Here at Honest, we are committed to giving back and helping out where we can. So we were thrilled to see our Honest product donations to the National Diaper Bank Network (NDBN) included in natural disaster relief kits as part of an initiative led by the Texas Diaper Bank. When natural disaster strikes, many families are left scrambling for everyday essentials — these kits with baby, personal care and cleaning products will help provide immediate relief to families living in impacted areas.

Honest Product Donations Go towards Natural Disaster Relief Kits

Honest Product Donations Go towards Natural Disaster Relief Kits

The partnership between the NDBN and the Texas Diaper Bank helps the Texas Diaper Bank serve over 14,500 individuals in and around Bexar County. These emergency packages will be distributed through the Texas Diaper Bank and 22 partner agencies, and half of the packs will support the Texas Diaper Bank’s Texas Disaster Relief Program.

We are proud to support these relief efforts and of our ongoing work with the NDBN towards providing families with access to safe products.

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