Cozy Up With Our Fall Diaper Prints

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This fall, our brand-new (and seriously adorable) diaper prints are inspired by all the things that remind us of the season: cozy critters, woodland scenery and delicious crunchy apples.

Once again, we brought together some of our fave real Honest families to show off the prints and talk about why they <3 Honest diapers. Now, it’s time to check out the goods:

“I loved the prints. And then once I started using them I realized how much liquid they hold, and how the fit was so different … and I know it’s gentle.” – Real Honest Mom Christie Oishi pictured above with son Connor


“What I like most about the absorbency is I don’t have to worry about changing his diaper so frequently, and I know that he’s still comfortable… Cause you know it’s hard to change a baby especially when you’re out in public…especially being a dad when there’s not a changing table in the bathroom” – Real Honest Dad Nashon Lee pictured above with son Knox


“I just saw good results…with the diapers she rarely had any blowouts.” – Real Honest Mom Carly Obramski Mother pictured above with daughter Indy



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Each family pictured and quoted in this post was compensated for their time spent at the photoshoot.

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