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  1. I am a new mom of twin girls, I have tried every brand of diapers to find the right one, thought I had, but now not so sure, not because of quality but sizing is so off on Honest diapers, Newborns are bigger then other brands, ok not a big deal, but when you buy size 1, and they say it goes up to 14lbs, that just isn’t true!!, both my girsl sized out at about 9-10lbs, and found myself having to give away six packs of diapers….NOT HAPPY, I measured next to two other brands size 1, not even close!!, so much smaller….then I measured against an Honest newborn, they were practically the same in width, maybe an inch different in length, extremely disappointing, and hesitant on even trying a size, 2 now,
    guess Luvs diapers it may have to be…..

    1. I too notice the sizes run a bit small but for me the quality far outweighs this issue. Target and buy buy baby also sell the line as well as you can call honest and they would have exchange those sizes for you with no hassle. I had an issue with an order a few months ago and they were quick to fix it. Now you know the sizing is a bit off which would help you to plan ahead. Good luck.

    2. Just so you know if you have a bundle you can just call and say I need to exchange # of packs bc my child out grew them and free of charge they will exchange them for you and you’ll get the next size up in a day or two. I’ve done it 3 times in 2 years and they’ve been wonderful!

  2. I have been using Honest Diapers for many months…. I have a 1yr old and he tops out at about 25lbs 10.9oz. He was 9lbs 7oz when he was born. I use the size 5 Diapers which are 27+ and are plenty big enough for him. Hes been in size 5 for quite awhile.. We Love these diapers. I also use their overnight Diapers and cleaning products as well. I’m very Happy with my Diapers and products.

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