Our thoughts are with all of those affected by Hurricane Harvey, and we are committed to helping however we can. The Texas Diaper Bank is actively distributing Honest disaster relief kits to those in need. With the help of Baby2Baby and National Diaper Bank Network, we are donating an additional 125,000+ products — including 1.5 million Honest diapers, feminine care products, infant formula, cleaning and personal care products — to local nonprofits supporting areas affected by the hurricane. We are also matching cash donations made by Honest employees, up to $1,200.

Image via @withloveak
Image via @withloveak

We hope that you will join us in supporting relief efforts. Here are 7 ways that you can help out.

  1. Donate money. Monetary donations are the quickest way to help, no matter where you live. National nonprofits like American Red Cross and Salvation Army are collecting dedicated donations online, as are local funds like those set up by United Way Houston and the Greater Houston Community Foundation.
  2. Supply products. The Texas Diaper Bank accepts cash donations, as well as diapers and other essentials dropped off or mailed to their location. Current requests from responding diaper banks include diapers, formula, feminine care, personal care and cleaning products.
  3. Give to food banks. A number of food banks will be aiding the affected region. The Houston Press has shared a list of all food banks in the area, and Feeding Texas is helping to coordinate donation collection and distribution. Most of these food banks accept online cash donations as well as in-kind —  you can call directly to find out what is needed most.
  4. Give blood. Donations of blood are also needed, especially from those with type O. Contact AABB, America’s Blood Centers or American Red Cross to find out where donations can be made in your area.
  5. Share your space. If you have an open room available, Airbnb is helping coordinate temporary housing for those that have been evacuated.
  6. Volunteer. Shelters and food banks both have a need volunteers. Volunteers will also be needed once the storm has cleared, and you can pre-register to help with Volunteer Houston.
  7. Support displaced pets. The SPCA of Texas is accepting financial and in-kind donations for evacuees’ pets coming to shelters. They have also issued a call for new foster volunteers based in the North Texas area to help animals already in their shelters.

We thank you for your support of The Honest Company — it’s with your help that we are able to provide relief in these times of need. 

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  • Kim Snyder

    You know — it would be amazing and (oh so POPULAR) if The Honest Company created a Texas diaper pattern and donated proceeds to help the hurricane victims. Just an idea.

    • Anna Nummy

      awesome idea!!!
      they may want to come up with a Florida design as well!

    • Kristie Ward

      Very cool!


      I am from Florida and am currently in the National Guard in Texas. I would absolutely purchase both of those patterns!!!!

  • Brenda Powell

    I see all these adds from company’s all over the United States asking for donations to help the people affected by hurricane Harvey in Texas. I’ve seen articles where celebrities, big businesses, organization, etc….have donated thousands to millions of dollars to help the victims in Texas. My brother is one of those victims along with every person in his neighborhood. His insurance company is refusing to cover his claim saying “Your home was damaged by water coming into your house from the ground, not from the sky, therefore it is considered flood damage, not hurricane damage and you are not covered” My brother had, what he thought, was great insurance. He didn’t realize that flood insurance wasn’t on his home. Over 500,000 homes have been damaged or destroyed by this storm and many of them are in the same boat. But, when they reach out for help they can’t find it. His neighbor whose house has over $200,000 in damages went to FEMA to get help all the offered was $5000.00. So, my question is where is all of this donated money going? The victims are not getting it. Our these companies that are asking for donations just pocketing this money and claiming it as charitable donations? It sickens me to know that people use the misfortunes of others to make money for themselves. If you want to help, go to Texas and lend a hand, if you want to give money give it to those who need it, not some company or organization that says they are helping because the victims are not being helped.

    • Donna_in_TX

      As one here in the Houston area, I would say the best way to donate would be to find a local group headed by a church that is staffed mostly by volunteers. The churches are doing a great job of organizing and working as a team down here in Katy, and they are able to give to where the needs are. We are organizing and sending teams of volunteers into houses mostly for gutting out the damage right now, and have donation centers with people sorting, and then “stores” set up where everything is organized for people to find what they need. Much of the clothing is donated, but diapers, toiletries underwear, socks, water, etc. are purchased items, and we keep running out of the main sizes of socks and underwear. I’ve seen local businesses like Chick Fil A and HEB sending all kinds of prepared food to shelters, and our church is hosting 70 National Guardsmen and we are getting donated food from individuals and businesses to serve to them so they aren’t just stuck eating their MRE’s and they are so grateful. It is wonderful seeing such a giving spirit here, but there is still so much need, and many property owners sure could use some of that celebrity money. Hopefully once there is time to get organized that money will be used well. I imagine they need some time to come up with a good system.

  • Asha

    If you’re thinking about donating to the Texas Diaper Bank they also need diapers for the elderly! Many who are displaced had little to no time to gather necessities and now might have few resources as they go forward. Love the Texas Diaper Bank for going above and beyond! Thanks from Austin, Tx!

  • Jhenna Broussard

    I think it is great that your company sent out this post. Most companies are selling their products and sending some of the proceeds to the victims, but you ask for no money, or purchase of your products. You send the consumer straight to the cause. It is very admirable; not that I think other companies are in the wrong, they are still helping the victims, but you have decided to donate items and not ask for anything in return from your customers. I will always support the Honest company!