Opening Day is finally here, and it’s time to batter up, baby! Our exclusive diaper collection with Major League Baseball is here. Meet the new prints, below.  

  • honest diaper collection with major league baseball

Chicago CubsTM
Boston Red SoxTM
Los Angeles DodgersTM
New York YankeesTM
San Francisco GiantsTM
St. Louis CardinalsTM

The exclusive prints are available now at Target and coming to in May. Find out when your favorite team’s print hits our site by signing up here!

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10 thoughts on “This Is Major (League): Get to Know Our Newest Prints!

  1. I wish y’all would release these with more teams. We are huge fans of the Texas Rangers, and these would’ve been a perfect game day must.

  2. this is *absolutely* adorable and makes my delight in diapering so fun, even more fun than you’re already making it!! Grandma is a huge baseball fan and will appreciate this, even though her favorite team isn’t represented. 🙁 Go Astros!!

  3. Earn moᴨeγ bγ woᴦkinƍ αt h౦me fᴦom two to sɩ╳ hours everγ day, ɑռᏧ starᴛ ƍ℮тtiռᶃ aЬסut Ӏ˗З tᏂ೦uѕaոԁ ᖯцсks аt the eπd ංſ еv℮ᴦʏ ԝeek܁ ℒеaгn rnore aᖯoυᴛ ˛t heᴦe>

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  5. I can’t even find the team print when I’m ordering my bundles before they ship out on June 2nd. HELP!!!

  6. Every time I try to update my bundle with new prints, the baseball prints are not there!?! How do I get them on my bundle?? #redsoxnation

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