Easy Swaps that Help Bring Seasonal Style to Your Nursery

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This season, we’re bringing in neutrals with texture and cute creatures to create a gender neutral nursery that doesn’t skimp on personality.

1. Bunny Stuffed Animal

Even if you’re not trying to do a full seasonal update, an easy way to keep your nursery feeling fresh all year is to swap out stuffed animals. Right now, we’re loving bunnies and deer that match our brand-new diaper prints.

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2. Quilts from The Little Market

The perfect way to personalize a nursery is to pepper in one-of-a-kind accents. The Little Market is our favorite place to find pieces that give you that I-picked-this-up-in-Bangladesh look when you don’t have the time to actually travel. Plus, every purchase helps support women around the world (yasss!).

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3. Zara Braided Pouf

When using a neutral palette, texture helps keep things interesting. Poufs are another great option when you’re wanting to work with quick swaps over a complete overhaul. Plus, they make great helpers for babies that are starting to cruise.

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4. Linen Neutral Crib Bumper Cover

Again with the texture here, but this time with both the fabric and the print. Just add a snuggly swaddle when the colder nights start to roll in.

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5. Snowy White Blanket

White fluffy blankets are the perfect accent during the transition from fall to winter. Not only do they keep us cozy, but they remind us that snow is on it’s way!

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