Honest to Goodness: Growing Healthy Kids (+ Farm to Preschool Grant Winners!)

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As a mission driven company, we are committed to helping all kids get their best start in life. Our efforts are all-encompassing from working to provide clean environments to funding nutrition education, especially in the child care setting where kids spend much of their time. We want parents to feel confident that their kids are receiving the best care, but with limited resources it becomes a challenge.

Honest to Goodness: Growing Healthy Kids (+ Farm to Preschool Grant Winners!)

Wanting to make it better, we partnered with Farm to Preschool to provide grants to daycare and child care centers in California and New York. These grants will help to fund nutrition education and healthy food access for child care centers in both cities. We received hundreds of applications from which winners were selected based off their goals of procurement, educational activities, community connections, and much more. Congratulations to all of our winners!

Honest to Goodness: Growing Healthy Kids (+ Farm to Preschool Grant Winners!)

Because of this grant program, these child care centers are going to be able to make some major changes — and truly help their young students develop early healthy relationships with food. Check out how two of our winners plan to work towards a healthier future for our kids:

  • Rochester Childfirst Network – Rochester, New York: The non-profit agency plans to install 3 vegetable gardens, one herb garden, and one trough garden at two different sites. Children will learn about caring for plants — from seed through the growing season —  then practice cooking, tasting, and eating locally grown foods.
  • Compass Family Services – San Francisco, California: The nationally accredited early child development program will use the mini grant to support their Classroom Cooking & Rooftop Gardening Projects. Twice a month, children visit the neighborhood farmer’s market to shop for local, fresh ingredients to use in the classroom for healthy snacks and meals. The rooftop garden is a place to teach the kids how to grow fruits and veggies, that they can then incorporate into their dishes.

As an honest thank you to all that applied, each center will receive Honest cleaning products to keep their facilities safe and sparkling. We were thrilled by the incredible amount of interest in this program, and look forward to finding more amazing innovations in child care centers.

Beyond Farm to Preschool, we are continuing our work with Food Corps and are excited to also sponsor FNV, a new campaign with other high profile folks like Michelle Obama, Kristen Bell, and Colin Kaepernick. This innovative platform aims to revamp the way we market fruits and veggies, ensuring that kids see how cool fruits and veggies can be! Click here to see what other familiar faces are getting in on the fun.

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