With back to school season quickly approaching and daily schedules constantly in flux, morning coffee is a must. Ideal for kitchen counters and desktops alike, the Duo coffee steeper by Fellow does it all. With the elegance of a French press —  but a lot less mess —  it brews the perfect cup every time.

Friday Finds: Duo Coffee Steeper

The Duo utilizes full immersion and double filtration, which makes for a full bodied brew with a crisp, clean taste. That’s right, no gunk at the bottom of your cup! It’s also equally capable of cold brewing overnight, which is enjoyable as summer heat lingers.

Friday Finds: Duo Coffee Steeper

This sleek carafe is available in three classic colors and makes about 21 ounces of coffee at a time. They also offer an optional tea filter for steeping loose leaf tea.

As a product and packaging geek, I appreciate how much work went into creating this carafe — it’s come a long way from the initial Kickstarter and I’m excited to see how they continue to refine their design. Click here to read about their journey through the prototype and innovation process and here to order your own.


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