Everything You Need to Get Prepped for Holiday Guests

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The holidays are (unofficially) upon us, bringing with them a season of get-togethers and all the house guests. Which means it’s just about time to start getting your home prepped. Here, some of our tips, both practical and thoughtful, to help you get there — and create the best-possible experience for your guests.

Get Clean

This goes without saying, but now is the perfect time for a seasonal deep clean. From baseboards to bathrooms — and everything in-between — hosting gives a good excuse to go above and beyond in terms of housekeeping. And with flu season in full swing, there’s all the more reason to get your surfaces squeaky clean. Some of our faves for just such a job: our Multi-Surface Cleaner, Floor Cleaner and Toilet and Bathroom Cleaners.

Stock Up

Hosting means you’ll go through all of your household necessities that much quicker. And from snacks to supplies, you never want to get caught without. “Oh man, I wish I hadn’t been so prepared,” said no one ever. With this in mind, it’s a good idea to go several deep on the (non-perishable) items you use every day. And for things like restroom necessities, be sure to keep them stored in an obvious place that doesn’t require your guests to go searching or having to ask.

Give Love

One of the nicest ways to make your guests feel at home is by anticipating their every need — including the ones they havn’t thought of yet. Imagine your friends and family as guests at a cozy boutique hotel. Stock their room with a gift basket filled with an assortment of tasty and healthy snacks, bath and body products they’ll love (our Bubble Bath, Lotion and Bar Soaps never fail), plenty of water, our multi-purpose Wipes and a Soy Candle. Top it off with a seasonal arrangement and a handwritten note letting them know how happy you are to have them. All these little touches will go a long way…and you’ll likely find yourself hosting again very soon. And that’s a good thing…well, probably.


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