A Message from our Founder, Jessica Alba

It’s time for some spring cleaning. As a dedicated reader of the Honest blog, we want to know what you think of what we’re doing over here. Please take our quick survey so we can use your feedback as we work on some fresh, seasonal updates.


P.S. We left a little something at the end of the survey as our way of saying thanks!

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  • I love the Honest blog! The content is really good. Always look forward to reading new posts 🙂

  • Kellie N Tony Rodgers

    I hope that I reached you finally, I have alot to learn about this lol. Thank you all for your message, it means alot to me🙂I am able to use dove products and a few things and my youngest baby of three is 24 and my 5 grandkids no longer wear diapers, it is unbelievable that time has passed so quickly! Hope you have a great night and thanks again!

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