It’s the season of giving, so we’re celebrating a collaboration that’s doing its part to give back. And, in the spirit of gifting, we’re also giving away a little something sparkly to one lucky winner…


A product may not change the world, but it could build a school that can.

During this season of giving, socially conscious (and super stylish) jewelry brand Soko has partnered with Pencils of Promise on an exclusive collection with one common goal: to raise awareness and funds for educational empowerment. The limited edition pieces are handmade by Soko artisans in Kenya, using natural and recycled brass. For every purchase made, Soko will donate 20% to Pencils of Promise, in support of school builds in Ghana.

Why It Matters

Innovation. Soko is expanding economic opportunity, using innovation to connect marginalized artisans with the global marketplace.

Access. Pencils of Promise is building schools, providing access to a quality learning environment.

Empowerment. Together, Soko and PoP are creating opportunities for artisans, their children, and students around the world.

To learn more, check out Soko X PoP. We’re pretty sure you’ll find a special gift for all the ladies on your list — plus, you’ll know that your purchase helps fund something even bigger.

soko lifestyle 1

soko lifestyle 2

In the spirit of gifting, we’re giving an extra special prize package to one lucky reader! One winner will receive an Honest Platinum City Backpack and a 3-piece jewelry set from Soko (including the V Pendant, V Studs, and Glam V Ring).

Give a Gift That Gives Back

To enter to win this Gifting for Good Giveaway, simply enter a comment by using the Rafflecopter entry form below telling us how you plan to give back this year. You also have the option (although not required) to earn two bonus entries by subscribing to our blog and following our Pinterest page. No purchase is necessary to enter to win. This giveaway is only open to U.S. residents 18 years and older. The giveaway will run until 11:59 pm PST Friday, December  11th. One winner will be chosen at random. Click here to read the complete giveaway rules.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  • Tanisha

    I planned on giving back by purchasing gifts for others that give back like this one is amazing and also charity water and FEED.

  • Amber AHola

    I just started and plan to continue volunteering for lung cancer research and I plan on giving back to my local community more…those in need.

  • Kate Howell

    I am going to donate my daughter’s old baby stuff to Emergency Infant Services.

  • Adi Rae

    We are going to teach our daughter to serve others with her actions, and to donate things that we do not need.

  • Phoebe4

    We do laundry for homeless children through a community at church. It’s so important to give back and teach our children that there are others who are less fortunate and it is important to reach out and always help when we can.

  • Beckie

    We are teaching our children to give generously, love unconditionally, and to always lend a helping hand.

  • Christian Zuniga

    We are showing our kids how to give back by donating toys

  • Arai McAnsh

    We plan on giving away old toys that are no longer played with to children in need. Also my sons birthday is the 21st he asked for friends to bring a gift for toys for tots instead of a gift for himself.

  • MegT

    We choose a couple charities to devote time and funds to as generously as we can to try to make a maximum impact.

  • Jackie Day

    We participate in the Angel Tree and Operation Christmas child. Our 2-year old helps to pick out gifts for both the local and international children and pack them up / wrap them. We hope to teach her about generosity and giving back.

  • Sadie

    What a great idea!

  • Deva is my family’s FAVORITE non-profit to donate to. You don’t even have to ‘donate’ as it is a microfinance community. Loan money to small business owners around the world. Over a set period of time the loan will get paid back to you, so that you can reinvest in another entrepreneur (or cash back out). It’s very fulfilling, you lose nothing and gain everything.

  • Lillian

    My co-workers and I are assembling “care packs” for children who are in the hospital this holiday season. We hope to spread some cheer with packs filled with coloring books, crayons, games, etc.

  • Carla Law

    This year I am going to volunteer for meals on wheels. My grandma used that service in her last few years and it made the biggest difference in her life!!!

  • Helen P

    We are donating toys to kids in need, contributing to our favorite charities at the end of the year, and always reminding our kids to help others less fortunate.

  • ashley

    we are donating christmas decor and daughter clothes to families in need

  • Mel M.

    Volunteering when I can and donating items instead of throwing them away.

  • Monica

    This year we went shopping with our girls and donated food to a local shelter. We also picked two names for kids in needs to buy them a Christmas gift. Plus we regularly help at our local food bank with sorting and packing food.

  • Brandi Young

    I plan to give back by donating/sharing all my extra home grown edibles with those around me. There are a lot of homeless people in the parks near my home in downtown and it would be so great to leave apples/oranges for anyone that needs a snack.

  • Jessica Linford

    We will be donating stuffed animals to our local fire station and helping put together Bravery Bags to local kids who are in the hospital with congenital heart disease!

  • Bright165

    I plan to help a child in need and donate to an animal shelter

  • Amanda

    I plan to give back as much as I can this coming year. I want to focus on military children and supporting them while their parents are deployed.

  • Joanna Goodman

    Instead of buying each other gifts, my coworkers and I are adopting a little girl living at a children’s shelter to buy for. We are each purchasing a toy from her wish list to put under the tree at the shelter.

  • Christina N

    We will be donating a gift from the Sharing Tree and also donating toys to families in need in our community.

  • Kayla

    I plan to give back to my community by volunteering at our local animal shelter. This is a great way for my family to give back because it’s something I can do with my kids!

  • nikki

    I love this project. every year we clean out the house & donate anything that doesn’t fit or hasn’t been touched in a month !

  • KB

    My boys and I went and picked out a bunch of toys that they would love to get for Christmas to give to children who are less fortunate.

  • Our family plans to purchase out of the World Vision Christmas catalog! You can purchase anything from a goat to clean water for a family! 🙂

  • Kellie

    By giving time and service to others who need it most!

  • M

    Giving food to the local food bank and having my little boys pick out some toys for kids in need. They’ve been putting away a little money each week from their allowance to buy these toys themselves!

  • Madison Lamare

    Donating toys to kids in need!! Also donating to the homeless

  • Autumn

    We give back every year by buying gifts for our angel tree at church. It’s such a great way to show our littles that Christmas isn’t all about them!

  • Amanda

    I like to Adopt a Christmas angel off the tree at the mall

  • Anik

    i plan to donate to several animal shelter in my area

  • C

    We are in the process of becoming foster parents!

  • Viviane

    Giving warm clothes to the local church helps the people in need to stay warm during the holidays!

  • ME

    I plan to give back as I always do, helping children and families in the community.

  • KCG

    We have been going through old toys to give to underprivileged children, and clothes as well. We don’t have a lot of money to give, but we give our time and effort to help those in need!

    • ME

      unsubscribe “When man learns to respect even the smallest being of Creation, whether animal or vegetable, nobody has to teach him to love his fellow man. Compassion for animals is intimately connected with goodness of character, and it may be confidently asserted that he who is cruel to animals cannot be a good man.”Albert Schweitzer

  • mirabelle004

    Built bikes for kids to use to get to school!

  • Kary

    We always sponsor a couple of kids in need and give them gifts for Christmas, it’s my favorite part of gift buying 🙂

  • Efab

    Ou family gives presents through “Santas in Blue” every year

  • Amy

    My kids shop for a toy to donate to toys for tots. My daughter sorts through her toys and decides which to gift to kids in need. She loves the process and and gets so much joy from giving. As they grow I hope to incorporate more age appropriate interactions to allow them to connect with those benefiting as much as possible. I hope to give back in many ways such as donating to food banks and donating to baby 2 baby, but I am most proud of helping my kids to learn empathy, compassion, and the joy that comes from helping others in need.

  • Connie Hamblen Williamson

    I give books to the library at Christmastime plus give a book to a child in need at our local bookstore.

  • E.B.

    As the founder of my local Babywearing group…I’m helping mamas put together a package of baby carriers to send to Carry The Love.

  • trisha

    We’re going to give to Operation Underground Railroad (child slavery org) and World Vision. We love this idea for the contest – thank you for giving back!

  • Cassandra Eastman

    We plan on donating canned goods to our local food pantry, and toys to toys for tots!

  • Monica Morrison Williams

    We’ve started the holiday season with donating to Clothes Cabin, Adopting a Star/child and helping a family with their electric bill. We also participate in Operation Christmas Smile which helps supply need kits to Foster children in Arizona.

  • jessanicole

    With our children we purchase gifts for families in need. Our 5 year daughter even got creative this year and raised some money herself!

  • Allison E. Martin Williams

    Continue my work as a CASA to help give a voice to those who are affected by any situation that puts them into the child protection system.

    • ME

      Unsubscribe “When man learns to respect even the smallest being of Creation, whether animal or vegetable, nobody has to teach him to love his fellow man. Compassion for animals is intimately connected with goodness of character, and it may be confidently asserted that he who is cruel to animals cannot be a good man.”Albert Schweitzer

  • Heather LeCouix Hurt

    Volunteering for the rescue house (a cat rescue organization).

    • ME

      UNSUBSCRIBE “When man learns to respect even the smallest being of Creation, whether animal or vegetable, nobody has to teach him to love his fellow man. Compassion for animals is intimately connected with goodness of character, and it may be confidently asserted that he who is cruel to animals cannot be a good man.”Albert Schweitzer

  • Kristy1112

    We are donating our used good condition toys to children that do not have nice toys.

    • ME

      “unsubscribe” “When man learns to respect even the smallest being of Creation, whether animal or vegetable, nobody has to teach him to love his fellow man. Compassion for animals is intimately connected with goodness of character, and it may be confidently asserted that he who is cruel to animals cannot be a good man.”Albert Schweitzer

  • Misha G

    We are adopting a family to bring Christmas to.

  • iaudrey

    I’ve been working hard to explain and encourage my 3yo daughter to be generous and charitable. So, this year, we’ve been picking out new and used clothes, toys, books, and food to donate to less fortunate families and refugees.

  • Vicki

    Donating new toys to children’s charities, and food to our local food bank.

  • Diana Cote

    We are giving back by donating to the child pantry near us, making conscious purchases that give back and donating a bunch of dog goodies I have been working on all year.

  • Taryna

    Our christmas tradition is to make lots and lots of food, and invite everyone in the neighborhood and from work, to drop by on christmas day. The first time we did this in our new neighborhood 2 years ago, the neighbors were so hesitant to ‘intrude.’ Now all they talk about with me is what’s on the menu! 🙂

  • MJ

    Our family will donate the old toys and clothes to kids in need. I will also look into donating food and other supplies to families in need in the area.

  • Andrea

    adopting a family in need, providing them with basic necessities as well as toys/games for christmas presents

  • Suzette Carlin

    I give to St.Jude every month, plus each year we buy Christmas gifts for needy children, and buy seeds for families in Africa to support farming for families.

  • Shannon Mackey-Wright

    Donating hats and scarves that I make to the homeless.

  • Chelsea

    I am part of a local charity group and we participate in a number of activities that give back to our community. We are part of Adopt a Highway, we do several fundraisers to help both individuals in our community and individuals throughout the nation. I also like to do “random acts of kindness” at least once a week, whether it be paying for someone’s coffee or shoveling a walk way. I do my best to keep giving!

  • Em

    Give hope and comfort through the Bible!

  • Erin

    Our local church has a community outreach we’re volunteering out. To involve our son, we have an Angel Tree child and he gets to pick out her present.

  • Rachel Moore

    We did the giving tree this year and bought 2 little boys warm clothes, coats and outerwear and some gifts too.

  • Kayla Marie

    Leading a free historic walking tour.

  • Christie

    I have run a toy drive in the office for the last 5 years, focusing on providing toys and essential items to children in need, with a special focus on babies and teens, who tend to receive less donated items. This year, with a baby of my own on the way, I will do the same before I go on maternity leave.

  • Julia

    How nice!

  • Catherine

    We volunteer at places throughout the community the whole year!

  • mayda

    I donate all year round clothes tonthose in need. Any time a store is having any kind of donations I make sure to give a donation. I help my community by donating blood any chance I get due to the type of blood I have.

  • Natasha

    Each year our family adopts another family, and helps ensure that they have a Christmas that year <3 Our kids get in on the fun too! We've been there…. And will always remember those tough Christmas'. We don't have a lot, but give what we can 🙂 It's one of our favorite things!

  • Ciara

    I’m gathering fabric scraps from women in the community to make quilts for the kids at the Children’s Hospital in Minneapolis. SO inspiring to be there!

  • Kendra

    Love this. Beautiful jewelry and I love to see others giving back.

    • Kendra

      I donate to Goodwill all year and, personally, give to individuals in need.

  • Jean Cha

    I’m organizing a literacy day at my local library to promote volunteerism in children K-5th Grade. I have reached out to local vendors and have collected over 100 books to give to them. They will receive training on how to read aloud and information of senior centers where they can go volunteer to read to a senior adult learner or listener. Then the children are encouraged to donate their books to others. Adults are learning how to read too. We will donate all extra books to a local nonprofit that trains adults how to read to their small children. These books will be donated at least twice and the cycle will continue. Once finished they are all encouraged to donate to hospitals, libraries, schools, and other children in need. I’m getting other volunteers involved to help me throw this event. Local certified therapy dogs and their handlers are also volunteering their time to come so the children can practice reading aloud to these dogs. 🙂

  • Jamie

    I love Honest company and what you stand for! Such a great reminder of what is important!

  • DiAndra

    Donating toys to kids who don’t have any.

  • May

    Typically the Holidays are the time of the year when soup kitchens, homeless shelters, and pantry warehouses get in influx of volunteers. However participation is also needed throughout the year. A small group of us have been coming through during these times and will continue to do so in the upcoming year.

  • Angela

    I plan to give back by continuing to volunteer my services as a hairdresser for children in JDC. Life has given them a rough start and they need to know they are valuable people, too!

  • Kate Karre

    I’m giving back this year by making food and toy donations to those less fortunate, and by ringing bells for the salvation army. 🙂

  • Gloria Young

    Participating in toy drive

  • ashley oss

    We plan to give back by holding a fundraiser for children’s leukemia and by donating to children’s autism

  • Melissa Bass

    I volunteer as well…but it is truly great the sustainability practices that honest has in place…I am on auto delivery for bundles every month. I support Honest!! Way to go Jessica founded an amazing company that me and my family benefit from.

  • Cerena

    I just love this company! My husband and I have purchased a diaper bundle for our local women’s refuge for this holiday season.

  • Jen Haertle Jagler

    I had a miscarriage this fall so my husband and I have decided to purchase a toys for tots gift each year in honor of the child that we would have had. ❤

  • Jaime Blunier Groleau

    As a foster/adoptive mother I am involved in making sure all kids without a family have a good Christmas and are given the same opportunities as every child deserves.

  • Nikki

    My daughters and I volunteer at our local slough to plant trees and help with restoration. Starting them at such a young age has helped them grow, learn and develop useful skills.

  • Amy S

    I’ve already donated a turkey to our local community center for a family in need during his holiday season. Plan to give more of my time by becoming a recovery coach to those in need. Also donate my clothes to a free clothing shelter. Instead of a place where people in need have to pay and where the CEO’s of those places bank most of the money

  • J

    Going to go caroling at the dementia unit with the kiddos to bring some holiday cheers to my dad (who’s there) and all those who share the unit with him

  • Michelle

    I tithe monthly to our church. Then (monthly), as the children outgrow clothing and things I donate to the local pregnancy centers, Good Will & church… or if I just hear of a need we give what we’ve been so generously blessed with. My son likes to give an “essentials” bags to the homeless we see along our stops around town. We alway include our phone number should they want us to pray for them or be invited to hear about why we are celebrating this season…that a Savior was born for us!

  • Pam Smith Finnegan

    Love Honest products, especially the new Honest Beauty line!

  • Doey

    I enjoy gifting year round!

  • Sarah Q

    This holiday season, our family participating in the Kindness Elves project, which encourages small acts of kindness and love, such as baking cookies for an elderly neighbor. We’re looking forward to it!

  • kendra76

    We make bags to give to homeless people that we see by the roadside, including warm socks, nonperishable food items, and bottled water.

  • Shelby Jay Sackett

    I plan to give back through sharing tree through work- buying gifts for a local family who cannot afford them. I also look forward to pay it forward type things/acts of kindness, like buying the person’s coffee behind me or leaving money in the vending machine for the next person

  • Paula

    I am giving back this year by making food donations for our can-a-thon and purchasing gift for our Adopt-a-family at work.

  • Brenda

    I think it’s great that Honest Co. gives back.

  • L.Boxwell

    I plan on donating time at our local church to bag giveaway food for the hungry:)

  • The Charming Farmer

    I plan on finding more opportunities for my students and I to volunteer in the community!

  • Anna

    I plan to give back by donating socks and candy for goodie bags for the residents of a local nursing home. Merru Christmas!

  • rashell

    My kids and I volunteer at FMSC several times a year. I plan to continue doing this and look for other age appropriate volunteer opportunities for them in the new year.

  • My sons picked out all the toys they don’t use to donate. We participated in the Christmas shoe box for under privileged kids and plan to make cookies for our local service workers. It’s awesome how much my boys are loving to give back.

  • Alexa

    My department at work and I have helped stuff and wrap shoeboxes that will be shipped out to children in areas of crisis world-wide, which is amazing. This holiday season our town is collecting donations to help with financial and material support for local families and children in need, which I’m happy to be a part of. Also, the other day, driving through one of our busy areas, there was a homeless lady sitting near the intersection with her dogs and something came over me and I felt compelled to give her something, so I reached in my purse, rolled down my window and gave her a $10 bill, the look on her face was priceless. This is my favorite time of year so anything I can do to help, then I definitely will. I want people to enjoy the holidays as much as I do.

  • mary k

    I give back each holiday season by being part of a group that collects and distribute toys and clothes to needy families in my city. Each year we help bring joy to over 500 children.

  • MaryAnn Grace

    I plan to give back this year by donating time and goods to local establishments in need.

  • Stephanie Pan

    Our little family of 3 gives back by participating in Adopt a Family program and Food drives.
    We get a list of items the Adopted family wishes to have for this holiday; from toys, clothes, household items, etc and we get to pick the items out for them. We love to help other families to have a happy and joyful holiday filled with love.

  • I plan to give back by volunteering my time to less fortunate young people as part of my Master’s Degree in Social work internship next August!

  • Amanda

    I am giving back by collecting food for a shelter.

  • Kranders

    We adopted a family for Christmas this year 🙂 I think it will be our new yearly tradition!

  • Rachel

    This year will be a big year financially for me. I will be paying off my own house, as well as my husband’s parents house. Medical problems with my mother in law has prevented them from being able to pay off their house. So we will be taking that worry off their hands. They have been so loving and helpful over the years. They really deserve it.

  • J McG

    I am helping to set up an apartment for a refugee family settling in my town.

  • ses1978

    I plan to give back through my area library by donating some canned food items and toiletries they need.

  • Janna Bakla

    In our family we often make donations in lieu of giving material gifts

  • Alyssa

    We give back every year by doing a few things. Our daughters (8 & 2) donate a bag full of toys that they are no longer using. They also pick out a gift ~$20 each new and donate them. Year long we give back in our community by helping out with local fundraisers and we have a Paying It Forward group that we are active in.
    I don’t qualify for this contest as I live in Canada but wanted to share our giving as well! Good luck, US residents and Merry Christmas! 🎄🎅🎄

  • I donate all my sons and I stuff that we have not used or will not being using to other single mothers.

  • Stormy Csullog

    <3 this

  • Sdoc

    Dropping a toy off at the food bank!

  • Sheilyn

    I plan to donate to local food banks and to Toys for Tots.

  • Lindsay-Jean

    I give back by volunteering my time and donating gently used clothing and toys.

  • Monica G.

    We plan on donating to several charity events and volunteering our time to them.

  • Skye Jones

    Stunningly beautiful jewelry and intentions for helping our world shine brighter! Inspired me to get out into the world to spread sparkle and smile at all of our beautiful inhabitants while doing random acts of kindness! #rippleeffect!

  • Jennifer Chikasawa

    This year I gave birth to my first child, a baby girl named Gracie. I plan on giving back by teaching her the values and importance of helping animals in need. Since this will be her first Christmas I’d like to start a new family tradition where we deliver donations to our local animal shelters. We have 2 dogs and a cat (all local rescues) and they really complete our family. I’d like to be able to teach Gracie how giving back to local shelters helps them provide the necessary service animal in need by placing them in loving homes.

  • Brittany Jones

    I’d like to help my friend with her collection of hygiene items for the homeless in our area! Every year she puts together a ziplock bag full of tooth paste, deteriorate, mouth rinse, travel size shampoo and a tooth brush. She collects as much as she can and close to Christmas time she passes them out with her Church group. This year I’d like to be a part of this by collecting items, buying item and passing them out.

  • Terri

    Our family has started an advent calendar of thoughtful things each day. Some of these include helping the less fortunate and being mindful of each other especially in the rush of the season.

  • Grammy

    We have a big Christmas Feast on Christmas Eve with all the children and grandchildren there. It is in place of giving lots of gifts we may not need. Each family is asked to donate 50.00 for St.Jude’s Children’s’ Hospital, and we the parents/ Grandparents match the total donation. We are so so blessed to have our health and healthy laughing children . I love that your Honest Company has a giving heart and helps out everyone. Thank you -Thank you- Thank you!!!!

  • Jennifer

    This will be out second year working with my son’s school to adopt several families in need and providing Christmas presents for each family member. When the gifts requested are things like coats and shoes, it really makes you reflect and understand just how fortunate we are. My son helps pick out the gifts and we talk about how it’s good to help those less fortunate than ourselves.

  • Mandy Bergerson

    I will be taking my 12 year old daughter to Kenya to help provide meals and ministry to AIDS patients, orphans and school children through MAISHA ministries.

  • Vicki Berg

    I volunteer at my church in a variety of ways; I also support 2 children through World Vision and Hope in Haiti and hope to go back to Haiti on a mission trip next year (or possibly Nepal to help in earthquake relief)

  • Toni Yerschke

    I won a number of children’s items that I am, in turn, donating. I am also donating to a couple of causes particularly close to my heart.

  • Laura Arellano

    I plan on donating food and supplies to those in need.

  • Alyssa

    we help my aunts family collect and donate school supplies to children in other countries. Mainly in Africa where her mother in law visits yearly

  • Eva Petty

    My family will continue to give back through couponing–we don’t make a lot of money so this is our way to really help others with laundry detergent, food, cleaning supplies, and just about anything else we can get our hands on that might be able to help our fellow humans. 🙂

  • Ashley

    Every year as a family we adopt a family or two to ensure they receive a Christmas. We have also donated to children that have to spend the holidays in hospital. The holidays is a time for giving and we just try to make sure that those who may be less fortunate than us can enjoy their holiday just as much!

  • Danielle Pecinovsky

    This year my family and I have gave back by participating in the programs where you can donate items to children and people in need around the world. Also, giving gifts to seniors in our community so they feel included and not forgotten about this Christmas.

  • Brian N Patricia Maring

    Our family volunteers in our community regularly. We deliver groceries, clean up the parks, and participate in the Mobile Pack for Feed My Starving Children. I am always looking for an opportunity to get our children involved in helping others!

  • Janet Evans

    I have donated items I don’t use such as winter coats.

  • Lindsay

    I’ve always felt compelled to give to those in nursing homes. Respect our elders. Enriching their lives especially through the end. I have a 7 year and 3 year old and we love to visit the local homes and craft or spend time reading or having my sons tell jokes and show the dance moves they’re rocking these days. It’s usually the sweet seniors favorite party, to just simply spend time sharing and talking and listening between generations. It’s not only incredibly rewarding to see my kids lives bettered by the time we spend there and the lessons on kindness they learn but it’s beautiful to see the residents (who were once my age and their age) explore and share their lives with us, because their lives still have meaning.

  • Laura Iannacone

    Donating to a local food bank!

  • Daniella F

    This year our family is raising money to buy 600 pairs of “The Shoe That Grows” to bring to kids in Cambodia August 2016. So far we have raised enough for 100 and we can’t wait to reach our goal. These shoes grow 5 sizes and last 5 years. Such a practical way to solve an ongoing problem for these children!

  • Ana

    I plan on spending more quality time with my family and showing how much love and appreciation I have for everyone.

  • Justine

    Every year my moms school adopts a family for Christmas!

  • L Marie Smith

    We sponsor a family and get my 3 year old involved. I also like to pay for the person behind me in the drive through. Having someone pay for your breakfast is a nice way to start the day!

  • This is absolutely wonderful. I’m an all year volunteer for Operation Christmas Child. Also, we do a lot for Bead for Life. Thank you Honestly for giving back. Love, love, love that.

  • Annette

    I will be donating lots of toys to various charities this year.

  • Ashlee Nicole

    I already picked two ornaments off our church’s Angel Tree and donated gifts.

  • lynnf

    I give back by funding groups that feed those that have nothing both in the US and other countries (buy animals for the)

  • Anda Bailey

    Every Christmas my husband and I throw a holiday party and we ask our guests to bring unwrapped children’s toys and/or games which we then donate to San Diego Center for Childen. This Saturday we’ll be hosting our 5th Annual Holiday Party and we look forward to collecting toys and games for the kids.

  • Beata Valentine

    I was planning to sell a valuable vintage dollhouse but I am giving it to a friend in need instead so that she can give her daughter a gift this holiday <3

  • Lindsay

    My dog, Champ, and I go listen to first graders read throughout the year. It is such a rewarding experience to help the kiddos who need it most! The kids really connect to Champ and enjoy reading to him! The BAKPAK program is amazing!!

  • marcicornelius

    donating toys to the Angel tree

  • Charlene Elswick

    We give back by donating toiletries and small gifts to a local homeless shelter

  • Beth

    It’s heartwarming to read all these wonderful examples of giving during the holiday season. Our family has started a white envelope Christmas tradition and it’s always my favorite part about Christmas morning.

  • karlena lipari

    We always pick kids from the angel tree and make sure kids have a great Christmas!!!

  • Dhariana Rodriguez

    I plan to give back by recycling and talking to my friends, family about contributing something back to our community.

  • Victoria

    We donate anything we no longer use or need to charitable donation centers: women’s, men’s, and little girls as well as housewares and pet items.

  • Michele

    I adopted a teen parent this winter season and hope to make their holiday by getting them the things they need on their wish list.

  • Janell

    I volunteer and donate time and money to charities close to my heart.

  • Rebecca Seifert

    We made our advent calendar center around giving, so each day we give back. One day is leaving bubbles and chalk at the park for others, bringing the police statio hot chocolate, the librarians donuts, coloring books and colors to the children’s shelter, etc.

  • Leigha

    Donating toys for children in need and food to the homeless.

  • Joleen

    My 2 sons and I donate clothing and toys to charitable organizations that help families with various programs and assistance.

  • Shatika

    My Gun Club for Women is hosting a free Christmas charity event to receive donations, with a focus on diapers, to help single mothers in the middle Tennessee area.

  • KS

    I bought gifts for a few children off the Giving Tree.

  • Savannah Garcia

    There are so any daily small ways to “give back” and I think the most important thing I can do is involve my kids in the “giving”- being intentional to take the extra time to share with my two littles what I am doing and how I am giving or sharing with others will teach them so much- and ends up doubly blessing me as I recognize how much more I need to give back!

  • Victoria Lindsay Maxwell

    I have made plans to spend Christmas at a domestic violence shelter for women and their young children. This home saved my life and I want to give back to those who are going through a similar situation this holiday season. I will be cooking dinner as well as bringing handmade gifts for the babies and mothers.

  • Ash

    Childhood cancer research and awareness!

  • Kristen

    We plan to give back by donating new toys to the Salvation Army toy drive!

  • Heather McClain

    We give back by recycling…repurposing clothes, toys, and furniture…and donating to local charities through raising money and running in 5K’s and marathons. We will be doing the Pittsburgh Marathon again this year and fundraising and running for JDRF…our 15 year old son was diagnosed with T1D one year ago.

  • Adelina Sallas

    My Mom, my kids and I donate clothing, toys, household items to people who need it. I also donate money to a few local causes, like ‘Give Naked’. They help many local families in their time of need.

  • Happi Shopr

    We will give back by donating food and gifts to the local shelter.

  • MacKenzie Wilson

    Our family has gifted presents to a child in need and a senior citizen in New York City through NY Cares. We’re also working with Integrated Refugee & Immigrant Services in Connecticut to provide some home good for those Syrian refugees coming to the state. Additionally, we support our son’s daycare with help their needy efforts.

  • Angelina Jovanovic

    Hi Honest! On global level, I am planning on organizing a fundraiser to gather money for school supplies for children in Serbia , where I come from. On a local level, I am joining Reading Partners to meet one on one with children from schools in the Bay Area and assist them with reading. On a personal level, I think I am going to do some shopping now at Soko 🙂


  • Sheri Mortillaro

    We give back by volunteering with foodlink to feed those who need assistance

  • nickied7

    As a non-profit employee, I make giving part of my every day life and especially during Christmas. However, for Christmas this year, we are doing something kind of fun to get my 3 year old son into the spirit of giving during the holiday season. Instead of our Elf on a Shelf watching his behavior and reporting it to Santa, our Elf will bring giving tasks every few days… donate a toy, bake for the neighbors, visit a retirement community, make a gift to charity from his piggy bank, call an out of town relative, take on a new chore… small acts if kindness that range from doing things in his own little home world to helping people he has never met in new places. Our Elf will report back to Santa on all of his good deeds!

  • Lori hammond

    We pick needs off of a Christmas tree at a local grocery store every year.

  • Paula Severson

    We give to our church, the Colon Cancer Alliance, and other charities as we can. We also give back with our time in our community with the fire department and EMS.


    We plan on reaching out to our neighborhood more this year. Our church is doing a series on being a “good neighbor” and it literally hit home. There’s widows, elderly, small children and lots of dogs in our small community and we want to see how just showing love to others will impact them. Just a small act of kindness like bring a neighbors trash, recycling, and yard waste bins can be so big to someone. It’s all about Paying It Forward this year!

  • Laura

    This year my family will be continuing our volunteer work in our local military community and the surrounding city.

  • Jessica Newton

    Our family is planning on helping a local family in need. Be it presents or food for the holidays.

  • Hales Côté

    I help people improve their energy and mood in their living space with free interior decorating and design consultations.

  • Ashley B

    We give to our church and to our community!

  • Jesse

    I plan to seize opportunities daily to help others whenever I can. I’m currently in professional school, so seeking out ways to serve with random acts of kindness is the best way I can give back this next year!

  • Amanda

    My family and church are buying presents and food for hundreds of children in our community!

  • Wei Chen

    I have been volunteering at local health day center for elderly with dementia for almost 2 years. That’s one of most rewarding experience I have had, and I’ve learned how to be thankful for our parents and grandparents.

  • Kate Pickett

    What a great group to support.

  • Jaclyn Duhe

    This year, we will be supporting programs in our community that help give those less fortunate in the area a happy holidays, like toys for tots and the local food bank/woman’s shelter.

  • Jordan Cranfill Scott

    I donate to the SADS foundation to support research for Timothy’s Syndrome in honor of a dear little boy who recently passed away from this under-researched condition

  • Brittany

    I plan to give back this year by donating clothes as I always do. This year, I am also planning on donating to the local toy drive and canned food drive.

  • Brian Hogan

    Hi honest! Love all your products and we use them everyday! The way we are giving back, me and my partner of 20 years are in the process of adopting two kids who we have fostered for almost two years now. We are teaching our kids how to give back by donating toys and clothes to other children who are waiting to be adopted. We take in temporary fosters as well and each child comes to our home with nothing but the clothes on their back, but they leave with two bags of clothes and a basket of toys. And of course honest products as well!! We are so grateful to have products that we know are safe for these kids since you don’t always get a history on medical issues. Thank you so much

  • Kate Lennon Duzan

    We are giving back this year by volunteering at a soup kitchen on Christmas Eve. Trying to teach our kids the real meaning of Christmas and spirit. We also are adopting a family from our church’s giving tree. And I will be sending a box of christmas goodies to some troops oversees. Tis’ the season to be giving! xoxo

  • Sissy

    I’d really like to volunteer for a local charity, cradles to crayons ( and also I will donate to toys for tots

  • McKenzi Poulton

    I love giving back by participating in angel trees. My family and I like to pick an “ornament” and buy whatever is on the wish list for the child in need, whether it be a certain toy or a winter coat.

  • Rachel

    I plan to adopt a child for the holidays.

  • Lindsay N

    I sponsor children through Compassion International… it’s such a joy to write letters back and forth and watch them grow into beautiful, educated young women!

  • Aundrea Kinas

    Our family is giving back by volunteering for several local organizations.

  • Jason Vance

    I plan on giving back by volunteering to teach children and spend time mentoring them.

  • Shelley

    One of our advent calendar days is dedicated to donating to a charity of my kids’ choice.

  • Kelly

    I plan to create blessing bags for the homeless by buying some basic supplies such as deodorant, water, snacks, socks, razors, shampoo and soap and giving them out to people in need throughout my city.

  • vanessa

    This year I will give back by volunteering my time in my local community 🙂

  • Missamity

    I give back by participating in giving trees at my work and my son’s daycare. We also donate food at the daycare to a family in need.

  • Kayla

    We are taking our 15 month old [total ham] to local nursing home community to bring cheer and flowers to the residents this Christmas season!

  • Jessica

    We are feeding a family of 9 that are refugees from Syria and each of my kids is giving a toy to each of their 7 kids from their own toy stash.

  • Jeanine Lee

    I’ve been giving back regularly as part of me being here in this world, my focus this year is on trees. I truly believe in the importance of trees to temper the effects of global warming. Trees are one of the least studied organisms and just recently it’s been found for example willow trees can clean/purify water better than artificial systems. I plan to donate more to the Ancient Tree Archive, in which they are working on obtaining & preserving copies of the genetics of as many of our oldest trees as we can (ones that have survived all sorts of catastrophies), before they all die off and their genetics lost to us forever, and their efforts in planting trees strategically by pairing the right utility of trees with the needs of the area.

  • Carrie D.

    We give to the Empty Stocking Fund and buy gifts for Toys for Tots.

  • El S.

    I regularly donate time and money to charities and carry water bottles and snacks in my car to hand out to the homeless.

  • food bank!

  • Anh

    I am going to be donating toys to non profit organizations and volunteering to help pass out gifts for less fortunate children.

  • Breanna Baker

    We’re doing acts of kindness with our kiddos in December to give back.

  • Jules

    My kids and I volunteer collecting food for the food bank all year as well as donating. We donate toys every year.

  • JennessMoss

    Our family goes to this wonderful facility here in town called Feed My Starving Children several times a year. We pack meals for students in other countries that just get water added to them and are full of vitamins and nutrients. I also give to the United Way through my job. Locally I am part of a FB give away site where I give items my household no longer needs to others who may be struggling.

  • Alena

    I give to the Disabled American Veterans Rehabilitation Foundation. I also found an additional way to give to my charity of choice by using AmazonSmile. If you log in through AmazonSmile you can choose your charity and a portion of the items you buy gives a donation to your charity. This is an effortless way to supplement your giving.

  • Angie H

    Love that backpack!

  • Stefanie Devic

    toys for tots this year!

  • Giving to those in need!

  • Brenda Marciel

    I give back by volunteering at my church. My husband and I help teach kids about the love of God. We also help those around us when they are in need. For example, our neighbors husband is gone for work for a month and we take and put back her trash every week. Also, our friends have had a rough go at moving into a new home and we are still in the process of helping them transition by moving things, having them over for dinner, or watching the kids. Merry Christmas!

  • We have many unopened toys/gifts that we never used and are going to donate them to Toys for Tots.

  • Annesa

    My mom group has donated to a local food pantry!

  • Roma Strong Zanders

    I’m going to give back this year by teaching high school kids how to become mediators (so they can mediate disputes at school between their peers, instead of adults being the mediators)…plus, I’m going to give (anonymously) food to the local food back each week (not just at holidays)—including my home-grown produce this summer.

  • Nicole

    volunteering at a soup kitchen on Christmas eve, sponsoring a family for the holidays, choosing animal cruelty free products for my cleaning and cosmetic use.

  • Mayen Guerra Ruiz

    We give back all year round and plan to continue doing so to our favorite local woman’s/children’s shelter and local humane society. I pack up gently used women’s clothing and accessories along with toys and books for their kids. And for the human society, I make goodie bags filled with treats and toys for pups in need just waiting to be adopted.

  • Holley

    This year I’ve donated to a few charities that I am passionate about, and I plan on working with my three year old to pick out some new toys to donate as well as to go through his old toys and find some gently used ones that we can pass to new homes.

  • Esther Torres Trainor

    I plan on giving back by putting together care packages with daily essentials and distributing them to the homeless.

  • Betsy Kwok

    I have always received wonderful things from donors when I was little, I cherish those times so much and so greatful to have them in my life. Thus, I have given back when possible and plan to continue doing so. I will be sponsoring someone to go to training school for the next four years. I plan to be able to do it for more children when possible in the future. I also plan to adopt if I can later in life. This back pack will help me carry things for my expecting in May & his 2 year old brother’s items at the same time. The beautiful jewelry would make someone really happy to have in their life.

  • Kate Williams

    I plan to help with our church’s meal giveaways as well as donating clothing and toys to charities for the holidays.

  • Jessica Snow

    I like to do anonymously. Random things here and there, and I try to do it all year round. I like giving food to random people in need, or homeless people. I like to donate clothing to people in need. I always say there’s no unselfish good deed because it makes me feel so good giving to others!

  • Alana

    My son and I make cookies every year to pass out all over our neighborhood!

  • Katie Thompson

    I will be making baby blankets and donating them to our local infant/child loss program. Halos of the St. Croix Valley.

  • Chelsey Peel Kinsinger

    I work endlessly with my local schools. This year we are doing a canned food drive to donate to MUST Ministries, a local shelter. In addition, we will have a gift tree that will give back to those families in our school community that would otherwise not receive gifts. We want to make sure that all of the families in our community can celebrate at this very special time of year.

  • Amy Diedrichsen Klein

    I am working with my high school students to write Valentines for our veterans. We will be sending them to various veteran’s hospitals around the United States.

  • Priscilla

    This year I’ve donated to my church I gave away clothes my kids grow out of, shoes toys and even baby gear that my toddler out grow. I’m happy when I kno I helped someone in need.

  • Jessica

    I donate to United Way straight from my paycheck and our family buys gifts for children who might not receive gifts.

  • Christine

    I will be donating a portion of my profits for my home based business to causes close to my clients’ hearts!

  • Jenna

    This year I’m supporting the food bank and have been fundraising for Every Mother Counts for the year also

  • Sharon Meagher

    fostering & volunteering

  • Rebecca

    I prepare food with a group and then we put the food in a van and we deliver it to different locations in our city where homeless are most likely to be. They now have a good large meal they come to expect once a week.

  • Emily

    I plan to teach my 2 yr old the importance of giving so we’re starting this year by visiting several shelters and taking her to pass out gifts and sandwiches for the holidays. She is helping pick out gifts we are bringing to the shelters and she is also going to be donating her toys and clothes she no longer can use. I hope she learns sharing with others & giving is better than receiving in life!

  • abby

    We are purchasing gifts for kids in need in our area and internationally. Our daughter has loved choosing toys and hygiene items for other kids. It’s so fun to see her joyful heart giving to others!

  • Margaret Posh

    I “adopt” a family from my church anonymously each year and they write me a “thank you” that is given to me from the Pastor and they are so inspiring to read.

  • Chelsie McKinney

    making cookies with my toddler and then sharing them with friends and family!

  • Kathryn Morse

    I plan to give back by continuing to volunteer at the humane society every sunday and help those who cannot speak for themselves.

  • MdlleV

    We feel particularly grateful, and thankful this year to be in a place where we feel safe, specially after the harsh things that happen in the world in last year. This Christmas we are only giving gift under $20 to each other in our families and we will distribute warm meals, gloves & hats to homeless in our area (to whom we also brought meals over the year). My goal is to build a certain trust with the homeless near our home and bring them food regularly.

    We will also sponsor a child thru an organization which is something we being wanting to go for a long time.

    Finally, we are asking everyone that we know if they have any gifts for the children hospital near us. Everyone at that hospital do such wonders, and made our little one feel comfortabke when he had to stay there couple times.

  • Elizabeth

    I plan to continue to volunteer at a local animal shelter and support local charities!

  • Alane

    I am giving back this year by supporting our local children’s hospital (Riley) and also continuing to mentor through Big Brothers Big Sisters (7 years strong!).

  • Chelsea Patterson

    Love my honest company products and the fact that they give back! ❤️

  • Nicolette

    This is such a wonderful charity to partner with! Keep up the good and honest work!

  • Hannah

    I plan to give back this year throughout my annual mission trips to Guatemala, where we serve food, build bunk beds in the community, and work with poverty stricken families through the local church and school/

  • Amber Tufford

    Paying forward baby things mu little one has outgrown , and purchasing sime gifts for a local toy drive…

  • I am volunteering with my family to make the Christmas a little brighter for the seniors in our community.

  • Lei

    I give back by grooming and loving on shelter dogs!

  • Jessie

    Our kids have been choosing food items for our local family resource center each time we grocery shop. We’ve already taken a few big loads over there and will continue this tradition throughout the year.

  • Tara Danielson

    Love their cleaning products! I 1st used them as an item given to me by my local Foodbank. I’m sick, disabled and don’t have the $ to afford these awesome products! Love that they give back, that I was able to use Earth Friendly products that only the affluent can afford! Thanks for donating!

  • Lauren

    My husband & I bought Christmas presents for a family who needed a little help this holiday season.

  • Zahra Shafi

    I plan to give a portion of my savings to local charities every year and use this to teach my daughter the importance of giving back to those in need- and the importance of giving to others out of things we love the most- i.e. money and valuables. It is vital not just giving our old and used things, but things we hold dear. Also plan to be a part of local initiatives to feed the homeless in our city.

  • Ari Santiago

    I volunteer in a hospital and being able to give back and work with people who aren’t able to get around or do things that they need to are reasons that keep me there. I will be helping the community by helping the people that I serve at the hospital.

  • Damaris Avalos

    This year, like every year, I teach my son to give back. We do operation Christmas child every year (he’s only two but now he will have this tradition that I’ve done since a young girl!). We also help feed the poor and a few other things similar to that! Wish we could do more.

  • Elizabeth

    I love the diapers and wipes! Great quality, cute designs, and amazing prices! Thank you for helping those who need it!

  • Danielle from Tx

    What a wonderful partnership. This holiday season I have donated to the local Food Bank and will donate to the local Empty Stocking program.

  • Lacy Mali Wittenburg

    I have been working with a local charity called It Takes A Village, Baby this past year and plan to be volunteering with ITAVB for a long time! 🙂 We help needy families provide clothing and baby gear for their small children.

    • Tara Danielson

      ❤️ Great attitude! Before I became ill I worked as a School Nurse, ALWAYS gave to those less fortunate then myself! Unfortunately, I’m stuck in the “throw away” people in today’s society. Over 50, VERY little income, live with my poor elderly Mother. Happy to see people giving back! I try, just only have wisdom and love to share!

  • Kathleen Logullo

    We donate toys for children in foster care to help make sure they have a good Christmas.

  • Meredith Pollard

    I plan to give back because I have been in a palce where I needed the help of others.

  • Jen Young

    We plan on continuing to serve those in need in our community this year (by volunteering at the local food bank and donating food and warm clothing to our shelter).

  • Katie

    Giving back by running a charity race!

  • Melanie Luebeck

    I have a toddler who I use almost exclusively Honest company products with and all of our cleaning products are Honest company too. I am currently giving back by helping out in my churches nursery. I am also helping my elderly father with his finances and even soon relocating to help out with disabled family members in another state.

  • taniarealtor

    I plan to participate in our Church’s Giving Tree program and our local Food Pantry.

  • Patricia Diaz

    I help at food bank and volunteer at school

  • Jen

    Giving to the DC Diaper bank to help families struggling to keep their littles in fresh diapers.

  • Katie R

    I am making blankets for NICU babies through the Linus Project!

  • Jamie

    We plan on donating toys to kids in need.

  • Karla

    In place of a traditional gift to family I donate to CRS in their honor to help provide water, food and medical supplies to people in true need. We also participate, with a group of friends, in adopt-a-family through the Cathedral of Our Lady of Angels to provide gifts and food to a family without the means to celebrate Christmas with gifts.

  • Mariana Geschke Walters

    This year, I hosted a toy drive for the children of a local crisis center.

  • Amanda Harper

    I plan on getting my almost 3 year old involved in helping the less fortunate this season. We have already been donating and looking in to how to help the food bank, as well as getting some gifts wrapped and ready to go for some kids in the community.
    We always donate my daughters good clothes that she grows out of to the local women’s shelter as well, so we know they are going somewhere good. 🙂
    We may not be able to afford to help a lot but we do what we can!

  • Lorri Garelick Langmaid

    We volunteer throughout the year, but make sure to do more, like at the Food bank during this time

  • Lysha W

    Donated to the Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes 🙂

  • Jasmine

    We save change all year round and at Xmas time we count it all up and take 10% and we use that 10% to by gifts for a family in need or we buy food for a local food bank. All that change adds up. Years when we can do more we do. The other 90% goes into college funds for our children.

  • Melissa K

    We donate to our local school district’s charity closet for families who can’t afford new clothes as well as donate to local canned food drives.

  • Lilli

    I plan on teaching my daughters about the joy of giving back.

  • Krystal Earley

    By volunteering at my son’s school, at church, and a local children’s non profit.

  • vanessa

    I’ll be donating gifts to Toys for Tots and the local chapter Secret Santa.

  • Lindsey Sullivan

    SO OBSESSED WITH HONEST. Everything y’all do is just perfection.

  • Alex

    We have “adopted” several local families to give gifts to young children the same ages as our own – the kids are excited to go shopping for peers and share the Christmas love with them 🙂

  • Kristen

    I donated to the Angel Tree at my college and also plan on picking up litter with my children on the side of the road.

  • donna

    My daughters work place adopts needy families at Christmas time to help give them a Christmas. So we buy things to auction off to help raise money. We also collect new hats, mitts, gloves and scarfs and give to the homeless.

  • Shelly Castaneda

    I will be giving back through volunteering with our local big buddies mentor group

  • Natalie

    I plan to give back by donating to find a cure for cancer through some of my favorite charities.

  • Katie Kornaros

    I plan on getting my kids involved in giving back to the community this year… food drives etc whatever is needed. I want them to grow up giving out to others 🙂

  • Rachel Rooker

    We volunteer at our local animal rescue.

  • Vaishali

    Bought Christmas gift for 3 children through our company toy drive

  • Like usual we plan on donating to St. Jude.

  • Ashley Ikonomidis

    I’m donating to homeless care packages as well as donating my wedding dress for angel babies’ dresses.

  • Nicolette Colombo

    I work at a homeless center. I work with my coworkers to get a evening winter shelter for december – march and we are trying to work towards a full time shelter. I spend just about 12 hours+ a day working to help everyone. Even in my sleep! We just had a thanksgiving dinner open to everyone, we served nearly 200 people! We are also having a Christmas party with gifts for people that sign up. We try to make everyone feel happy with themselves and know everyone here cares about the, its hard and they feel alone out on the streets. I have also vowed that every time I step into a place and they have an angel tree for gifts I grab a ticket and I go buy whats on that ticket. I have a little 9 month old daughter and I want to teach her the greater of the world. To never turn her head when someone is in need, regardless who they are. They all have a story and all have a need.

  • Dina

    We plan on donating to toys for tots and st judes

  • sunya hintz

    We are donating toys and clothes to kids in need.

  • Tamara Harrison

    I work for KVC and my children and I have been discussing ‘giving back’ especially this time of year. We’ve already sponsored some children in foster care to purchase them Christmas gifts and after Christmas we always count up the amount of toys they each got from Santa/family members and they then pick the same amount of toys out of their toy box to donate to a local St. Vincent DePaul. That way we can discuss giving our things to people that would better benefit or appreciate them.

  • Rachael

    By showing my kids Christmas is not about gifts, it’s about giving, family,Christ, and love!

  • Lisa A

    We like to give back all year but right now, we are working on making a donation of books and toys to a shelter near us. I think the women and children that find themselves will appreciate little touches like that to make their stay more comfortable. We’ve also given coats and socks, packed Christmas Shoeboxes, donated to the animal shelter, and my favorite: left a suspended coffee for someone in need at our neighborhood coffee joint. A little goes a long way!

  • Ashlea321

    I’ve just begun sponsoring a child in Moldova through JMI.

  • Kate Smith

    I give back by giving blood, donating food, clothing and toys at my local community college.

  • Andi

    I plan on going through my closet and giving to those in need. I am also a teacher so I feel I give back every day by being dedicated to the children 🙂 Food donations as well.

  • Lindsey Hoyme

    My husband and I are always looking for ways to give more and push ourselves. This year we are giving to an organization that helps children stuck in the cycle f human trafficking in Nepal.

  • Jess

    Donations of my unused goods to those less fortunate!

  • Meghann

    I plan on giving back by providing Christmas gifts to a family in need through an angel tree, donating dog & cat toys to my local humane society, donating baby clothes to a family in need through a friends church and will donate food to the local food bank. All the while, showing my sons how important it is to give to those who are in need, not just at the holidays, but year round.

  • Alejandra Murillo

    I give back every year thru a Christmas operation box. All it takes is a few bucks and a little creativity. Collect hygiene items, toys, clothes, flip flops, & other good year round and at the end of the year get creative and see how many items you can fit into a small shoebox and take them to a collection center for shipping. It’s an awesome tradition to pass on to young kids!

  • Jennifer Bauer

    I plan to give back this year by donating gifts and clothes to local childern as well as supporting our community through donations to the United Way foundation

  • Sienna Morrow

    I just had a baby in October and have decided not to go back to work so that I can spend more time with him…but to continue giving back, I am donating my time and talents to a Head Start Preschool in our area to do child play therapy with kids in need for free! 🙂

  • Jill Grant

    My husband and I always donate the local Boys & Girls Club as well as various music programs. A couple times a year we also donate clothing and/or household items to Goodwill or Salvation Army.

  • Chelsea

    I plan to donate coats for children in need, as well as presents for children. I also want to reach out to women’s shelters who shelter mothers who are nursing and donate my homemade lactation cookies that helped me while nursing.

  • Ana Cristina Montaño Ayon

    i give back by join the races to cancer disease, to help children with no family, and all kind of races, anytime me and my brother can, and we also take our little cousins to show them that.

  • Chelsea

    Our family donates to St. Jude, Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes, food donations to our local food pantry, donations of clothes and household items to a local non-profit as well as many other things throughout the year! What a blessing it would be for us to win something that would be very special to us!

  • leah settle

    I am giving back to the organization I adopted my dog from. She has been a wonderful addition to our family so I would like to give back to the shelter.

  • Lourdes Calle

    Buying fair trade goods, and giving toys for children in needs

  • Allie

    I’m giving back with my family by helping to bring gifts to children in our community.

  • Teresa Anderson

    Every year I collect toys for our local church and Toys 4 Tots!! Every child should receive a gift on Christmas!

  • Chelsea

    Started following the Honest Blog, yay!

  • Chelsea

    Following The Honest Company on Pinterest now too!

  • Erin DeVan

    Buying presents and donating time for a Children’s Hospital event in New Orleans. Also trying to purchase gifts with a cause.

  • Rachel05

    We donate money and/or toys for children in need.

  • Anna

    By focusing on spending time vs. money & hopefully teaching my children the importance of that, & also in an effort to learn to live with less, I have been going through everything & donating items to the local St. Vincent DePaul for the past 2 months & hopefully will continue to dig up even more!

  • Nicole DeGroat

    Every year our family makes a shoebox for Sumaritan’s Purse and their Operation Christmas Child program.

  • lila

    coats to syrian refugees in countrys that have taken in mass numbers. also finding local refugees and helping these familys in need.

  • Nicole Jacobs Kennedy

    I sent my bjorn I no longer use to the Syrian refugees.

  • Lindsay Martin Ditton

    I plan on gifting back by volunteering this year. It is so nice to see the smiles of those in need.

  • Rachel Keeler

    We contribute to a different charity every month.

  • Alicia Bridenbaugh

    I love volunteering

  • disqus_p1KfwjXG9N

    By donating my time

  • Lauren

    By donating toys and gift cards from local restaurants to families in need.

  • Beth Newton

    Donating clothing to children in need

  • BangBangBarbie

    I will spend more time with family and donate all of my children’s unused items to families in need

  • Megan Shaner

    Every year, we choose one toy a day December 1st – December 25th to donate somewhere local to us

  • Emily Statnick

    i plan to give back by mentoring girls at my former university in my city through a local church.

  • alex rae

    Donate clothes to people in need.

  • Shani

    I serve/volunteer on the Board of PEP: Postpartum Education for Parents, and this year my personal donation project is collecting no longer used baby carriers from my whole community, to ship to Syrian Refugees.

  • Denise Turner

    Our family gives back by picking a local charity and giving cash and also teaming up with our church to provide presents and meals to local families.

  • Brittany Morrison

    I am giving back by supporting and helping family, friends, strangers and anyone else I come across. Whether they need food, financial, living or any kind of assistance I am there to lend a helping hand, listening ear and a kind heart. My family and I donate all kinds of items each year to families in need. It is true: It’s more blessed to give than to receive ♥

  • abedabun dawn

    I will pull 3 names off the angel tree and buy gifts for each. It may not be much, but Im sure it will be appreciated.

  • Ria Knight

    I donate my clothes to the runaway shelters for young teens and moms with kids.

  • CLV

    My family and I donate clothes, shoes, blankets, toys, etc. to the homeless shelters.

  • Karen W.

    our family is involved with foster care and a group of us recently decorated duffel bags to fill with goodies for foster children in our community.

  • Jenn Camp

    I have been giving back by supporting other pregnant and breastfeeding women at my command. I try to help them overcome challenges and navigate a full time military career and motherhood.

  • Alyssa

    I will be donating baby clothes to a local family who has a baby girl in the NICU because of delivery at 25 weeks.

  • Caroline

    I volunteer with the New Shoes for Back to School organization. We give children in need a new pair of shoes for school. This year we have given over 4000 pairs of shoes to children in the Richmond area.

  • Kristen Wilkinson

    My son had a bone marrow transplant last Christmas, so this year we will be donating Christmas gifts to the BMT/Oncology unit at UCSF children’s hospital this year. 🙂

  • Andrea Ivins

    I am giving back by hosting health and wellness meetups in my hometown as well as teaching free fitness classes at the gym I manage 🙂

  • Cindy

    We try to pay it forward throughout the year and we also donate clothes and toys 🙂

  • Neely

    My family is giving back by supporting inner city youth. we send two cabins of kids to camp as well as support a school and after school program that tutors young boys as well as teaches them music, art, and many other valuable life skills. We love our charities, and are thankful to be able to support them.

  • Laurel

    I love giving back! Whether I’m volunteering with a foundation such as St. Anthony’s at work or spending my free time teaching young women how to camp, hike, backpack, and cook outdoors at Two Sentinels GS Camp. It’s always good to pay it forward!

  • Emily Palmer

    We are donating a christmas tree and gifts to a family in our community.

  • Melanie Tate

    By donating clothing items and sponsoring local children in need. We also give back at our church.

  • Zach B

    I just donated my time serving thanksgiving dinners to those less fortunate!!! It is amazing!!!

  • Amanda

    I work several hours each month at my local foodbank and donated items for local kids for Christmas.

  • Kristen

    My daughter and I donate every year to a local toy drive.

  • We love supporting babies and new moms in need by donating baby items and money and I also try to pick up necessities like packs of underwear when they are on sale to donate to local homeless shelters.

  • Joyce

    I make monthly donations to about 10 different organizations. And lately I started getting items on Amazon (at a discount in exchange for leaving honest reviews) and I plan on donating much of it to the less fortunate, the homeless, schools and Toys for Tots, etc…

  • Danica

    We support a child through Compassion International and purchase Fair Trade products (especially for gifts) as often as available.

  • Cmheyn

    We buy gifts and food for a nice Christmas dinner for a family in need in our community. My parents did the same when we were little and now all three of their children do it every year.

  • AMT Editorial Staff

    Both Blessing in a Backpack and Heifer Project are two organizations we regularly support.

  • Elaine Cope

    I am donating gently used coats and making care packages for a few friends that have cancer and other illnesses.

  • Rebecca Maillette

    By donating to Yellow Ribbon Guard who puts together packages for our local deployed troops.

  • Rebecca Ellington

    We donate through our church.

  • Jen

    I’m adopting a family with my coworkers!

  • sandra burns

    I’m always paying it forward .. I’m so Blesed n I so love sharing love ..

  • Janeen Stone Morehead

    I’m donating school supplies and running a 5k each month for a different cause

  • Katy

    This year, our family will be supplying and serving our local homeless youth two meals, and we will also be sponsoring a teen mom and her child for Christmas.

  • Laura

    Donating toys, clothes, and food. My kids are signing at a retirement community.

  • Alissa Peterson

    This holiday season I plan on donating many of my gently-worn clothes to my local Goodwill and paying it forward any chance I get!

  • Danielle Bell

    I and my kids, (all 18 or older now), ring the bell for salvation army as well as volunteer on distribution day.

  • Cristen Filburn

    Baking desserts for the homeless

  • risRN25

    Each quarter at work, we’re doing something to support a different charity, whether it’s a walk, collecting food for the food pantry, or helping a family in need during the holidays.

  • Brenda Lahey

    Since I will be all alone this Christmas, I have decided to visit senior residents in my town on Christmas Day experiencing the same situation.

  • Zaina

    I plan to help at local animal shelters and rescues because these poor precious babies are often forgotten about, especially during the colder months

  • Alicia

    I always gift my family with Heifer International donations.

  • Kim Petrie

    This holiday season, I’m going to donate my clothes as well as books, shoes, etc. to Goodwill.

  • Lindsey Bast

    I plan to give back by volunteering for our local Infertility Support Group.

  • Allison

    This season (and all year long) I volunteer at my local food bank. My daughter and I also go through her toys to find items to donate to other kids in need. And we donate new toys for kids to open at Christmas. I am hoping to find time to make blankets for the cold weather shelter too, but we’ll see if I can get to that!

  • Katie Honest Jacobson

    We sponsor 2 children through Compassion International and will be sending extra money for Christmas and birthdays.

  • Kristi Blackley

    donate food, clothes etc,

  • Mary Rose Yohn

    Throughout the whole I’ve been volunteering in our community as well as donating to our local food shelter, childrens hospital and ASPCA and for this month I will be collecting toys for toys for tots on Saturday’s and Sundays.

  • Rebecca Hoffman

    My sister is dying of cancer and I help can her food she can eat.Plus trying to help my son work on scholarships with volunteering
    towards college.

  • Janeen Rial

    I plan to give back by donating anything my family no longer uses (clothing, books, movies, toys, etc)

  • Victoria

    Volunteering at a free clinic for the uninsured!

  • Theano Boutsarakis

    Hanging out warm blankets to homeless..

  • Sarah

    This season we are teaching our Lil’ guy about giving his unused/unwanted toys, books, blankets and warm clothes to our local donation shelters and families children to enjoy.

  • Lisa

    We do a food drive at work and at home we will go through and donate clothes and things we outgrow.

  • Eve

    I “give back” throughout the year – from lending a helping hand to someone with their hands full on the subway to fundraising for numerous charities. But one thing my daughter and nieces vowed to do next Thanksgiving is make to-go boxes of turkey dinners and distribute to homeless on the streets.

  • Leah Sanders

    This holiday season, I’m going to donate my clothes as well as baby books, shoes, clothes that my son has grown out of or is moving on from to Goodwill. I am also going to practice patience, positivity and embodying the holiday spirit to give good energy back in all of my interactions with people in my life – from strangers to loved ones.

  • Kathryn K Orrostieta

    Buying Christmas gift for families who can not afford to buy gifts for their kids.

  • Gillian Spacco

    I filled shoe boxes with gifts for children through Samaritans purse. I’m also buying gifts for two children through our angel tree at church.

  • Steffanie Adams

    I donate regularly to the local Humane Society, ASPCA, HSUS, Amnesty International and St. Jude. I will continue to do so and hope to do more.

  • Allie

    We’re blessed to be Foster Parents (and adoptive parents) for many years. We provide respite care for other foster parents and provide help to our children’s birthparents however we can.

  • Megan

    We are hosting a children’s tree and giving gifts to kids in the community.

  • Alyisa

    I volunteer at a local food bank every week, it is very rewarding to help those in need, especially this time of the year. My family hunts deer and we donate a portion of what we get each year to the local food bank as well.

  • susieqlaw

    I give year round through donating clothes, books, food, providing comfort and prayer.

  • Sheena

    I like to give back by cooking meals for people who have recently had babies, are sick, or are having a hard time.

  • Jeannie

    Each year I donate clothing, household goods & toys. This is the first year I’m also having my kids get involved too, now that they’re old enough to understand, to begin instilling in them the importance of giving back.

  • Ali

    I plan to donate food & clothes as well as put together gift bags for the homeless

  • Jennifer

    I plan to give back this holiday season by sending care packages to troops overseas and donating clothes and food to local shelters

  • Cassie

    Our company is very involved with giving to adoption and helping abandoned babies.

  • Sheli Kepler-Novak

    Right now I am a foster mom to a medical complex foster daughter. Hubby and I help support a small orphanage in Uganda. Children are a most valuable resource.

  • Kristin Donahue

    Our son attends a Catholic preschool in Bellingham, WA where helping others is part of their education year round. For the holiday season specifically each class in the school has a charity they are working with. The preschool has chosen Hope House, which is associated with the parish and is a resource for individuals and families in need. They are specifically in need of new children’s socks and underpants in all sizes so we bought a bunch in various sizes to donate. We also donated several packages of Honest diapers to the school’s Girls on the Run chapter, which is having a diaper drive for Hope House in sizes 4T-5T. We will also donate to the 5th grade’s non-perishable food drive and take a big load of our used clothing to a local shelter.

  • maria

    i plan on donating clothes to people in need.

  • Thinkingtravel

    We are thinking of teaching esol again in our community.

  • Leeann Deslauriers

    Throughout the year I donate to various animal welfare charities both locally and nationally. I also donate clothing and food to local organizations.

  • Sheli Kepler-Novak

    Right now I am a foster mom to a medically complex foster daughter,adoption on the horizon. Hubby and I help support a small orphanage in Uganda. Children are the world’s greatest resource.

  • Sarah Corradino

    this year I plan on giving back by, volunteering with kids and seniors. Kids always have the best attitudes and seniors always have the best stories!

  • Shelly H.-Wilkerson

    I own an Etsy shop ( and a percentage of the sales from the Friday after Thanksgiving until Christmas are donated to our local food bank here in the Willamette Valley. My son loved the concept and I think it teaches him to give back to others that are in need more than we are.

  • Kelly

    I hope to give back through random acts of kindness around my city +handing out gift cards, feeding parking meters, etc.)

  • Chantal Skinner

    Through acts of kindness to others as well as being a more organized wife and mommy. I hope to be able to better support those around me by being present in the moment.

  • Maggie Torrance

    This year I plan to work with over 50 new families as they welcome their little ones in. As a doula for over 8 years, I have been able to partner with new families and provide a safe place to ask honest questions about newborns, parenting, and life as new parents.

  • Sara Brown

    Support of The Boys & Girls Clubs work in my community, as well as increase my company’s giving to 3% of our profits to mark our 3rd year in business.

  • Kiki Cooley Lund

    I’ve been making a conscious effort to be generous with my friends. Making a point to reach out and lend a helping hand when needed, meals for new moms, volunteer with the kids at church and helping organizations locally with events and fundraisers.

  • Jennifer

    I am going to devote more of my time and resources consciously this year.

  • Lori T

    I love animals and have adopted many over my lifetime, while also donating food, money, and supplies to animal shelters whenever I’m able to do so. I plan to continue this next year.

  • Yola

    Giving back by donating food to no kill animal shelters. They need our love too!

  • Jordy

    I am trying to be more environmentally conscious and and emotionally. Staying positive and feeding positivity to others.

  • NT

    I plan to donate some unused clothes, warm blankets and jackets to a local charity, so they can distribute to those who really need it. I also want to volunteer more, this is my 2016 resolution.

  • Tania Chagollan

    There is currently a food drive being held at my church. I plan on giving back by donating food. I, thankfully, have never been left without food and it is only the correct thing to do, give to those who don’t have.

  • Ashley Shopa

    Try to give to those in need

  • Karen O’Luna

    As a teacher and a new mom, this makes me so happy! I hope to get book donations from the community to host a book drive. That way kids can pick a book to read.

  • Tovah

    I volunteer doing gift wrap for charity throughout the month of december at the local mall.

  • Kristina R.

    We have so much to be thankful for…a roof over our heads, not knowing true hunger, and the health of our babies. For 2016, I’d like to give back to those that have fallen on harder times, especially single parents, as I was raised by one and never truly learned the burden they carry until I had a child of my own (and I still have the help of my hubby!) Diaper, formula, clothing, and toy donations are helpful, I’m sure. But a gift card to a mom in need for a mani/pedi would be fun to share!

  • Rayvawn Falconer

    Donating to the homeless and not buying many gifts for each other so we can save to fly my brother home for Christmas, because he can’t afford the flights.

  • Rachel Sanches

    This year we are giving back tto those in Ukraine who have been displaced by war and lost everything. We are providing clothes & food and basic necessities for families over there. This is very special to me because my family is from Ukraine.

  • Chloe Willis

    I am donating or unused clothing to a local church that helped us when we lost our home in a fire last year. I will also be sending them food for their food pantry that gives to our community.

  • Brooke Williams

    This is great! Thank you for sharing!

  • Laura

    Adopt a family present gifting, donating food, donating money!

  • Teresa Jeanna

    This year, I want to help animals and people. That means setting realistic and specific goals. Instead of going completely vegan, I am going to be vegan 4 nights out of the week. Instead of volunteering for a weekly shift at the senior center, I am signing up to drive seniors to the grocery store once a month. These are easy things that anybody can do. You don’t have to go far to make the world a better place! 🙂

  • Taylor

    I plan to continue teaching free, weekly English lessons to the two Hispanic couples who attend as long as they are interested.

  • Rachel

    My 3 year old daughter and I will be going through old toys and clothes to decide together what will be donated to a local shelter, then we will take it to the shelter together. It’s something that I do every year in December and will be including her this year because I want her to know the importance or giving to those less fortunate that her.

  • Stephanie Brunell

    I will continue donating to local charities and this month I will be donating to several toy drives.

  • Dfly08

    I plan on donating clothes to those in need.

  • crlebrn

    My Christmas present to my sister this year was purchasing a years worth of seed for a third world farmer in need.

  • Tracy

    My three year old and I will be putting together treats for a nearby nursing home and visiting to sing carols.

  • cherries an pickles

    Its the littlest things that make my heart glow- like this morning..paying for the car behind us in the starbucks line..or selecting a gift tag to shop and gift to a sweet little 5yr foster girl <3 and safeway makes it super easy…. i scanned a $10 bar code for a bag full of groceries donated to those in need- I love that..I love these little opportunities to make a little difference and bring a smile into someones life <3 Love it <3 :*

  • Edee Lin

    I am involved (volunteer, donation, and fund raising) with a charity organization called the Children’s Center in SLC for years. It provides treatments for children with trauma(emontional, physical and sexual), with autism and with emotional or behavior problems. This organization has NEVER turned away anyone because of their ability to pay!

  • Becky

    I’m going to be a secret Santa and pay for people’s layaways.

  • Meghann Bacon

    I’m going to donate to the daycare at the school I teach at that provides free daycare to teen parents as well as picking out gifts for a family in need.

  • Kara Dooley

    I donated presents for a family in need through our local children’s hospital- where I also work! It is great because we give the presents to the mothers and fathers to wrap and present to their kids themselves!

  • Katie

    I will be donating stuffed toys to the Children’s Hospital in my area, for kids that are being treated at the hospital. I am also volunteering my time with a food bank collecting and organizing donated items.

  • Adriane Herring

    I’m participating in several Pay It Forward projects!

  • C Killeen

    I donate to a local animal rescue group…low/no overhead costs means every penny goes to helping needy animals.

  • Becca S.

    My husband and I volunteer our time as advisors for a local youth group, teaching leadership, public speaking, and character to young men between the ages of 12-21

  • Marisa

    I plan on making a bunch of “goodie bags” and keeping them in my car so I can bless a homeless person with one anytime I see them. I would like to try to wrap a few things to offer them as well. Everyone deserves to open SOMETHING on Christmas 🙂

  • Amy Rowles

    I plan on giving to a local organization called Ride Able that gives the special needs community horsemanship lessons. I have seen so many students come through that program with a new sense of independence, confidence, and sense of self.

  • Acoustic

    This year, I plan to spend more time with my family. I want my children to see the importance of giving back–whether it’s at an animal shelter, a local park, or a community center, we will make sure to empower those around us.

  • C Tran

    I will be helping to feed the homeless on Christmas Day!

  • pillowpants28

    We’re donating to emergency food network

  • Zinnia Khalid

    Give to the needy and poor in the community.

  • Sabrina Michalski

    I just love the honest company! We are giving to toys for tots and my husband just started helping at our local food pantry!

  • Shaina

    I donate items throughout the year. I can’t give much, but I can give my time. I just joined a group that is about helping new mom’s with advice, help around the house, or just another adult to talk to. Reading everyone’s comments makes me want to get out there more and help.

  • Cheanaven Wheatley

    This is why I love the honest company! Everything is soooo good and wholesome!

  • Tonia R Ruck

    My children and I spend the holidays donating our time to the local homeless shelter and we also donate what we would normally spend on gifts.

  • Alexandra Freedman

    I plan to use my business to donate to a local family in need.

  • Stephanie Roache

    My family has donated towards families in need and helped during natural disasters in other countries.

  • Carli

    I love that Honest partners with companies doing great things! I plan on Donating to a local family in need this holiday season and volunteer at the homeless shelter.

  • Gioia Craig

    we give back through food and clothe donations, giving to the local food drives, as well as donating money to charities

  • Janell Sims

    Our family makes donations each year part of which goes to families in need.

  • Natalie Vold

    I love the honest company and all that it stands for. And I love knowing that by supporting the honest company I am supporting those who are consistently giving back to the community. I will be donating clothes, shoes, and household goods. I also love giving back to the community by shopping at local farmers markets.

  • Jessica Hansen Frazer

    I love volunteering…anything with the community that I live in!

  • honestbee


  • Carleena Massey

    My husband and I give back through our church, by giving a child Christmas and showing them love through the gift of giving. #AngelTree

  • meljc

    I plan to volunteer more within my community.

  • Marilou Poirier

    Love it !

  • peacesun

    I give books to the friends of the library and clothing to Goodwill. I volunteer time with the local historical society at Victorian Tea’s and recently a Teddy Bear Picnic for generations in families.

  • Becky Kate

    Donate and volunteer locally!

  • Michael McDowell

    I live in a small town that has recently been hit hard with the biggest company in town laying off many employees. I have rallied my team at the restaurant I manage to donate a gift card to needy families. I am matching whatever they contribute.

  • Lori Bracamonte

    Volunteer to support the homeless at The Gathering In Style in Roseville, CA.

  • tiff tawata

    Create holiday/Christmas cards with my class to add to the Meals on Wheel delivery in our area.

  • Lynette Walton

    I buying a few toys and donating them to a toy drive.

  • Maile M

    My son and I put together a shoebox of toys, school supplies, clothes, and toiletries for Operation Chriatmas Child. Every year I pick a boy the same age as my son so he can help choose the items.

  • burdlady

    I recently retired, and plan to volunteer my time with my local Humane Society.

  • Brenda

    Food items for the hungry in Los Angeles, So much is provided by food banks but it isn’t enough to feed all those who are in need and hungry,

  • Angela

    We try to pick a family to gift Christmas to each year. Food, clothes and toys.

  • Tamara Ahmed

    I’m donating to Upward Bound House and Compassion International.

  • Stacey Farris

    I’d love to see my friend’s NPO grow as she uses many personal care products to provide showers to the homeless in Orange County. My husband and I want to help her to achieve that- both through time and donation.

  • Adriana Fernandes

    Thank you Honest!
    What a beautiful thing you’re doing:)
    I give back to kids with Down syndrome every week teaching them Ballet and Tap! Would love to share my work with you guys and show you what our nonprofit “FREE 2 BE ME DANCE is all about!
    Thanks for being such a human company!

  • Anna Catherine

    I’d love to win this! I’d share it with my mom 🙂

  • Kellei Agostinelli

    We support childhood cancer research every year by hosting a head shaving event!

  • Dominika Ivan

    We are involved with Operation Christmas Child and collecting clothes and home items for refugees moving to our region.

  • Jessica Jones

    I plan on donating gently used items that my family does not need but others could benefit from. I also hope to participate in my towns annual beach cleanup in the spring!

  • mitzi frank

    This is a great prize! I’m planning to get more involved with my local shelters and rescues….and also some toy/clothing drives in my area!

  • Jessica Lafond Robert Dupont

    i give back by volunteering with the local youth.

  • Marquie Abraham

    I love the great and innovative ways people are able to improve the lives of those less fortunate and in need. This season I am donating to a clothing company, Land Over Yonder, who supports orphans in Cambodia by supplying them with school uniforms and eye glasses. Check out their website and the good things they are doing!

  • Amanda Alvarado

    We donate outgrown clothes and jackets and toys to the Salvation Army.

  • Selma C

    Giving back gym giving my time and clothes to the many Syrian refugees coming to the West.

  • Dahlia Stevens

    I am getting involved with my local Chamber of Commerce projects. I am very excited as I just joined and its Christmastime, so there are many great things going on to help our local community!

  • Christine Leclair

    I love the honest products.. Haven’t had a bad product yet..:)

  • Megan

    We give to toys for tots and other local charities

  • Chantal

    I plan to give back by giving donations to people in need

  • krystal ables

    We give back by giving our gently used clothes to our church and we help cloth those in need whether it be a women’s shelter or the salvation army or wounded warriors, and of course children. I also quarterly clean out my son’s room and donate good gently used toys to little boys who are in need. And of course tis the season. But not only during this time but anytime when they ask if I would like to donate for whatever the cause is, I do it. Cause if I can afford to be buying what I’m buying I can afford to help someone else who is in need.

  • Juli Anderson

    My family and I like to keep bags with food and toiletries in the car to hand out to the homeless we pass on the street.

  • Joni

    I have a 9 month old and of course you go through things quickly, so I am giving our car seat and outgrown clothing to our local women’s haven.

  • Joanna

    I think that by being a kinder person and offering a helping hand could mean much more these days. Showing respect and love. #asimpleactofkindness

  • Cassie Cord

    I have already done two good deeds this month so far, I bought a lady I didn’t know a Walmart gift card because she was in desperate need of diapers for her baby, I also gave my guest bed away to a family in need. It feels good to give with nothing in return! I plan to give as much as I can in the future.

  • Jenny Lopez

    I’m donating our outgrown winter jackets to Goodwill and I’ll be making a donation to St Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

  • Melissa Wentland

    I will be helping out at our local food bank and continuing to be a regular blood donor.

  • Christina Maple

    I don’t like to comment on what I do, or have done, as I do it unselfishly and I don’t count how much or how many or to whom I give to. I just give everyday and in many ways. We all should. Love and peace to all! God bless!

  • Jennylynne D’Andrea

    I will be helping at church by adopting a family.

  • Kait Nolan

    Each week we plan to donate to money and/or our time towards people in need or charities of our choice. This week we donated money towards helping more preemies have a higher chance of living. We are also donating bags of clothes to those in need in our area. Also, this holiday season is our first with a child (two month old son) and we will be starting a family Christmas tradition of giving toys to Toys for Tots.

  • David

    I would be helping out the kids at my local Boys and Girls club. Sports and keeping the kids active and out the streets is a win for me

  • Nicole

    Adopting a family in need with children diagnosed with Autism.

  • Rachel

    Donations to Toys for Tots and the local teen shelter.

  • Allyson Bossie

    We have already donated a lot of canned goods to the local food drive just this week, and I intend to take more tomorrow. I also used my cash awards from shopping to go and buy neighbor kids some Christmas because they are really struggling. I wish we could do more in general, but I try to teach the kids to do what we can every month.

  • Jessica Palma

    I am going to donate to my local book store, they are accepting toys, clothes, books, and shoes. Also bought pajamas at Carters and they give back when you do . Buying a new toy and donating it to a local phone store in Ventura that is raising to get brand new toys to give out to the community.

  • Jessica Moore

    Thanks Honest! We donate to a local children’s shelter!

  • Anna Fleming

    I plan to listen. If I find someone who is in need…I will help them in anyway I can be it by feeding someone who is hungry, clothing someone who is cold, or giving someone advice when they ask for it. The best way I can be there for anyone is by listening to what they need.

  • Vanessa

    I work for a non-profit that works with underserved youth, which is my passion. Outside of this work, I need to do volunteer time and give money to an organization dedicated to stopping Handgun Violence. I’ve been in touch with Stop Handgun Violence here in Mass and am trying to organize a meaningful, action oriented event / petition to make this world safer for my daughter.

  • MtP Mom

    My son’s school is collecting books for a local non profit, and our church is collecting toys and clothes for children in need.

  • Tanya Mcfarlane

    We donate clothes and books to a local battered women’s shelter. There’s a lot of kids there too so my kids old toys as well as some great yard sale finds go there too.

  • Kathryn

    As I live in San Jose and the city prepares to host the Super Bowl in Feb there is going to be a huge rise in human trafficking here surrounding this event. Myself and other young moms are working with an organization to pack backpacks of essentials for the women they are planning, working and praying to rescue out of the industry. We have collected enough supplies for 40 backpacks! If you want to join go to

  • Penny Olson

    Giving to charity and taking clothes to service organization for homeless families.

  • Natalie Maas

    Donate new and used children’s clothes to a family shelter.

  • Michaela

    I’m helping plan service projects for our entire elementary school to participate in, so the kids can learn how to help others in their community.

  • Sara P

    We donate to the local children’s shelter, as well as international ministries.

  • Gillian Hurst

    I plan to give back by donating my spare funds, volunteering my time and giving away what I don’t need. My daughter is also reaching an age where I can find ways to teach her the importance of giving back.

  • Rachel

    Donating with the toy drive at school

  • Taryn Neves

    Every year my husband and I choose a few families in our neighborhood to do secret Santa for! We have done it every year since we’ve been married. This will be our 4th Christmas doing it. It’s fun for us to doorbell ditch the families and watch their faces from a distance. We love this tradition we have started at such a young age, and look forward to doing it every year from now on!
    Last year, on Christmas Day we were with extended family and my husbands aunt was saying how they’ve been struggling and her 5 boys didn’t really get much under the tree that morning. That night we decided to send her a check in the mail without asking. We decided on an amount that we were going to send and the next morning we both had a huge feeling that the amount wasn’t enough, even though it was quite a large sum. We decided on a larger amount that we felt was right and sent the check.
    A few days later we received a phone call from her in tears telling us that that very morning she recieved a phone call from her sons health insurance saying they were dropping him if they didn’t make the payment, her son has some major health issues, and that they didn’t have the money to pay. The check we sent covered that bill, their mortgage for January, and groceries. The original amount we had decided on would not have covered the medical insurance bill that was needing to be paid! It was a Christmas Miracle that we were so grateful our father in Heaven let us take part in!
    We have stories like this every year and I can’t wait to see what this Christmas brings!
    Sorry for the long comment 🙂

  • shawn

    Donating for toys for tots and sponsoring a child!

  • April Lynskey

    We’re going to make backpack kits for the homeless, with supplies and food, plus donate coats, hats and mittens.

  • Meryl Chiarello

    I collect trial size items from my travels and ask friends and family to do the same so I can give a larger amt to the shelters I collect for. I cook for a shelter once a month and donate to other shelters, clothing, food and anything that is in good condition that we dont need and also encourage that of friends and family!!! Its great 2 give back!!!

  • Cheeks

    Donating toys for tots and food drives

  • Katie Hudson

    This year I am giving back by helping a child who’s mother has been ill in the hospital. Going to do my part to make sure she has a great Christmas until her mother comes home from the hospital. I am also playing secret santa to a coworker who is trying to get on her feet and get a home for Christmas for herself and her children.

  • Kelsi Bowes

    I plan to donate toys.

  • jessica z

    I will be donating food and working in the food pantry at church.

  • Jayy Nee

    Feed the homeless on Christmas night

  • Alanna Briane Barfoot

    I work at the hospital and spend time with patients who are ill or dying

  • Maneesha

    Toys, baby clothes, money

  • Anna Babinets

    As a child, I was lucky to be guided by kind and selfless individuals, such as my
    high school English teacher and mentor. She shared her experience of visiting US and UK and encouraged me to join the English debates team. Her stories ignited my curiosity, while language practice enabled me to receive a scholarship to study abroad. This experience truly reshaped my life and elevated my dreams and aspirations.
    I try to give back and share my experience through volunteering and mentoring opportunities at work and through non-profit organisations like Junior Achievement, helping young students to develop essential soft and financial skills as well as pursue higher education.

  • Fawn Wright

    donated a lot of toys clothes, that my kids grew out of, to the local church

  • Janet Black

    I plan on donating to toys for tots. I have seen how much they do and want to help them.

  • Nicole Sims

    I give the people I love my time and energy. I also donate used items frequently to those in need and thrift stores.

  • Shannon

    Giving to the Red Cross and Salvation Army when we buy our groceries is an easy way. We also looking for special ways to give to students struggling to pay for school and have a holiday.

  • JPS

    Love serving and giving to a local non profit for orphans and foster kids…approximately 12,000 kids currently in foster care here in just GA… This organization is making a difference….Promise 686

  • Liz

    I will continue to form part of the Walk to End Alzheimer’s committee. Trying to raise awareness to an illness that effects so many seniors, especially women.

  • FayC

    Donating to Toys for Tots

  • Keilani Maka

    I will continue to serve my country proudly even though I recently had my newborn son and would like to spend more time with him. I am a medic and enjoy caring for people and my husband is infantry and enjoys being tough haha. I want to retire with 20 years in but he will soon be getting out. AATW!

  • Rachel

    This year I baked cookies for a prison ministry. I would like to continue to do that, as well as make a meal for the homeless families our church hosts 4x a year.

  • We donate to the local homeless shelter, providing food and clothing. This year with the colder temperatures, they need blankets and jackets. We encourage local small businesses in the canned food drive also.

  • Carla

    I donate clothes and shoes every year. I also donate to children’s hospitals in my community even though my daughter is healthy and I hope to never need their amazing services.

  • Laura Murray Taccona

    Donating food, clothing and household items to my town’s food pantry.

  • Julie Sullivan

    My family donates clothes, toys, beds & money to animal shelters that are local & some that have helped people we know in the past. We also donate kids clothes, toys, additional items that are medical or useful for feeding, etc whenever possible. This year we were able to learn about a new local non-profit (Journey) that helps women whenever they can with medical care, clothes, baby supplies, etc. I know they work a lot with Homeless and young women who feel like they have limited options while pregnant. We also simply try to be good, honest neighbors & friends. We help people out when we can. I have enjoyed meeting and chatting with elderly people in my neighborhood while walking my son & dogs. I look forward to these chats. They help me as much as they help other people.

  • Akks

    I support special needs families getting equipment for fun at home on a budget

  • Megan Ashley Higgins

    We’ve, to put it short, adopted a family for the past 3+ years. A single mother with no child support from their father. My mom & i have always tried to go above & beyond the call of duty to help her. Not only during the holidays but all year around. I want those kids to know they are loved & have a strong backbone to call family. Each year we put a little bit away for each child for them to put towards their future. So that’s what I will continue to do.

  • Dalia Carteño

    This year we have met a single mother of one who has had to start everything from the beginning in a whole new city and another mother of two that just became widowed . This year my fiancé and I have decided to not have a Christmas for us and gather presents instead for these two woman who really have nothing for their children . ☺️

  • Shannon stinchcomb

    I plan on helping families get out do the house and enjoy nature. Get rid of any baby blues and encourage new friendships.

  • Lauren S

    I am volunteering at our community Santa’s wonderland this weekend. I’m excited to see all the kids reactions to the live reindeer.

  • Carly G

    I plan on donating to and volunteering for my local animal shelter.

  • Karissa

    This year I am donating my time to my local humane society. They can only afford 8 employees since the rest of their funding goes to the animals so they depend on volunteers to keep their no kill shelter running. It’s great seeing the animals find their forever homes!

  • Natalee Dyudyuk

    I plan on continuing to donate clothing and other necessities to those less fortunate.

  • ashley a

    I plan on giving back by visiting MD Anderson Cancer Center. They helped me so much when my father was battling lung cancer. While there i saw so many families full of fear of the unknown and some patients with no family to visit them. I want to be that bit of hope for families and patients.I would love to volunteer my time speaking with others that are going through what I went through.

  • Pamela H

    I plan on paying it forward for when a nice gentleman was too kind and paid for my baby’s formula and told me to use the money I was going to spend on formula to get Christmas with it brought me to tears knowing that there are great people who help others out and for that experience I will be paying it forward for someone else as was done to me. God Bless!

  • Victoria M

    I plan on giving back by donating things no longer needed or used to those that do need them. I also would like to put together care bags and leave them in the car for those that need them that ask come up and ask for help.

  • Lillian Arevalo

    I plan to give back this year by giving back a little bit of
    happiness to the children and adults with developmental disabilities that I
    work with daily by providing them with some of the basic needs that are
    sometimes taken for granted by individuals in society. Some things as simple as coats/boots and
    companionship are some of the things this underrepresented population lack
    daily. I am blessed, and I have all that I need. I hope that this message will
    inspire others in this blog/website to give back to your community to those
    that are unable to provide for themselves. Have a blessed holiday season.

  • Kaili H.

    I plan on giving back this year by packing no longer used purses or bags with toiletries and deodorant to give to those who are homeless, including any tee shirts or clothing items I no longer use.

  • Adriana Mousso

    Every year we (my husband, kids and I) go through and donate toys, coats, clothes to those less fortunate. I have reached out to our local Salvation Army and signed up to ring the bell again(and the 6 kids come along). The thing I enjoy the most though is how the kids find out about an opportunity (Toys for Tots through school, children in need through church, giving to Golisano’s children’s hospital, a mitten/hat tree at school) and ask if they can give. Its the simple, consistent efforts that make a difference and teach that giving feels good. They still talk about how they enjoyed cooking and serving at the homeless shelter and helping during the Special Olympics. These are the memories I want them to remember so that they carry this on as tradition. Thank you Honest for being a company with integrity that I am proud to say I purchase products from!

  • Madison Hughes

    I am a first time mom. My son was born August 30th. My whole pregnancy I knew that I was going to try my hardest to breast feed him. We have been EXTREMELY fortunate on our journey together for the last 3 months. I have been blessed with an amazing milk supply and a strong, healthy baby. When my son, Silas, was almost a month old I felt a very strong calling to start pumping and donating my milk to someone who hasn’t been as fortunate as we have. I’m currently donating around 100oz a week to a little boy around my sons age. I have honestly never felt so good about myself as I do now. It feels amazing to not only see my son grow because of me, but to also help another mom with her baby.

  • Jessica Cheney

    I am going to donate my time again to pick fruit with Food Forward, which I love! Being outside and ensuring that food doesn’t go to waste makes me so happy!

  • Chris Medina

    My husband and I stopped giving gifts to each other a few years back, and started picking a charity to donate to. Last year, we donated to build wells and provide fresh water for families in need. This year we will be giving a goat to a family in Africa to help them nourish themselves and to also start a small business.

  • Jenni

    My LO and I will be helping to give a better Christmas to a couple little girls who have less than us.

  • sandcoleman

    Donating food, clothes and toys. I always talk to my children about the importance of giving and making a difference. No matter how big or small, it matters.

  • With the kids at church!

  • Brianna Mercado

    Every year I give back by continuing to serve my surface navy spouse support group along side other very strong spouses. We plan community service efforts with the USO and the Fisher House, Toys for Tots, and the local food banks to help strengthen our community. I give back by working as a nurse and donating wherever possible to the charitable works my hospital puts together. I am also a Thirty-One Gifts consultant and encourage giving to others by donations of money and products to the RMHC (One that is very close to me personally). I may not do as much as some but I do what I am able and I don’t expect to be rewarded for it. I am just thrilled that Honest Co. is the company that it is and wants to give so much rather than take and give the impression that it cares so much. Thank you.

  • Emily McCann

    I plan to give back this year by remembering to do the little things. Opening doors for others, leaving a couple dollars at the register to apply to the next person’s purchase, saying thank you every time, and telling someone everyday that I appreciate them. Sometimes brightening someone else’s day and paying attention to the smallest things can be the biggest gift of all.

  • I look forward to minimizing my home items and clothes and give them to neighbors and friends in need.

  • Emily Bundy

    I’m a photographer and 10% of my profit goes to friends of mine who are missionaries in Iquitos, Peru. Normally I do Operation Christmas Child and pack shoeboxes but this year I missed the deadline. =/

  • Coleman

    This year I plan to give back by teaching my child to be a honest and respectful human.

  • I plan to offer my time to others when they need help for something. I think we are too dependent on getting our to-do lists done ourselves these days that we are afraid to ask others for help.

  • Gigi Powers

    I’ve already given back by stopping on the way home to help a stranger pick up her rubbish after a crazed driver ran over her post box and rubbish bags on a main road. My husband and I also adopted our first Angel. Love it so much, might pick another. I’m a school nurse and I use my Honest products (out of my own pocket) to safely disinfect my office for my students. We don’t have children and we have enough, but it’s just a must to keep giving! It brings such joy to me. I give so much to my students/staff/employees and I plan on doing this for as long as I’m able. I’m 27, a school nurse, newlywed, first home, new car, I feel so accomplished and blessed and all I want to do is craft and do more for my students. I love what I do. I work hard to take care of my students and staff. And I’m extremely grateful. I also don’t need to win. Just wanted to share my kindness in hopes others will so the same. Love YOUR LIFE and Pay it forward!

  • Takaienhne Herne

    I plan on giving back to my Community through harvesting gardens and preserving organically grown foods in the Summer time, but also throughout the Winter in our green houses!

  • Abby

    Our family volunteers at my daughter’s school helping to take of animals. We also donate to local charities and let the kids pick what and how we will donate so they can be a part of it.

  • Ann

    I give through implementing the Safe Families for Children and Laudry Love. Both support struggling and homeless families in our community.

  • DeAnna

    It’s my daughters first Christmas, and although she is too small to remember it, we plan on doing some small things this holiday season to start the tradition of helping the less fortunate:)
    Baking cookies for our local homeless shelter and participating in our local toy drives will be on our list this year!
    Another thing I consider to be “giving back” is being the greatest mother I can be. I will raise my daughter to be the best version of her self, and the world will be a better place because of that 🙂
    Happy holidays to everyone!!

  • MoneyWoman

    I want to do volunteer work for veterans to honor family members that have served.

  • Erinn

    I participated in a JDRF fundraising walk this year to raise money for Type 1 diabetes research. I also shop through Amazon Smile and answer surveys on SurveyMonkey Contribute to donate a little money to the foundation each time. I try to give back year ’round.

  • Alycia

    I want to give by putting more focus on my family this year and really be grateful for the moments I have to share with them.

  • Megan

    I donated money and food to community food boxes last month and will do so again this month!

  • Brienne

    I plan to give back by having my daughter donate toys she doesn’t play with anymore. We also donate canned goods and I plan on sponcering a child for Christmas!

  • Dianna Yvonne Clark

    I plan to give back by volunteeringredients time at my granddaughterschool preschool.

  • Yelena

    I plan to give back by donating old clothing to those in need

  • We donate toys to toys for tots and the giving tree. We also buy gifts from ChildFund. One of my favorite things during the holiday’s is to bake all day on the weekend and then surprise deliver candy and cookies to friends. I always feel like we can do more though.

  • Penny

    With raising very young children at the moment I find the best I can do to give back to the community is to donate blood which is what I’ll do this holiday season.

  • Cindy Huang Vissering

    I will donate to one extra charity this holiday season!

  • Ashley Deniz

    We donate clothes, toys and food ever year but thinking of trying to do some pay it forwards this year (buying someone behind me their coffee or part of groceries or something. )

  • Arielle Olney

    I am a barber in my second hometown. I plan to do a baby doll drive to give to alzeimer residents of our local nursing homes.

  • Dorothy Gail Ramos

    I am a high school coach and I put out the expectation that all players and myself will be volunteering a minimum of one hour at our local food pantry and charity Reindeer Run. I have created a Google doc to keep track of each players hours and we will have a Holiday Party to celebrate our time together before we head off to winter break.

  • Ashley

    Donating jackets and hats to children without them at the school.

  • Deanne Schafer Ludewig

    I work with teens each summer at camp helping them with communication skills that they take back to school and use to help others that need a good listener.

  • Tina Mulhern

    I give food, I give hats & gloves to our bank’s organization, I give clothing and when I can I give money!

  • Carmen Flettre

    I donated to Kids Can Give this year. I think it is a great program and was happy to donate some nice items so that kids can feel how great it is to give gifts to others. I also donated to one of our favorite places – Como Zoo and the Marjorie McNeely Conservatory. We love visiting the zoo and conservatory.

  • sascha

    I plan to give back this year by supporting an orphanage in Mexico. Children that are orphans there will not be adopted out, just live in the group home. I have visited the home I am supporting so I know exactly how my dollars are helping.

  • michele ramirez

    I am trying to help by 1 making a soccer camp free so that all the kids have something to do over the summer and get exercise and buy all the kids things that are if you buy something they give one to a kid in need and donating money to red cross

  • Teri Clark Martin

    We give back to the community by running an internet chrudtian radio station from our home, plus I watch my grandson for my son and daughter in law who are low income and cannot afford daycare. I also care for another family for free who could never afford daycare. I know it’s not slot but it is what I can do.

  • Evan Johnson

    I try my best to donate all my sons small clothing to families that need it. Although now he is definitely ripping clothes more! But I also try and help other moms whenever they need it by bringing food or helping them with their kids.

  • michele ramirez

    I always donate gloves and hats to the school were my kids go for the kids that don’t have any so they can stay warm and help with school supplies when school starts and watch kids so they can play soccer and get exercise

  • Debra

    I will teach my children the importance of helping those in need this holiday season.

  • Sara

    Giving when not asked, always feeling for others, teaching my kids and having a monthly donation plan in addition to the regular donations for schools or others

  • Sandra Walters

    My husband and I give back to our community through our involvement with youth. We invest and build relationships with our students and mentor them. The youth is our future, and many don’t have role models to help develop them into model citizens. We give back, because the relationships we build with them bless us more than they know.

  • Heather Burns

    My family donates clothes & personal care items to Helens Hope Chest several times a year. Thus organization helps foster kids in the state of AZ.

  • Rebecca

    With a newborn my time and energy is limited, but I like to serve my neighborhood by making meals for friends when sick or just had a baby or surgery. I like to share clothes, household goods, etc with those who need them ire donate them if we aren’t using them.

  • Ali

    My student volunteers and I have started organizing a personal care items drive on our campus that will be donated to the local shelters.

  • Amy Nott

    We will continue to donate all of my son’s outgrown clothes and toys to children in need in our community.

  • Cuteba

    Donate clothing and food

  • Phoebe Anderson

    This year we are so broke that our grocery budget has been reduced to $75/two weeks, so the only thing that we are able to do this year is donate some spare winter coats (in great shape), gloves, and an abundance of books to a local charity that sells the books to raise money to provide clothing for families in need. I am downsizing my library so that we can make more room for the cats that we have adopted after they were abandoned. We have literally donated a couple of pickup loads of books in the past, and l think that l still have at least a carload left.

  • Ann Bich Nguyen

    A way to give back, for each paycheck I earned, I donate to the Whole Planet Foundation and Whole Kids Foundation.

  • SJGates

    I will continue to donate my time to various charities (habitat for humanity, local food bank) in order to give back. I also work for a company that encourages all employees to give of their time.

  • Lyndsay Marvin

    I am donating money to various nonprofits/charities, volunteering my time at homeless shelters (so many in LA!), and donating tons of gently-used clothes to The Salvation Amy.

  • Baldini

    I work with non profits abroad

  • Eva

    as having a new born we decided to buy gift for children in need whose families can`t afford presents under the tree

  • Veronika

    I would love to have the V jewelry as it matches my name 🙂 it would be very special for me and always remind me not to be self centered and continue giving back and helping those in need! I volunteered with orphans every weekend since I was 13. My other passion is helping homeless animals Back in my country of birth.
    im planning to continue doing what I have been…

  • jackie

    With a toddler and newborn in tow, it is more important than ever that we as parents are using everyday actions as teaching examples on giving back to the community and those in need. Whether it be donating time, money or gently used items. I’m proud to say that my 3 year old is getting a grasp of the concept and learning to give in his own little ways.

  • kenia velazquez

    I volunteer at homeless shelters, and donate all my gently-used new borns clothes to the hospital where he was in the NICU

  • Jocelyn Long

    I plan to be more mindful of others and to take time to connect with friends and family members that I have been distanced from.

  • Amber Garrett

    I have and will continue to volunteer at the local food banks and can’t wait to bring my son with me this coming year. Honest company has changed my entire outlook on health and life. I hope to do the same for even just one person in my lifetime!

  • Hanna

    I try my best to be a good example every day to my kids, in the little things as well as on a larger scale. With the current refugee crisis in Europe we are joining as locals who help refugees here in Oslo to get settled, bringing our kids along. The other day my 4 year old daughter looked at me and said “I don’t think it’s ok that we have a lot while someone else don’t have a bed. Can I give something to another little girl?” She chose her two favourite stuffed animals and gave them away, telling them to hug their new owners whenever they were sad.
    That is giving to me.

  • kristananderson

    I try to give back all year in big and small ways; not wait for the holiday season to make a difference. And, I like for it to be random acts of kindness.

  • Evanna Nichols

    I would give back to families who do not have anything whether it is food, clothing, or even other things they may not have.It is better to give than to receive I believe I’m giving back to the community.

  • Tina Scott

    I would give Back and I have done this for the last two years by helping out at The Missouri United Methodist Church by Cleaning and helping out the homeless. We have what is called Room at the Inn and It is where homeless are set up in a large gym and they are out of the cold they also get fed supper and breakfast. The Methodist does it for two weeks then they move to the next church. Getting them warm,showered, fed, and handy food packs to carry out for the day also personal hygiene and clothing along with coats. It is my way of giving a large group my help.

  • Estee

    This year I will be giving back by helping raise money and awareness for Holocaust survivors living under the poverty line. HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE!!

  • Holly Gouldman-Haygood

    I’m a teacher with several economically disadvantaged students. This year I will be working with others to help provide them a memorable holiday. 💚

  • Ashley Turner

    My family and I are always donating time to our children’s elementary school by physically volunteering our time to donating supplies and fund to help kids in need. If we have to send I one item, I send in 5 just incase some one couldn’t do it or simply forgot! It’s all about the teachers having more time to teach.❤️

  • Dawn Marti

    I plan to donate clothes and toys

  • Lauren

    My family and I donate clothing, toys and food every year to a local family in need during the holidays. We also incorporate giving to others during our holiday party festivities such as being a toy for Toys For Tots and collect warm clothing for those in need to stay warm this holiday season. We also try to practice random acts of kindness as much as we can.

  • Aly McBride

    I just stopped working to be home with my baby. I plan to use some of my new time to help out at a local nonprofit. I’m a lawyer and ready to use my skills for good

  • Meenakshi Nichani

    Donating my time at food bank and soup kitchen

  • Christy Furr

    Every year I get our family together (in laws and kids included) and we go serve Christmas lunch at local homeless shelter before we get together for our dinner. It has become a tradition and humbles all of us to be grateful for what we have in our lives and fir each other.

  • Susan

    Every Christmas we go to the Fire Dept and Police Dept and give them cookies and sing carols. I also want to give my kids money to give away to someone.

  • Madelynn Ressler

    I’ve been collecting clothes to donate during the coldest months of winter. I live in a community that has great programs so those that do not have food or shelter can always have access to a hot meal. So I also look forward to lots of volunteer opportunities!

  • lin

    I plan to donate my winter clothing and unwanted toys to shelters who are in dire need.

  • Joni

    I donate collected good to a local donation center. I also donate my time in helping wig preparation at Wigs 4 Kids

  • Dotti

    I donate clothes and books and whatever else to help clothing banks. I collect winter coats to donate winter clothes to give to clothing banks to hand out to people in need.

  • Laura b

    Work will be doing two local drives this holiday

  • S S

    I plan to donate my time this holiday season toward local organizations helping a variety of populations.

  • Kimberusse

    We donate toys and clothes all year round 🙂

  • Belinda

    Love the backpack!!!

  • Rebecca Hollis Slayton

    I plan to extra time with loved ones and friends.

  • Lyndsey M. Woods

    We sew blankets and bedding for the local Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, where my beautiful 18-month-old son spent the first three months of his life, after having been born 3.5 months early. We also provide treats for the nurses and staff and are planning to develop a better design for preemie and newborn footie pajamas that allow for easy access to the various wires and tubes that these precious babies need to survive.

  • Courtney W Stokes

    This year, I’m giving back by raising healthy, respected, respectful children. That’s what I can do at this moment, so that’s where my focus is. It’s my current version of think globally, act locally!

  • Becca Lockhart

    My family will buy a few Christmas presents for a family in need and will will volunteer at the YMCA Christmas gathering for low-income families. We give financially to our favorite causes: The V Foundation for Cancer Research, the Alexander Family YMCA, and Crosspointe Church of Cary, NC.

  • Amanda

    We donate all year round 🙂

  • Teresa

    Last week we put together 40+ Operation Christmas Child boxes with my daughters girl scout troop – a great experience for all. Our family also sponsors an Angel child or two each Christmas, donating to food drives, toys for tots etc…we do what we can to give back.

  • Angela

    We give to local churches to help in their efforts of reaching the community at large and donate to charities overseas, like World Vision and World Concern.

  • LCap

    We will be donating a lot of our gently used housewares and clothes this Christmas when we move. We have so much that we don’t use and I know that someone else would get great use from it.

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  • | taryn |

    I will be volunteering at a local hospice this year. My mom passed away last May, and the hospice care that she received was very helpful with the process. I hope that I can give back and be helpful to someone else in need.

  • missjnam

    Purge my closet and package up outfits and shoes to give to the needy.

    • Chassey Wallace

      I did this too about 2 weeks ago. It was a win-win 🙂

  • Kim

    My family prepares gift boxes for operation Christmas child every year and this year, we are also getting clothes and diapers to donate to newborns in need

  • Lindsay Snyder

    Instead of accepting gifts for my daughter’s first birthday, we asked friends and family to make food donation to our local food pantry. We collected 309 pounds of food and diapers!

    • Chassey Wallace

      I love this idea!

  • Kellie

    I am currently pregnant and my husband and I plan to foster and/or adopt a child so at least starting the process this next year. We also help within our church, hand out homeless bags that I keep in my car, and (we own a business) so giving as much to the employees as possible outside of their regular wages-bonuses, extra days off, etc. We work in the social work field so I am always looking for extra ways to give back to them because the work they do everyday is so important to families.

  • Chassey Wallace

    I chaired an event supported by the Point Venture Lions Club and PVPOA to benefit Toys for Tots. We collected over 5 full boxes of toys in one night and had a blast doing it!

  • Mackenzie Dwoznik

    I plan to give back by volunteering with children ministry in my church.

  • Storm

    Random acts of kindness and generosity every day. One example is my 1.5 year old daughter loves to smile and say hello to people when we are out and about. Usually these smiles are met with a smile/wave and sometimes the interaction turns into something a little more – like talking to someone about their own children (who are now older) or grandchildren (who may live far way) – these small acts brighten everyone’s day.

  • Linda

    We try to donate items all year round. With a new baby, we decided to give back every year around the holidays by going to the food bank with our son.

  • Luann

    We always make our kids give throughout the year, just last week a homeless gentleman asked for food outside a grocery store, so we had our kids help fill up a large box of all kinds of food and hand it to him on our way out. They were so happy to do it!

  • Ariel

    We help out with the children in our church throughout the year

  • Kayla Stockman

    We are giving back this year by having a no-gift birthday party for my son. I will suggest no gifts, but since my son loves his dogs, he asks for a bag of dog food so we can donate it to the local no-kill shelter. I know that a lot of puppies are surrendered after the holidays and his birthday is in January. We also volunteer at our local Boys and Girls Club.

  • Krista Hile

    Giving warm clothes and food to our local homeless shelter.

  • Kinsey

    I give back through my church. This year we are partnering with a local assistance center to provide food and gifts for families in need.

  • Deanne Panther

    Our extended family is doing a gift theme of “gifts that give back”! Such a great idea!

  • Kylee Hufnagel

    This year we adopted two kids for Christmas. We are buying them all of their Christmas. It has been amazing explaining to my 7 yr old about why we are doing this. Its something we will never forget.

  • Rosann

    We made single serve hot chocolate pouches with marshmallows and a peppermint spoon to give to friends and neighbors.

  • Alex Warren

    We decided to sponsor a child in Kenya this year and we are helping wrap presents for children in need at a local shelter!

  • Jennifer

    We go to soup kitchens and feed the homeless

  • Amie

    I donated to the local science museum which has great programs for the community.

  • Lindsey MacDonald

    I’m going to donate to the Ronald McDonald house.

  • Nina Pipa

    I’ll donate for refugees in Europe and for homeless children in Boston. I’ll also lead the event for college students to donate warm clothes to homeless in their town.

  • gee

    I give to Heifer international and our local SPCA

  • Kimberlee Lockhart

    We donate to a clean water initiative, and we also support the Red Cross and sponsor a a child through world vision. We will also be filling a shoebox for Samaritan’s Purse.

  • Mei Guan

    As an urban educator, I see that the needs of our scholars goes beyond content specific learning… They are yearning for mentors and supporters especially in the middle school years. This year, I hope to take on a more deliberate and purposeful mentoring role. I am thinking of leading a mindfulness and self esteem group with scholars who need a safe space to zen out.

  • Cassie

    We are going to give back this year by donating items to our local foster program. We will also be donating food to the food pantry.

  • Jill Ruskin

    I am giving money to a local high school student who, after spending nights and weekends at the hospital with his mother and still coming to school everyday, is dealing with her loss. His teacher sent out an email asking the community for support following the mother’s passing. He is described as an awesome student and has no other close family. You can donate on this link.

  • Colleen

    I support programs for women and children who are victims of domestic violence.

  • Paula vazquez

    We donate all year. We strive to help out others during the whole year as opposed to this time of the year. We feed give homeless, help paint shelters and give financial donations. At the company I work for we constantly give back.

  • Graciela Hernandez

    I am giving back by donating food and clothes to my local shelters and participating in any charity within my reach.

  • abigail

    I volunteer for an organization that supports children who are survivors of interpersonal violence.

  • Jamie

    We raise money and gifts to send to an emergency center for families with little to no income.

  • Heather

    We try to put good into the world daily with love, smiles, and sometimes paying for the starbucks guy behind me 🙂

  • Mallory Troyer

    Sponsoring a child through compassion international

  • Summer

    We devote our spare time from work to love and cherise our twin infant boys. When they outgrow their clothes, toys and items we donate them to their daycare and other moms in need.

  • tiffany

    We send care packages to our soldiers fighting over seas!

  • Tina

    We have a toy donation box at work. Trying to get it filled up for those less fortunate.

  • Lindsey Newton

    We give back by sponsoring a child in a child development program in a slum near Bangalore, India.

  • Dilcia

    I work in the retail side of a restaurant, and when some members of my community come in that I know that experience hardship, I pay they’re bill. Whenever possible I volunteer.

  • Bridgette Kolesar Mahmood

    I plan to volunteer at the community soup kitchen. And , donate supplies to kids and teenagers in need. I do this every year.

  • mare

    I am giving back by just simply serving others and giving the gift of love and peace this Christmas time.

  • Cassandra Jackson

    We adopted 4 senior/disabled people in our community. We also donated some time and work to help a local foundation called hillcrest which provides temporary housing for the homeless.

  • Sanriobaby =^.^=

    I’m giving back by donating a lot of my gently used items to my local women’s center. It serves our community by providing help to women and children who are primarily victims of sexual abuse and domestic violence. I have donated clothing, food, toys, books, and magazines. I am also looking into donating my time there too. It’s so important to give back!

  • Maggie L

    I am on the board of our local humane society, which is so rewarding. This endeavor provides me with the opportunity to be consistently involved in the daily activities of the humane society, and also allows for opportunities to be hands-on with all fund-raising events, including spearheading a 5K called, “Jog for the Dogs”.

  • Jen H

    I’m going to give back by volunteering in local schools. One-on-one tutoring is my favorite way to help out.

  • Blakely

    There are a few families in our area that need some help this year. We will be providing meals and necessities and toys for them and their kids so that they can have a wonderful Christmas even though their family is struggling. I also help with the Candy Cane Corner to help families this time of year and love their message and help they bring to families in need.

  • Janine Sandoval

    Every year during the holidays me and my family give out gift cards and food to families in need. We see the impact it makes and its a wonderful feeling knowing you’re helping people out.

  • Sara

    Every year during Christmas, I “adopt” foster children in my area & buy gifts for them. It’s nice to show my young children how to give back.

  • Alisa

    I give back by volunteering 2x a month at a local church.

  • Karen Cox

    I love the Honest Company products. Our family gives to an organization near us that hosts foster children and potential adoptees plus has a two homes for severely handicapped children. We choose from the children’s wish list.

  • Emily En Route Griggs

    Our family is working to minimize our home- we’ll be donating everything we don’t need to families that DO need those items. We also will donate to local food pantries and homeless shelters.

  • Erin

    I give back by trying to engage my community in arts projects that highlight our changing planet and the urgent need to do something about it. In our community we built a little lending library where we can share ideas and inspirations, we made a Halloween Display of Climate Love Hearts where we drew or wrote about what we love. Next year I hope to do more public art with more people from different backgrounds and of different ages.

  • Gila W.

    I love animals, all animals! I will be volunteering for the next year at our local animal shelter that focuses on rescuing farm/domestic animals that have been abused or saving them from slaughter.

  • Elena Deych

    I will give back by donating clothes and toys to the needy families. I also hope to engage my friends in this process.

  • Julia

    I will give back by planting and caring for the Trees of LA that give us so many benefits and take care of our city!

  • Alicia

    By helping to give to those in need

  • Kristy

    I will give back by helping those in my camunity who are in need by donating clothing, food, and other items.

  • Jasmine Luna

    I give back by looking for opportunities to bless others. Recently, a dear family friend had a miscarriage at 7 months. We decided to send her a card. But then I got an idea! I decided to also send her a care package. It was full of chocolates, tea, floral pens, and little notes of encouragement. She sent us a message saying thank you. She said that right after the funeral, the first thing she saw was the package on her porch.
    It’s little things like these; just look for ways to be a blessing in someone’s life! This life is not about us. Give back.

  • Ashley

    I will give back by continuing to volunteer at and for local non-profit organizations and by donating clothes, toiletries, and other items to a local shelters.

  • Nicole

    I will continue to give back by donating toys and clothes to my local church. I will continue to volunteer with Associate in Action at Kohls.

  • Amanda Ross

    We have an annual Tis Better to Give Than to Receive toy and supply drive in my community during the holiday.

  • Rachelle de la Rosa

    I’m a first time mom starting December 21st (that her due date at least 🙂 ) so while I don’t have a means of giving back through a charity this year, I am going to give back by being the best mom I can be. I’m gonna do this by taking care of my daughter, my husband, my family, still working on getting my degree and doing everything I can to the best of my ability.

  • Miriam Matheny

    We gave back this Christmas by packing boxes for Operation Christmas Child. God has really put it on my heart to help children.

  • Rebekah Neely

    We are helping our church put on a Christmas Store for our local elementary school where parents can come and shop for Christmas presents at 1/10 of the cost. This gives families that are near the poverty line and below a chance to give their kids clothes, toys and things they need during the holidays with dignity. We also are involved with giving to our local community throughout the year, serving at different events, giving time and money, etc!

  • Grace

    I’m trying to teach my 5 year old about giving. So I’m helping him donate toys (gifts that he has received in the past but have not opened) to toy drives.

  • Ana Flavia Maciel

    I gave back this christmas by organizing an operation christmas child packing party where we packed a total of 125 boxes for children in need around the world. My kids and I also raked the leaves of a family that we knew were in need. I also plan on giving toys to toys for tots with my husband.

  • EmGabs

    This year we plan on donating toys and clothes to children that are in need.

  • Cathy vega

    I am doing diy projects because we are struggling with money since I just had a baby two months ago so this Christmas is going to be rough but I still want to give. That’s why I’m doing diy projects.

  • Sarah

    I’m helping out with Breastfeeding USA and getting a mentoring program going 🙂

  • Danni Clay

    Giving is an important part of this season because God gave the ultimate gift. I want to teach my children to givers all year round. We give not only fincianciallg, but of our time and resources.

  • Chrissy

    My husband and I have been hosting holiday meals for people in town that have no family to spend it with. We plan on doing the same thing all next year to!

  • Kristen

    I have been so inspired by the Pencils of Promise organization. I am an art teacher and have been recently looking for an organization that really hits home and has a great method to providing education to those in need. I plain to become a monthly “passport” holder and commit to give monthly. I have a 2 year old and a 6 month old and want them to be an active part of this process and awareness. I also plain to organize a fundraiser with our schools National Art Honors Society to give money to Pencils of Promise. For this holiday season, I am going to purchase items from SoKo for my family members, not only to support their movement but also so that proceeds this season go to Pencils of Promise. I am very excited about this and am so grateful for Honest co. bringing this to my attention.

  • Maryann Kim

    We gift as many grocery bags at Safeway and Raley’s as we can afford each year, as well as donate presents for children’s gift collection centers…

  • Lia

    I will volunteer my time at the local youth organization who hosts programs such as homework help for youngsters as well as drop in programs and counseling services.

  • Valerie

    My husband and I will be providing gifts and a Christmas party for teens who may not otherwise have a happy Christmas.

  • Suzi Zordan Holloway

    I plan on giving back this year by volunteering.

  • April Billedeau

    We donate to A great organization to help out teachers from around the country!

  • shay

    We’re participating in a food drive!

  • Megan Johnson

    A group of us moms and our 3 years olds will be visiting an assisted living center next week to sing some Christmas carols and hand out candy canes to the residents. 🙂

  • Erin

    I usually do most of my Christmas shopping for the girls on my list at a local place here in Jacksonville, FL called Rethreaded. They employ people coming out of the sex trade that would otherwise have difficulty finding a job. This job not only provides for these employees and their families, but it also provides an amazing community where they can experience a love they may never have known before. If you’d like to support these amazing people, here’s their story & website:


  • ELLA

    Food drives, blanket drives, toy drives AND my favorite Random acts of Kindness!!

  • Alyssa Franks

    My fiancé and I enjoy donating sporadically when we come across stories of people and families in need…for example, today we learned that a friend of a friend is a woman who lost her husband in the San Bernardino attack. She is now a single mother of six. If you would also like to donate to help out this family in need, here is the link

  • Dina Banks

    as a stay at home mom, ive been selling some used baby gear on ebay and this year i decided to give all i “earned” to organizations that help directly to families affected by earthquakes in Nepal. it was not that much money in western lifestyle where u can easily spend more than $100 for organic food weekly shopping for family of four, but in asia even $5 can build few tents to shelter people who lost their home, provide food and transportation for those stuck in disaster zones. giving to such causes does make a huge difference, it also helps US to change our priortities – be happy with less, enjoy what we have and spread the awareness. thank u, HONEST! <3

  • Shyann Heward Mumma

    My family and I will be supporting a family this year who otherwise would not have Christmas 🙂

  • Natalie Mattson

    Food and toy drives in my community!

  • Katrina K

    This month my kids and I are doing 30 days of Random Acts of Kindness. Thanks for the inspiring gift ideas!

  • Allison

    I volunteer at a local food pantry

  • Melissa

    In addition to our regular monthly donation to Pure Charity we are giving to MOAS who are rescuing refugees from unsafe boats in the ocean and to Rescue Gifts.

  • Victoria

    Salvation Army Angel Tree. I love shopping for my “adopted child” and including some fun but also education items.

  • Elizabeth Kwiatkowski Wieland

    I work for a non-profit botanical garden with a focus on literacy. (Bookworm Gardens in Sheboygan, WI!)

  • Angela

    Volunteering at church

  • Zandria Michaud

    Toys for Tots and WWF Gifts.

  • Leslie

    I volunteer at a local Christmas Bureau that provides necessities such as home health products, diapers, canned food, books, coats, and gift items for those in my community who are struggling and/or on government assistance. I hope it makes the Holidays less of a burden and more of a celebration for our community. My son and I also participate in Random Acts of kindness each day in December leading up to Christmas. I will be looking for ways to help Syrian refugees as well.

  • Sonia

    Hoboken Homeless Shelter and free yoga sessions! Namaste my friends!

  • D. Bradford

    As owners of a catering company we plan to feed a family in need. Everyone deserves a good meal!

  • Carrine Bellman

    We will be helping serve meals this holiday season 🙂

  • Kelle Cline

    We will be volunteering as a family, babysitting animals so individuals could go on vacation.

  • Elise C

    We don’t have much to give, but I try to keep dollar store gloves or granola bars in the car to give to someone who needs them. Again, because we do not have a lot ourselves, when handing out winter coats at the near by shelter I realized I could also just listen to their stories.

  • Jessica Solano

    Will help by volunteering with a local foundation that gives 100% of the proceeds to cancer patients undergoing treatment

  • Christina G

    staying more in touch with my family living far from me. It’s so easy to get busy and all of a sudden you realize it’s been weeks since talking to a sister, brother, etc.

  • Heather

    This year my kids along with other families are putting together small baggies full of goodies for homeless living in our community. The kids made the list of what they’d like included in the baggies- everything from hand sanitizer to cash. We are also making bread for everyone who makes us smile on a regular basis, or people we are thankful for…the folks who work in the disabled home across the street from our house, our music teacher, my physical therapist…just to name a few! I feel compelled to recognize the value that so many people bring to our lives this year.
    Giving feels so good! Happy Holidays!

  • Raquel

    I lost my daughter, Raelynn McKenna Thomas, at 16 weeks. So every year I adopt an angel that is the same age that she would be and my son and I buy presents for that little girl. It warms my heart to know a little girl the same age as my daughter will have a good Christmas.

  • Patricia

    Feeding I go and make about 50 sandwiches and go to the park and feed all the homeless

  • Claudia

    Sponsoring 2 more kids this year, donating $ to our favorite charity, buying christmas gifts for kids in need

  • Lauren Majdalani

    I strive to give back! I engage in a weekly bible ministry. I also help organize drives for a foster children organization in Dallas. 🙂

  • Carly Zeeman

    Every year I pack and send the Christmas gift boxes for a little girl and a little boy overseas. I hope I can make someone feel special every year!

  • Beth

    I try to incorporate more service into everyday and really try to be more considerate and giving to others

  • Nicole Andal

    We have many ways that we give back every year for the holidays. We adopt to angels off of our local Salvation Army tree, we build and send shoeboxes to Operation Christmas Child through our church, we donate food for the Thanksgiving baskets our church builds and gives out to needy families, we donate all of our old but gently used toys to a family in need, and we spend time volunteering with our church!

  • Jill P

    We give back by donating to local charities and helping out where ever we can.

  • Hunter Lehnert

    I helped my oldest establish a blanket drive at the hospital where I work.

  • Megan

    I am planning to volunteer as a mentor for a “Student Mentorship Program” where I teach an underprivileged child and provide a positive influence on him/her.

  • Rissé in Texas

    We are leading a toy exchange for kids in a tough part of town – friends of mine with too many toys in the house can donate them, others can bring something and take something different, or kids can grab a new toy without bringing anything at all!

  • Angelpaws71

    I’ve adopted 3 Korean Jindo pups from the Korean meat farm, adopted a one eyed chihuahuas in PA and 2 death row blind chihuahuas from a Los Angeles shelter and adopted 2 death row chihuahua mixes from Roswell, NM. I already had 6 dogs to begin with. Now it have 14. I also care for a feral cat colony of 16 cats. Donate to various charities when I can also.

  • Brittney Devey

    I am giving back this year by doing Christmas Gift baskets for Refugees in Kenya. I work for a nurse staffing company and we plan on making 50 baskets of sanitation supplies so they families can live clean, safe, and healthy lives. 🙂 Great work everyone for giving beyond yourselves and creating happier lives for others!

  • anna

    love you guys!

  • Jessica H

    My family and I will be laying wreaths at Arlington Cemetery with Wreaths Across America to pay respect to the veterans that are not able to spend holidays with their family. It’s is a beautiful and sombering event that really brings our family together and reminds us to appreciate everything we have and everything veterans have given us to keep us free.

  • Amanda

    We make giving back a family affair and involve our two young children. We have a kindness elf that comes to our house in December and leaves messages encouraging the boys to do kind things for others throughout the month.

  • Kassie

    We took on the task of helping some children on the Angel tree at work. Hoping we help make these children’s Christmas a little brighter :).

  • Jennifer Leydecker

    We will be giving back by donating toys for our local school Christmas toy drive and giving to our local Second Harvest Food Bank.

  • Erika Grimstead

    We are having our daughter pick out some gifts to send out.

  • AlannaB

    We usually purchase animals through World Vision for 3rd world villages for Christmas, but in addition to that I am going to have my children come up with ways to raise money to buy food, clothing, etc. for the homeless or whoever they feel is in need.

  • кмвe anne

    For the holidays I am giving back by donating gifts to family. I buy based on each individual’s wants/needs through a special request paper they fill out. These are families who cannot afford gifts for thier children or significant others.

  • Courtney

    We plan to give items to our local homeless shelter and humane society.

  • Darla

    I plan to donate gifts to local charities that help with my community and donate my time as well!

  • Anitrea Payne

    I plan on donating new blankets so that homeless children and families in my community will not be cold this winter.

  • Annie Velez

    We alwayd give away my kids clothes and toys to help others in need. .

  • patterson_johnm

    Though United Way

  • Amy S

    Volunteering at The Salvation Army

  • Katya

    I forward things that we don’t use any more, like toys and clothes, household items, to people who recently moved to US and often times don’t have bare necessities. It makes me happy to see people use and appreciate stuff we no longer need.

  • Krista

    We pick an angel off a special tree at our church and provide gifts to a child in need.

  • nJa

    We donate our unwanted items to the local church re-sale shop. We bake goods for our annual school fund raiser and volunteer at the event. We bake goods for our annual children’s oncology Christmas party. We help in any way we can.

  • Christine

    We’re taking our boys into the city tomorrow night to volunteer with Angels of Light. We will be wrapping and giving toys to kids in needs. These families will also be enjoying a meal and a fun Christmas program. I’m so excited to share this with my kids.

  • Sheila

    We are planning on giving to Toys for Tots and donate to church

  • Sarah

    We will donate more to the Community Action Coalition.

  • Marcia Bush

    We give back by taking an Angel off of the Christmas tree at the school I work for. The angels on the tree are our students and some are the younger siblings of our students that are not old enough to be in school. It is the way to help right in my own community.

  • Jaymorbea

    My job provides ways for me and my family to serve others throughout the year. From community service to rounding up donations of different types of goods. I love that we are helping others year round and not just during the holidays.

  • Kendal Zeisloft

    I am giving back this year by adopting an elderly person. Adult Protective Services in my town does an angel tree for their elderly in need. Never forget grandma!

  • Crystalkitty0527

    We give back by sponsoring a kennel for the year. . Also we have been collecting baby items for mothers in need and the local community program.

  • Chelsey

    We donate personal products to a local women’s abuse shelter.

  • Ashli Cryderman

    Help a family in need with Christmas gifts!

  • AMC

    We help a family with Christmas gifts!

  • Amanda Lambright

    We donate loaves of bread, cheese, meats, and condiments to SoupMobile. We all gather around and put together sandwiches for the homeless in the Dallas area and SoupMobile distributes them accordingly! Great organization & always a great time!

  • Jocelyne

    This is awesome! The pieces are lovely xoxox

  • Theresa

    I’m an upcoming mother/sophomore in college and I love to get involved with projects that are partner-shipped with my university. This month I will be participating in “Holiday Havoc” where 150 local children from foster homes and Boys and Girls Club come and have a small Christmas with volunteers from my university. This is the first one so I’m pretty excited!

  • Natalie

    I am planning to serve at a soup kitchen this holiday season and start the tradition with my family this year! Plus, every year we go through our belongings and donate the excess.

  • Lucy Snow

    This December I’m donating maternity coats and clothes to expecting women in need at a local Charlotte shelter.

  • Terri

    My daughter really likes your products as do I. Throughout the year we donate can goods, etc. to the food bank. She would like the jewelry, especially knowing it supports a good cause.

  • Lauren Wetzler Gregory

    My husband and I are foregoing gifts to eachother this year and instead adopting a family in need. Happy Holidays!

  • Sudina Sijapati

    Just donated to the food bank, but we also plan on buying some gifts for a single mother of 6. She works as a housekeeper where I work and I know her kids would appreciate having a few things.

  • Danielle Alldred

    I have been wrapping gifts at a local store with the proceeds going to IncaLink Peru. I also will be providing gifts for a local orphanage <3

  • Marissa

    My husband and I are volunteering for one voice in Santa Monica at the santa monica airport december 17th, packing and giving away food and toys to those less fortunate.

  • We donate all of our infant/children’s clothing and all of our gently used toys and gear to the Harvest Home in Venice, CA, a homeless shelter for pregnant women.

  • Bethany Kingsley

    We are donating a toy to Toys for Tots. I’m trying to teach my daughter about the joy of giving.

  • Katie Sutherland

    We will be helping out our church at various events – my FAVORITE is A Merry Music City Christmas where we will be giving away 250 bicycles to kids who are under privileged. It’s going to be AMAZING!!!!

  • Kim Posthuma

    Taking the whole family to my country Guatemala in January and visiting schools for the less privileged and donating clothes and books. I want to show my kids that there are children who have a lot less then they do but regardless of that they are so happy and feel blessed

  • Melissa M

    We usually donate food to the local food pantry, participate in the Adopt a Family program through the Salvation Army, and this year we hope to add ringing the kettle bell for the Salvation Army to our giving back for the holidays. My husband also volunteers some time at the local Boys and Girls club.

  • Angie M

    My family will adopt a family for the holidays. My children are very eager to help other children.

  • Ciara B

    At work we “adopted” children for Christmas

  • Lisa S

    We’re helping a family who without help would have no Christmas.

  • Mcsquared Court

    We are helping a family that the dad is out of work and just had to have surgery. We are taking him to Socorro appointments, decorating for Christmas, doing the grocery shopping, and cooking occasional meals.

  • Devri

    in 2016 i am finally taking part in yoga teacher training, including a special class for teaching yoga to kids! i plan to teach yoga to kids in preschools and for women in shelters.

  • hemeltsmyheart

    Plan on donating all of our baby stuff to a family in need since we are done with the baby making.

  • Chelsee Ferk

    This year I was honored to be a part of my work’s Community Giving Campaign and coordinated Fundraisers throughout the three month campaign to help in contributing to the overall goal of $2.3 million raised for the United Way. It was so fun and our last thing is a ‘Pie Throw’ we have happening this upcoming Thursday! Nothing like a pie in the face to raise donations. 🙂

  • Lindsay Westerman

    I plan to give back this year by giving to local food banks, St. Jude’s, and our local fire department. We also plan on donating clothing to local families in need.

  • Kelly Choi

    Regularly give to World Vision, Food for the Poor and United Way for international and domestic aid in areas of physical, educational and financial need. Also regularly participate in Samaritan’s Purse’s annual Christmas Shoebox program that ships shoeboxes filled with gifts to underprivileged children around the world.❤

  • Derek Ainsa

    I have a 16 month old daughter and I believe it’s never too early to start encouraging our children to be generous and give back however they can to the community. This holiday season I have taken my daughter to a soup kitchen event, we are donating coats and hats to our preschool coat drive, and we (I) ran a 5-mile Turkey Trot benefitting a local family charity Caritas).

  • Gentrie

    We do the local toy and gift drive that goes to the needy kids in our area. We also like to do ate coats for kids since it is cold in our area in the winter and I see so many kids without proper wi tee coats at my daughters schools.

  • Veronica K

    Our family donates time and needed goods for the kids at our local school district.

  • Chelsea

    This year me and my boyfriend plan to in some way donate our time or money to Seattle children’s. Our son has had a severe kidney problem since I got pregnant and Seattle children’s has done nothing but be wonderful to our family

  • Alba Mars

    We plan on spending time at an orphanage

  • Yadan K

    We had our own Season of Giving at my work too. We did a beach cleanup in Daytona Beach, FL. We partnered with Feeding Children Everywhere and assembled 1500 healthy meals for children in hunger. We also partnered with Clean The World and made over 100 hygiene kits for homeless shelters. Right now, we are still doing coat drive, food drive and toy drive. it feels amazing to be able to help others in need, especially in this holiday season!

  • Brittney

    We like to give at church all through the year.

  • Ashley Langone

    I plan on choosing a family and helping them with Christmas presents

  • Nicola Council

    Our three year old is going to help us pick out non-perishable food items and we will deliver them to our local food bank as a family.

  • Amanda S.

    We donate toys to families in need.

  • Shannon

    Donating to my favorite dog rescue!

  • Anitta Salazar

    I’ll be donating to Judy and Benji Travis’ Dancember event! They teamed up with Convoy of Hope to help feed and end world hunger.

  • Sandra

    Donate to my local children’s hospital

  • Staci

    We will be giving back by donating winter outerwear for children to a local outreach

  • Kate

    Teaching my 5 year old to give back by adopting a family for the holiday . . .helping with food, clothing, essentials.

  • Chanel C

    When my family gets together for Christmas, we spend one day creating goody bags for all the homeless or less fortunate in the areas we all live. We create goody bags with toothpaste, toothbrushes, shampoo, conditioners, juice boxes, toys for the kids, along with other necessities and goodies! It’s a lot of fun to gather around together creating the bags and decorating it all and even more special when we actually hand them out! I think we’ve all had our fair share of tears come when handing a bag to a mother with children in her arms who couldn’t have even dreamed of a stranger giving them something like this. It’s a really awesome tradition that is extremely humbling. We spend all year gathering the items for these goody bags and its my favorite holiday activity to do with my family!

  • donna kerfoot

    My family are memebers and donate their time to our local charity organization, we do this all year long as part of giving back to our community and helping others in their hour of need.

  • Amy Shew Moseder

    My dog, Mac, and I do pet therapy at a residential facility for people with mental and physical disabilities. This December, I will dress my dog up in his Santa suit and bring my 2 year old son.

  • DC

    Our 2 year old Bryce will be joining his Papa in his yearly tradition of feeding
    the seniors at the senior center.

  • Heather Miller Montz

    I help organize clothes in a local non-profit for families in need.

  • Bianca Blaise

    I help the needy with food and clothing throughout the year while also sending money and volunteering time for the kids that are sick and in need in hospitals and fosterho

  • Heather

    This year is so special to me because I just had my baby girl! Buying gifts for her first Christmas makes me think of the kids who’s families can’t afford them. I plan on donating to Toys for Tots or “adopting” a family and providing them some presents to make their Holiday special.

  • tamaraben

    I give back year around I donate food and clothing to our local shelter weekly

  • Lu Sun

    This year I have donated to our local children’s hospital. For 2016 my goal is to get involved more and do more volunteer works.

  • Anna

    I plan to give back by donating to our annual Toys for Tots drive!

  • Amy Williams

    Volunteering at the local food bank

  • Lauren

    I plan on donating baby and maternity clothes to people in need in the community.

  • Shawna

    For me this time of year is not only about those who do not have, but also those who have taken a stance and had the courage to walk away. It takes more courage than one can imagine for a battered woman to take her children and walk away from her home in most instances with no money, no job and only the clothes on her back. I plan to donate my time and resources to the local women’s shelter in hopes of saving at least one life.

  • Kasey Knose

    I’m hoping to do more volunteer stuff with my three year old son this upcoming year. I really want him to learn about giving.

  • Courtiney Ryan

    I will be giving back by donating items to a local shelter for Domestic Violence Victims.

  • FL

    My sponsored child 🙂

  • theresa

    i want to give back by donating toys to kids in need this christmas

  • pink2440

    Volenteering at a soup kitchen

  • Esther Parker Browning

    We will send homemade cookies to an orphanage. We also put on a vacation bible school for the kids in the community for a week in the summer. We will support a local church that sends people to Honduras. We will donate food to a local food pantry.

  • Destinee Fisher

    We’re donating all of our babies outgrown things to a shelter that helps women and children get off the streets of Atlants.

  • Joasia List

    Volunteering in a homeless shelter

  • Rhiannon B

    I’m “adopting” an elephant family this year on behalf of my son! I am also donating lots of things around the house to the nearby homeless shelter and bringing my son along so he learns the value of helping others.

  • Soon perez

    donating to charities

  • Kelly Roberson Bussey

    We always donate household items that we do not use to charity. We have also donated for two children that would not have Christmas presents to open otherwise and plan to adopt five more to equal the amount of members in our family. I also recently lost my cat, Jakob in August and am coming to terms with the loss after having her for fifteen years and will be donating her personal items to the local humane society. Blessings of any kind go a long way, no matter the form.

  • Jenna Lawner

    We have already bought for a child off the Salvation Army Angel Tree, we were able to get everything on his need list as well as everything off his dream toys list. When dropping off the stuff we found out he has a sibling so I’ve been hunting for his siblings tag, I’d love to get the sibling everything on their list as well. I have tons of gently used clothes and toys I’m about to donate. I have donated to a few different charities for children and veterans.

  • Jessica Brothers

    This is our first year to start a new Christmas Eve tradition with our new family. I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy who will be 9 months on Christmas Day. We feel so fortunate to have such a wonderful son, to be able to have started a family, and to be in good health and spirits. We wanted to start a family Christmas Eve tradition and raise our son with it, to show him that giving to others brings happiness and good fortunate back in full circle. My husband is a Marine and we do Toys for Tots each year and in addition, our new Christmas Eve tradition will be spent with children and their families at Shriners hospital. It was my husbands idea and I couldn’t be more blessed for him and starting this tradition. Meeting so many new smiles and the values it will bring into our family as well, it will be priceless.

  • TraceyDC

    I was planning on waiting until my kid was a little older to start taking him to do community service but I’ve decided that starting this year we’re going to pick a charity to donate to and every 3 months we’re going to join in on a project that gives back to the community. Whether it be a toy drive, backpack fill, etc. I want this little guy to see that even though the problems of the world can seem so very big, small things make a big difference in people’s everyday lives. Bothe the giver and the recipient can get a lot out of acts of kindness and charity.

  • Sarah M.

    I bought items to support our giving initiatives at work where we are providing gift bags to children at a local hospital. Additionally, I donated to The Trevor Project to help support one more day of Trevor Chat!

  • Sarah

    We got both our kids involved in buying gifts for 2 other kids with Operation Christmas Child. They were so excited and wanted to do even more. I really want them to realize how blessed they are and that the focus needs to be on others in need. When we travel, I even have them give a little money to someone we see in need (no matter what that person does with the $, it’s the point of giving I want them to see). This year, we are choosing a family we know who’s in need and we are going to mail them a gift card but we’re saying it’s from Santa 🙂

  • soniclove

    We are buying toys, clothes, food for Christmas Angels 5 kids from Salvation Army and 4 kids from a church. We will continue to collect + give items to places that help others for free; foster/adoption home, a place that helps families get back on their feet, Hannah’s Home (helps pregnant women) and a pet adoption place.

  • Meg

    Am doing a Gestational Surrogacy journey; so hopefully a baby, for a couple that has waited and prayed for years!!!

  • Jeasun Yeh

    My church group and I are adopting a family in need this Christmas!

  • Marie

    Giving back is the best way to celebrate the holiday season. And giving hope through education is the best way to give children a chance for a brighter future. God Bless and Merry Christmas.

  • Kymlyn Smith

    What better way to give back than by giving back to all the future little ones by nurturing and protecting our planet through sustainable practices all year round…that way they get to experience this planet as many of us did.

  • Natalya Murillo

    My children along with the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts they are involved with have already begun the first steps to implement farming into the local school day schedule. Not only will the children learn vital skills, but they will learn to eat healthy and love their fresh food. We plan to stay with this project long term so that our “donating” of time and resources will continue for years to come.

  • Alona Young

    Each winter we donate to 2 local womens shelters, things like coats and winter clothes.

  • Jessi

    This is a great charity. Raising awareness and giving opportunity to those who need it most to improve their quality of living.

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