picks, Jennifer. While they’re not the ballet flats you’re looking for, Toms offers cute styles in the size you need. We’ll definitely keep our eyes open for ballet flat options and let you know!

  6. Thanks, mg! Do you have any other brands or styles that you’d love to share?

  7. I have a boutique and have adorable girls boots sizes 4-10, check out Only $28 annd have great lace, pearls and flowers too.

  8. DobbyDobbs

    GAP always has darling ballet flats in toddler sizes.

  9. Have you guys heard of they have the cutest styles, I actually just got a few things from there

  10. Mary Wheather

    Hi, great tips. I love the Kamik shoes for my son. Especially if it gets really dirty, muddy, cold or wet. Always have a good feeling with them.

    However, it is very important to measure the feet of our offspring properly to ensure they are wearing shoes with sufficient wiggle room. Very good, water-proof shoes are not very cheap, so parents might tend to keep these shoes longer than they should. Here you can check whether the shoes are still adequate:

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