My kids seem to be growing ridiculously fast (I wish I could bottle time!) and as my wife and I get ready to welcome baby #4, I’m reminded of how important it is to preserve these precious moments. The personalized prints from WoodSnap offer an innovative way to showcase your favorite pics (instead of endless digital scrolling), all with both design and sustainability in mind. Perfect for any wall, office desk, or nursery.

Friday Finds: WoodSnap Photo Printing

This local Southern California based company prides itself on its passion for printing photos on wood. Through a specialized process they take your photos and print them directly on premium baltic birch wood with sustainable, water-based inks. Because they use real wood, each print will vary in natural wood grain for an added level of uniqueness.

Friday Finds: WoodSnap Photo Printing

And the clincher! For every product created, WoodSnap plants a tree through their “Roots for Trees” campaign. This allows them to provide quality trees that are significant to both the environment and the economy, while supplying their customer with a premium, one-of-a-kind product.

To learn more (and to read some of their raving customer reviews) click here.

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One thought on “Friday Finds: WoodSnap Photo Printing

  1. I’m all for technology and digital photography, but printing photos and displaying them, making your house more ‘home’ is just amazing. Thank you for sharing this sustainable idea! Love it!

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