How to Get Tiffany DeSilva’s Holiday Dark Lip Look

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A vampy dark lip never goes out of style. Brave enough to try out this look? Tiffany DeSilva, beauty blogger and Honest Beauty Ambassador showed us an easy way to pull off a dark lip makeup look this season. Check out her video and step-by-step instructions!

How To: Create a Dark Lip Look
Via Tiffany DeSilva

Step 1: Primer – Depending on your skin type, apply a primer for the look you want to achieve. If you have oily skin use Honest Beauty’s matte primer to blur imperfections and help control shine. Dry Skin? Use the glow primer for added radiance.

Step 2: Foundation – Now it’s time to even out your complexion and conceal any dark spots or blemishes. Apply a coverage product to any areas you’d like to even out. The Everything Cream Foundation is so full coverage and has an amazing velvet finish that blurs the skin. It can also be used as a concealer!

Step 3: Apply a setting powder, like Honest’s Invisible Blurring Loose Powder, so that your makeup lasts.

Step 4: Time for brows: When doing a darker lip, always go bold with your brows to balance everything out and still look natural.

Step 4: Add a little bit of drama to the look with a small winged liner.

Step 5: Don’t forget to amp up the look with bold lashes. The Honest Beauty Extreme Length Mascara + Lash Primer is great for adding volume length and definition. So remember play up the eyes, but keep it natural and you can pull off any dark lip you want.

Step 6: Time for the lips! Outline your lips with a lip liner that matches the shade of your lipstick to prevent it from feathering out and smudging throughout the night.

Step 7: Apply your lip color. Use the rich burgundy shade, Mulberry, for a deep, vampy dark lip.

Step 8: Don’t skip this step! It takes your look to a whole new level. Take a concealer and clean up around the edges of your lips to make your lips look more precise and sophisticated. This helps remove any lipstick that may have smudged or gotten outside of your natural lip line.


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