Winter is here! Jessica and five tiny helpers stopped by to reveal our newest diaper collection. The new prints are available now, exclusively for Honest subscribers. Take a peek at the new patterns below and click here to add them to your bundle!

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3 thoughts on “Watch Now: Jessica Reveals Our Winter Diaper Collection!

  1. Jessica, you’re so genuinely loving and heartwarming. You present a very innovative variation of designs for diapers – most of them are gender neutral -which is great! The youngest of my three children are 15 month old twins. I will definitely buy some of these wonderfully patterned diapers. Thanks so much, Jessica. This video left me flowing with endorphins. 🙂

  2. Super cool designs but once again they don’t reach the pull ups which have been the same for months! 😒 One of the reasons we pay a little more is for the design choices but they stop pretty much after diapers. Please make some winter design pullups!

  3. I was sent tons of emails for a free trial but you are always out of stock it would be nice to have samples to try before you buy that might be something you could make alot of people would like to test these first because some children have Severe Allergies to all types of things these days.

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