Heart to Plate Giveaway!

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Over the past few months we’ve shared some of our favorite, family-friendly foods from the brand new cookbook, There’s a Beetroot in My Cake — you may remember their Apple Cookies, Turtle Pikelets, and Zucchini Noodle Spaghetti. Since the simple, wholesome recipes were such a hit, we’ve partnered with Heart to Plate to give away the whole collection!

heart to plate

heart to plate

Written by two moms who want nothing more than thriving, happy and healthy children, There’s a Beetroot in My Cake presents everyday dishes that are stripped back, free from artificial ingredients, and turned into deliciously healthy alternatives. The 60+ recipes are specifically designed to get your kids excited about vegetables, fruits and supercharged foods. Three lucky readers will win their own copy of There’s a Beetroot in My Cake, plus some Honest kitchen essentials!

To enter for a chance to win this Heart to Plate giveaway, simply enter a comment by using the Rafflecopter entry form below telling us one of your favorite superfoods for spring. You also have the option (although not required) to earn two bonus entries by subscribing to our blog and following our Pinterest page. No purchase is necessary to enter or to win. This giveaway is only open to U.S. residents 18 years and older. The giveaway will run until 11:59 pm PST Thursday, April 27th. Three winners will be chosen at random. Odds depend on the number of eligible entries received. Click here to read the complete giveaway rules.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Megan McDermott

    Can’t wait to try a recipe from this cookbook.

  2. Spinach! I can’t wait for local farmers markets to start up!

  3. Jenna Casillas

    Kale, I put it in everything since it is really mild once cooked

  4. Ashley N. Jones

    the little and I love baby carrots right from the garden!

  5. Leah Dalton

    Kale! We have a freeze dryer and I love experimenting with different flavors of kale chips! So easy to grind up and add to anything as well!

  6. Sami Medcalf

    This will be a perfect fit for sneaking new vegetables into my childrens’ diet!

  7. Charlene Lucas

    Pomegranates are my most favorite spring superfood to eat! I absolutely love them and they are a great treat all by themselves!

  8. Jannie Terry

    Strawberries….they are juicy, summery and delicious, and definitely a bona fide superfood. The book looks interesting!

  9. Mary Ellen

    I love rhubarb (is that a super food?), asparagus, kale and chard!

  10. Alicia Dunable

    We love zucchini! Zoodles, pancakes, and ‘meat” (less) balls!

  11. Strawberries are one of my favorite super foods!

  12. Courtney Strauss

    Salmon, avocado and kiwis! Bright and cheerful food always reminds me of spring. ????

  13. Ann Marie Cluth

    Asparagus is definitely one of my favorites!

  14. Denise Shepherd

    Avocado and kale are my Spring super food.

  15. Robinson Ellen

    Asparagus always reminds me of spring

  16. Rachael Minden Garcia

    AVOCADO is my fave super food… and my 20 month old… and my husband. I put the $#!t on everything 🙂

  17. Samantha Fehd

    My husband and I love asparagus!! We can’t wait to have our daughter try it this year with our fingers crossed that she loves it too.

  18. We look forward to our big bed of Strawberry! The girls and I love to snack on them!

  19. Rachel05

    I love all the fresh berries in the pacific NW.

  20. Stephanie Pan

    Our favorite superfoods for spring:
    All the BERRIES!! Strawberry, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, etc.
    We are blessed to live in the beautiful PNW where we can grow our own veggies and fruits or visit a U-Pick farm!

  21. Prclssprl

    Do chia seeds count? Love adding them to smoothies once the weather starts getting warmer!

  22. Mary Hornig

    Yummy apple cookies! Love using healthier ingredients to make sweets a little better for my family!

  23. Samantha Kurtz

    My daughter loves veggies! The greener the better! Unfortunately she doesn’t like berries which are my favorite. She’ll be 3 this summer and I look forward to working in the garden with her.

  24. Natalie McMonagle

    Peas in everything for the toddlers and lots of green berry smoothies!

  25. Megan Mailloux Foy

    Asparagus!!! And yes- my two year old loves it!

  26. I love organic peaches grown right in our own backyard!

  27. Jeff Stanley

    One of my favorites is beets. I love how versatile they are, and I love being able to eat the whole plant!

  28. Ivy Gupta

    I love any type of greens, especially added to smoothies!

  29. Dayna Bartl-Lewin

    Our favorite superfood for spring is blueberries. My toddler especially likes them chopped up and frozen.

  30. Asparagus, especially with brown rice and chickpeas. Also rhubarb chia jam in everything!

  31. Kumquats! Fresh, juicy and tart! The kids and I love them (we eat them whole) and they are loaded with vitamin C plus lots of extra vitamins and minerals.

  32. Jordan Brooks

    I love anything fresh from the garden!

  33. Jennifer

    Our favorite superfoods are the berries! So juicy and sweet, they substitute for dessert in our house any day!

  34. My superfood for spring is fresh, organic Blueberries! They are full of so many wonderful antioxidants!

  35. Shelly H.-Wilkerson

    I have to go with baby spinach. I even got my husband and teenage son to eat it too!

  36. Melissa M

    All the berries! The whole family loves them and at this time of year they start to get so sweet that they feel like a treat. 🙂

  37. Amanda S.

    We love pomegranate and cranberries in our house!

  38. Jordan C

    My favorite dish to bring to a spring time party is southwest coleslaw. Instead of a cream base dressing I make a spicy lime vinaigrette with tons of cilantro and avocado plus any other veggies that sound good. But my main star is superfood green and purple cabbage. I love a colorful dish! Yum!

  39. Spinach probably. I could eat a spinach salad with cranberries, walnuts, and bleu cheese every day!

  40. Strawberries, they are best when in season 😀 yum 😀

  41. Klaudia Nunez

    Strawberries and Asparagus are a must in our household.

  42. I love Spinach salads! We add spinach to the kids smoothies as well. Our 4 year old tells people he has lettuce in his smoothie. Ha!

  43. Eden McCarthy

    I love vegan kale chips made with ground cashews, brewers yeast and soy sauce. It totally tastes like parmesan!

  44. Amanda Alvarado

    All the yummy organic berries that are in season and CHEAP!!

  45. kmkgilb3

    Strawberries, asparagus, spinach, peas. Anything fresh from the garden.

  46. jessica z

    I don’t know if this counts for spring, but I love blueberries!

  47. Anita Kennett

    With all the wonderful fresh fruits,I eat as much as I can as often as I can,

  48. Jennifer W

    I love buying Strawberries at my local market.

  49. Lorena Keech

    Asparagus is my favorite healthy spring food. I’m surprised we don’t turn green we eat so much of it.

  50. Pam Flynn

    Zuchini squash. I have great recipes for this fresh veggie.

  51. twenteries

    Asparagus is the best Spring food – we’re growing some ourselves and it’s so fun to watch it pop up!

  52. Dorothea Collington

    Seafood whether in salad or dish meal

  53. Sherri Hardy Hicks

    My superfood for spring is fruit-particularly strawberries.

  54. Kailyn Popovich

    My favorite superfoods are blueberries and strawberries. Pretty much love all veggies and fruits!!

  55. hemp hearts, we are putting them on all of our spring green salad!

  56. debra dubois

    My favorite superfoods are blueberries & avocados…

  57. Cheryl Everitt

    Strawberries, dewberries and frozen grapes

  58. Strawberries are all over my hometown right now, but I can’t wait for blueberries!!

  59. Chelsea Powr

    Strawberries are to die for. My son Harrison who is 1 loves them! He does love blueberries the most though! April 27 is my birthday ! Can’t wait to bake a yummy cake

  60. Jessica Jones

    Asparagus is one of my favorite spring veggies but haven’t yet found a way to get my son to eat some!

  61. Jessica Warner

    One of my favorite superfoods for spring is artichokes.

  62. Alisa Neidlinger

    Wild asparagus and local strawberries on a spinach salad with balsamic, feta, and chicken!

  63. Fennel is my favorite superfood for spring. It’s just hard to acquire where I live.

  64. Michelle Chapman

    Dragon berry is my current favorite!

  65. I love fruit salad made from various different fruits.

  66. Anything from my garden, I’m especially excited to give pumpkins a try!!

  67. My garden is growing great. Looking forward to fresh greens!

  68. Carol Ann Ponte Classon

    Basil, my superfood favorite.

  69. HannahMarie Anderson

    I love Almonds and Strawberries!

  70. Amanda Seoane

    I really want to start getting more in to quinoa! I love carbs and I think I could try using quinoa or other more healthy grains! Also, avocado are always great!

  71. Priscilla

    I want to try artichoke and green beans more often

  72. Lindsay Bateman

    ???? watermelon is my favorite way to stay hydrated!

  73. My fave springtime superfood? Gotta be fava beans!

  74. Meredith

    Watermelon! I like to add feta and red onion to it!

  75. melissa webb

    My favorite spring superfood is cherries!

  76. Asparagus wrapped in puff pastry and honey mangos!

  77. I love pomegranate, even though it’s time consuming to pick out the seeds it’s so worth it! Yum

  78. Choosing only one superfood is so difficult but I guess I will say spinach because it’s so versatile, convenient and easy to eat. And it’s the food i use the more often. I only chose organic spinach and just use it everywhere & whenever I can. Even in my cakes! Also my toddler eats spinach everyday because I make juices out of it and she loves it.

  79. Emily Fry

    I love when the strawberries are perfect to pick! Great family activity for something delicious and healthy!

  80. Grace Yuen Burby

    Hard to choose one . Asparagus, blueberries, and strawberries. ????

  81. I love eating blueberries and adding them into recipes

  82. Jen Dantuma

    I love asparagus so much that I bought some asparagus crowns this year to plant in my garden. Next year I’ll begin to enjoy the bounty.

  83. Mahdi Martin

    I love to put superfoods into smoothies for spring! You can put all kinds of things in a smoothie and it tastes yummy. Kale and berries and whatnot.

  84. Kassie Johnson

    This is so cool! I just love how honest company does things I only buy these products for my son who is 2 and I love following their newsletter

  85. gannyofshy

    Watermelons is my superfood, I could eat them all the time

  86. Michelle Catallo

    Fresh spinach has been my superfood so far 🙂

  87. Jennifer D

    Any smoothie with the addition of Kale or Spinich

  88. Amber Burke

    Seaweed! The calcium and other added vitamins and minerals is crazy!

  89. Katherine K

    Blackberries and stir fried kale

    Katherine K

  90. Jaime Majure


  91. cezovski

    Anything with Chia seeds — like pudding, especially.
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

  92. Daysi Ileana

    Avocado is life!…and berries of course!

  93. Marilyn Bulebush

    Definitely blueberries and snacking on walnuts!

  94. Leaning to eat more healthy. Going to try some new recipes. Yum.

  95. Maureen Moheit Blatz

    This would be a wonderful to win

  96. Maureen Moheit Blatz

    I love spring time fruits pineapple is my favorite

  97. Christen Gowens

    My new obsession is kale, spinach, parmesan shavings, purple onion, pistachios and a little EVOO and lemon!!!

  98. ColbyandKimberly Powell

    Awesome so would love ????????❤️

  99. Annabellainla

    Blueberries – perfect time of year for them

  100. Cheryll Cosenza

    I’m a huge fan of spinach and I love berries!! Strawberries and blueberries and a bunch of spinach make a delicious smoothie!

  101. Kim Bakos

    Strawberries and spinach, especially together in a salad

  102. Megan Swearingen

    Thanks for the information about the book because my family is very cautious about buying artificial flavorings and preservative foods.

  103. Andee Abushanab Eldridge

    Spinach and Kale are my go to super foods.

  104. Lakin Lavergne

    EGGS! Artichokes, spinach, asparagus, strawberries, avocado, ground flaxseed! Some of my spring favorites.

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