Getting Back to You — Magazine Cover Not Required

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We’re ever inspired by our founder (and favorite trailblazer, do-gooder and always-real mama), Jessica Alba. But when we found out that she shot the latest cover of InStyle Magazine four months — yes four months — after giving birth to her baby boy, that inspo became next level. And, it got us thinking. No, not about fitting into those jeans (or that dress!) so quickly after having a baby, but about the importance of getting back to you.

For us, those first blissful and not-very-restful months after giving birth were everything we had hoped for and lots of things we hadn’t expected. As in: love like we’d never experienced and an overwhelming desire to give every bit of ourselves to this amazing little person. But also: a very real questioning of whether we’d ever get back to the self — mentally, physically or emotionally — we’d been before baby. And honestly, if it was ok to want to.

In short, and thanks to our mama friends who’d already been there, we came to understand that the answer was yes. Yes, it’s ok to love yourself. Yes, it’s ok to take good care of yourself. And yes, it’s ok to get back to yourself. Whether that be through a wholesome nutrition plan, an empowering fitness routine, a night out with the girls or some good-old-fashioned pampering. It’s all ok. And it doesn’t mean that you love your baby any less. In fact, it’s the love of self that will help you be an even better mama. And that’s a beautiful thing.

P.S. Let’s be honest: your body will never be exactly the same as it was before it carried that sweet baby. And that’s a beautiful thing, too.

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