Shampoo + Body Wash: Your Honest Favorite Has a Fresh New Look!

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We’re all about keeping things fresh, fun, and functional so we decided to give your favorite Shampoo + Body Wash an update. For all the fans out there, don’t fret – we left the formula unchanged. Check out the before and after below and let us know what you think!

Shampoo + Body Wash: Your Honest Favorite Has a Fresh New Look!


Shampoo + Body Wash: Your Honest Favorite Has a Fresh New Look!

  • Tried and true: Same great formula that you know and trust.
  • More of what you love: Bigger bottle for a better value.
  • Extra easy: New pump-top for added convenience.
  • Prettier product: Refreshed design for a whole new look.
  • Options, options, options: New scents so you can mix and match as you please.

And in case you were wondering…

Shampoo + Body Wash: Your Honest Favorite Has a Fresh New Look!

Your favorite fragrance-free lotion is still the same great stuff, specifically formulated for even the most sensitive skin. But we gave it a better bottle and we’re offering new botanically-infused versions for those that want it. It’s a win, win, win!

We’re over the moon about these exciting updates and we’d love to hear you thoughts! If you have comments (or questions!) let us know below. 


  1. Yomaris Masterton

    This says it’s the same formula but I just got some and it does not lather the same at all. I looked at my old bottle and sure enough the ingredients are not all the same or in the same order meaning there is a difference. I don’t dig it at all I loved how much the old formula lathered!

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  3. Lucia Dorr

    hey guys the new lotion does absolutely nothing to my skin. minutes after applying the skin goes back to be dry. I love you guys but don’t ruin this for me.

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