Hair Styles for Little Girls

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Now that winter break is over and life is back in full swing, I look for fuss-free hairstyles for my little girls (they’re great for moms too). We wash and go and avoid tangled topknots on a daily basis with these fresh new looks. And I promise doing their hair in a variety of ways doesn’t need to be complicated. Here are some simple, stylish ways I mix up my girls’ getting ready routine:

Simple Hairstyles for Little Girls

1. Add a bright headband. This headband took five minutes to make out of recycled crepe paper, and both of my girls can wear it. It keeps the hair out of their eyes and adds instant brightness!

2. Create a simple braid and tie it with something interesting. A little ribbon, bow, or stretchy hair tie makes it look fun and playful.

3. Rather than a basic topknot, double it! It gives a youthful look for little girls and prevents hair from falling in front of their cute little faces.

Braids on little girl

4. If you have a child that has a little extra patience and long hair, you can create another cute style that takes a few extra minutes. Braid the child’s hair in two braids, securing each end. When finished, pull them gently to meet at the top of the head and twist the ends under one another. Secure each end with bobby pins under the braid. I like it when it’s a little loose and imperfect, but you can definitely make it more precise. I love this look for extra special days, like Valentine’s Day!

What are your favorite simple hairstyles for kids? Find inspiration on Honest’s Style Pinterest board. And whichever one you choose, the Honest Shampoo and Conditioning Mist are the perfect duo for prepping your child’s hair—her hair gets a moisturizing boost and will have nice beachy waves when you loosen her braids.

~ Kate Brightbill of Style Smaller


  1. Sally from

    These have all been simple go-to hair styles for my almost 6 year old daughter. I love the Heidi braids. They’re so simple to do and my daughter always gets lots of compliments when she wears them. The little buns are her favourite. She calls them “Milla Buns” after her best friend who wears them a lot. They do get in the way of her helmet when she scoots to school though 😉 Now if only my 2 year old would let me do anything to her hair…

  2. Love the photo of your little one, Sally. Her braids are quite cute. Thanks for sharing with us!

  3. For God’s Sake!!!! …. This hairstyle is beyond of cuteness!!!! I LOVED!!! … #Brazil

  4. Thanks, Juliana. We love that it works for big (adults!) and little girls. ; )

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  6. Are these your girls? They are so pretty. It must be awesome to have
    little girls. These are cute hairstyles too. Do they love styling their
    hair? Some little girls are impatient when someone is fixing their hair.

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