Although it’s the second day of 2013, we hope you are still celebrating new beginnings, thinking of the bright year ahead, and feeling excited about the possibilities that await us. Instead of talking about making (and breaking) resolutions, we want to kick off the New Year with a new approach. One marked by wishes to carry us forward and inspire our journey over the next 364 days. Enjoy these Honest Wishes for 2013 from our staff and friends!


Wishes for a New Year

My biggest wish and prayer is for my children to be healthy and happy. – Honest Friend Jennifer

I wish that all people across the world recognize the love that surrounds us – in a friend, nature, or within our own hearts. And then I wish that we spread this love everywhere we go!  – Honest Janine

Love, peace, and understanding across the globe – Honest Friend Haoi

Good health, happy memories, fun adventures. – Honest Laurel

My wish is that Honest will make its products available worldwide. – Honest Friend Yaya

I wish for less violence in the world…and that the Oregon Ducks win a National Championship. – Honest David

My wish is for my children to enjoy every moment, be healthy, and have everything they need. – Honest Friend Suzanne

Moving into the new year, I hope to continue to be a positive force in our movement as a company and in my community, I’d like to learn a second language so that it increases human connectedness, see a new part of the world, overcome my fear of singing Karaoke, climb a high mountain or complete a fitness challenge…and take more time to smell the roses. – Honest Jax

I left my job last week to pursue a children’s resale store in 2013. Along with my new adventure, I will now get to spend mornings with my kids and hike while they are at school for a better me. – Honest Friend Antonia

I am looking forward to becoming even more eco-friendly by getting solar panels installed on my home in early January 2013! I am excited to be joining the green energy movement and I hope more people will join me. – Honest Ashley

Peace for the world, strength for me, happiness for my loved ones. – Honest Friend Annie

What are you wishes for the next year?

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9 thoughts on “Honest Wishes for 2013

  1. Get my elbow fully recovered, and that Honest starts to ship out of the US. Happy 2013 for all of you of The Honest family !! =)

  2. I really like what are you doing !!! In Romania people don.t know so much about this Eco- thing…. Is my dream to come in America and find out more about you and your work….That is what I want from this new year !

  3. You should make a bundle for cloth diapering parents with your laundry soap, healing balm, a months supply of wipes, and 2 to 3 packs of diapers. I cloth diaper during the day but still use disposibles at night and when we go out.

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