It’s the Balm! 1 Award-Winning Product, 5 Ways

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Here at Honest, we love safe, one-step products that truly work and the beauty experts at Allure magazine must agree: they’ve given our Organic Healing Balm the 2014 Allure Best of Beauty Award for skincare! They’ve seen it all, so we’re honored to have our certified organic, ultra gentle formula recognized for its versatility and effectiveness.  

It’s the Balm: 1 Product, 5 WaysWhat we leave OUT — like petroleum, mineral oil, lanolin, parabens, phthalates, fragrances, and dyes — is just as important as what we put in — certified organic, plant-based botanicals known to soothe, calm, nourish and moisturize beautifully.

So, here’s 5 ways our Organic Healing Balm can support your skin:

  1. Spa Night: Apply Balm to your feet, hands, and cuticles before you go to bed. Tamanu oil helps balance and restore skin moisture. Wake up with skin so soft and smooth, you’ll look like you spent all day at the spa.
  2. Better Brow: Smooth a tiny bit of Balm over eyebrows to keep unruly hairs tamed and in place.
  3. Pucker Up: Make our must-have salve part of your beauty routine. Dab a little Balm on lips for extra moisture.
  4. Gentle Giant: Free of most common allergens, trust this gentle — but powerful — Certified Organic Balm to help address even sensitive skin issues. Organic sunflower, olive, and coconut oils work with enriching shea butter to nourish and moisturize.  
  5. All Weather: Keep your crown calm in any climate. Warm up a pea-size dab between the palm of your hands and run it through your hair for plant-based frizz fighter on humid bad-hair days.

Whether it’s in your nightstand, your purse, or your bathroom counter, just a little does a lot!


  1. CynthiaF16

    I use healing balm for razor burn! I have sensitive skin so every time I shaved, I would get red bumps. I use healing balm right after shaving to prevent those bumps in the first place!

  2. I use the Healing Balm for everything but I also use it to prevent razor burn as well!!

  3. Alvarado

    I use the healing balm for my daughter after every diaper change I have the diaper rash cream but I have to say healing balm works 100% better. I LOVE, LOVE the healing balm!!!
    Any moms out there that use the healing balm on skin with eczema? My husbands cousin son has horrible eczema and he’s only 22months they have tried every lotion, creams and nothing so far has helped.

  4. My son is 8 months old and had TERRIBLE eczema on the backs of his legs. This is the only product I’ve ever found that actually helps. I put it on several times throughout the day and put it on super thick after bath time at night. It is amazing stuff, I highly reccommend it.

  5. scanpennett

    I’ve used the healing balm on my son for the past 2 1/2 years. Recently I had an accident while walking the dog that sent me to the hospital in an ambulance. I not only required facial stitches and dental work but I had severe road rash on my face and shoulder. I used the healing balm and in less than one week my road rash was completely gone! Everyone was asking me how I recovered so quickly; I let them know it was the honest healing balm. Thank you!

  6. My daughter has extreme eczema and her doctor suggested using cytaphil, which works great, with some itching. I tried a sample of the healing balm and it has been great. There is no itching whatsoever. You have a customer for life! Thanks!

  7. I used this on my sons mosquito bites and never heard him complain of itching anymore….. Thank you!
    We use almost all of your kids products. Thank you for being HONEST!

  8. Cycling chick

    I do a lot of long distance cycling. Nothing works better than healing balm after 100 or more miles in the saddle. It keeps me smiling. I am sure you can figure out where I use it!!

  9. I use it on chapped/dry lips! Put some on at night and my lips are better the next day. Also on dry skin, mix it in with my lotion or apply it at night. I’m thinking that I could use it for wind burn when the time comes 🙂

  10. My daughter contracted a terrible stomach virus with severe diarrhea and I used the healing balm with every diaper change and amazingly her bottom stayed clear of any irritation! My mom was amazed!

  11. my daughter has eczema and I try the healing balm and its work compare to the cream what the doctor gave us. and I also use this in our 5 month baby in his diaper rash. thank you for the great and honest product.

  12. Just last night I used the healing balm on a scabbed-over blister on the back of my heel – you know that place that always gets blisters, but you can never keep a Band-Aid on it? This morning, I checked it and the scab is almost completely gone! Better yet, that tight-skin feeling is gone and there is no more pain! I reapplied, and I’m betting by tomorrow that blister will be completely healed. Thank you so much Honest, for your awesome products and your commitment to safety, quality, integrity, people and the planet!

  13. New York winters are really harsh on my hands especially because with two young kids I’m constantly washing them, so I used the healing balm together with the face and body lotion to make a hand cream that deeply hydrated and repaired my cracked hands. I had tried everything in the past and this is the only thing that worked. Last winter was one of the harshest we’ve had in the past ten years so yes, it is that good!. Congrats on the award and thanks for all you do.

  14. This balm has really helped with the post-delivery eczema on my hands. (I’ve been using it while nursing.) I only wish you would seller it in a larger size!

  15. Hi there, I struggled to find a good skin care cream to use on my daughter when she developed eczema at around 9 months of age. We tried ALL of the baby creams, and also received a prescription from the Doctor…none of which worked. In the end, I started using baking soda in her bath water along with an unscented glycerine soap (as recommended by the naturopath) and FINALLY discovered the healing balm. I put it on right after her bath and take the time to really massage it into the skin. After combining these three things, her skin is much better!! I also recently heard that taking probiotics can help with eczema so I am not going to start giving my daughter the Honest infant vitamins (which contain probiotics). Hope your cousin’s son finds relief soon!!

  16. Hello!
    Here is what our Healing Balm contains: Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil*, Cera Alba (Beeswax), Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil*, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter), Calophyllum Tacamahaca (Tamanu) Oil, Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract*, Anthemis Nobilis (Chamomile) Oil*, Tocopherol (Non-GMO)
    *Certified Organic Ingredient

    You can also view this information at the bottom of our healing balm’s page: https://www.honest.com/bath-and-body/healing-balm

    Let us know if you have any more questions!

  17. Erin Macdonald

    We discovered a few months back that our daughter has a major sensitivity/allergy to Red Dye. She would get diaper rashes that looked like second degree burns. We started using the healing balm at every diaper change to protect against subsequent urine/BMs and saw a very noticeable improvement in the rash each change as well. I agree with BigFan – would love a larger size! Will definitely be stocking up on this for baby #2 and other personal uses!

  18. I have the early stages of eczema on my legs. I was using harsh prescription medication for months and, if I stopped applying for a few days, my skin would revert right back to how it was before. After applying this balm, my skin has greatly improved! Also, I was gardening and was bitten at least 20 times by ants. I woke up in the middle of the night from the itching. I put on the balm and my skin instantly felt relief. I was not sure I would use this product for much, but I LOVE THIS PRODUCT and use it often!

  19. loungecat

    This is a great balm for general healing and dryness. I get dry/oily skin from acne and this helps sooth it. This sample has been getting me through til my natural products for my infection come in, wish you were Canadian!

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  21. Can I use this healing balm for dry chapped lips?

  22. Brittany U.

    I just got a new tattoo, and my tattoo artist recommended some all-natural, vegan tattoo balm. When I got home, I googled said tattoo balm (and others like it!), and I realized that my Honest Healing Balm had basically the same ingredients. I’ve used it on my tattoo during the healing process and have had no issues with it.

    Additionally, I’ve been using it on my dry heels and sensitive areas on my face (thanks, prescription retinoids!), and I’m pretty in love with this balm. It’s been such a wonderful multi-purpose product, I think it’s going to stay stocked in my cabinet/purse for a while!!! Thanks, Honest!

  23. Brittany U.

    I had a really terrible, instantaneous reaction to a new face wash the other night, when my face started burning and turned intensely red and hot within a minute of using the new face wash. I decided to use my Healing Balm on my face, and, by the next morning (my birthday!) my face was completely calmed down!

  24. kaitlinlongmartin

    Can you use this like you would lanolin while nursing?

  25. Can you use this on baby’s face? My son is one month old.

  26. Can you use healing balm as a hemorrhoid cream?

  27. I use this as a night cream on my face a couple times a week especially when I’ve had a breakout and this helps to calm any redness on my face and soften my acne scars and I wake up with a soft glow.

  28. I use it on my pups when their noses or paws get dry 🙂 I work at a pet hospital and we found this works best!
    I’ll also use it as a moisturizer for my lips and help with my eczema patches on my chin!

  29. Around eyes at night! Not sure how it does it but my “new mom” wrinkles have virtually disappeared and my concealer doesn’t crease anymore!

  30. And I originally bought it as a recommendation for my 1 year old daughter’s eczema and chapped nose when she had a cold but now I sneak it for myself too haha we both get a lovely night treatment on our face..I tell her it’s our “spa cream” so that she will let me put it on her too haha!

  31. I have very sensitive skin and allergies. I was hoping to find that this is a great new product for me, since I love some of the other products like vitamins and sunscreen. But I must have an allergy to one of the ingredients because it caused redness and burning on my face after using for 2 days. I have stopped and it took about 4 days to heal. I am back to my old Eucerin, which is one of the only products my face likes. It is good to know the ingredients, so I can watch out for other allergies.

  32. I have put a tiny bit on my baby when she’s scratched her face… But I only do it when she’s sleeping soundly & likely to remain asleep for several hours (she sleeps with a pacifier so this is just to be sure she won’t put it in her mouth)
    I use coconut oil when she’s awake

  33. samantha

    I use this product on my elbows and on my sons bum he’s always had sensitive skin to allot of products. Recently after I got this product my son had a horrible rash on his bum I was using a&d with no change. I ended up reading that you could use this on diaper rashes so I tried it out before bedtime and the next morning he woke up to no rash what so ever. with my elbows it took a few days but now I have smooth touchable elbows. this is now my go to product for everything!!!

  34. Mom of girls

    Can I use healing balm for sun burn, I’m having a really bad time with itchy, dry skin, please help, aloe Vera doesn’t work:-(

  35. Rose Ferguson

    What is the difference between the nipple balm and the healing balm ?

  36. Doms Mom

    Can this be used on cuts and scrapes? Or is the nipple balm better for that?

  37. Jennifer

    You can! I do. Of course, if the cut is deep or looks otherwise serious, don’t. But for your average boo-boo, sure.

  38. Jennifer

    I love this product. It’s a great heavy-duty hand/foot/elbow/knee treatment, if those of us who don’t have kids are wondering what to do with it.
    It absorbs relatively rapidly for being as ‘greasy’as it is and you’re so soft after (note it’s balm, not lotion; I wouldn’t use it all over).
    It’s a fab lip balm if you don’t like carrying multiple products.
    And it works well on dry patchy spots; or mine anyway. I have two red patches on either side of my nose that shift between degrees of redness/itchiness/burniness and this takes them down considerably. It does not eliminate them entirely, but since I don’t know what they ARE, I wouldn’t expect it to.
    I mean, if you’re looking to a cream to cure lupus, or rosacea or what have you, that’s nuts. But for me, it does greatly mitigate the wretchedness of whatever it is.
    You get a lot for the price, considering the quality of the ingredients, and it lasts FOREVER since it’s not for full-body use & a little goes a great distance. Try it!!

  39. Jennifer

    PS: I also rub a little into my brows as it advises above, but at night. And I rub a tad into my eyelashes at the same time. I swear it is helping them a)not fall out as often and b)grow longer.
    I can’t say there are MORE lashes & brow than previously but it’s noticeable that I shed less and my lashes are visibly longer.
    I attribute this to a) just being moisturized & pliable helps reduce fallout and b) one of the components is castor oil, which has an old, old reputation for growing hair.
    I’ve always been too chicken to rub castor oil on my scalp cause it’s wicked thick, but maybe there’s something to it!
    It does not sting my eyes, BTW…

  40. Connie Kim Lee

    I noticed that the product separates. Sometimes I get a bunch of oil come out instead of the balm itself. Is it designed to be like that? This is my second tube that does it. I have to squirt some out onto a napkin before using.

  41. Julie Perteet

    I noticed that as well but I just shook it up a bit and that fixed the problem. And when I went to use it today which has been cooler weather it came out more solid with no problems of the oil. Hope that helps

  42. Lonni Richardson Meisner

    For some reason my balm comes out grainy, not smooth. It wasn’t like that when I first got it – maybe it’s separating?

  43. Stephanie

    This stuff has worked awesome! My daughter had a nasty cold and her poor nose and upper lip were red and sore. After just a few applications of the balm it was so much better and within a day the redness was completely gone! Now I just apply a little after blowing her nose and the redness hasn’t come back.

  44. Brittney

    Has anyone used this to replace nipple cream when breast feeding?

  45. Audria Reinoehl

    I love healing balm. I use it on dry skin my daughter’s face for chapped from the cold and it helped A lot.

    Does anyone know if I can use it on a burn?

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  47. Kristen Smaila

    Yes! I’ve used it on a burn and it healed so much quicker, and I have no scar!

  48. Mine does the same thing, so I started keeping it in the fridge as I assume that oil I was squuezing out is the good stuff.

  49. Brittany U.

    I burned my leg on my motorcycle a couple of weeks ago, and this stuff has been awesome during the healing process. It soothes the itch while the burn is healing, calms some of the inflammation, and the burn is healing overall super-fast, thanks to this Healing Balm. I slather it on several times a day, and it instantly works its magic.

  50. My lo has a lip tie which causes a shallow (and very painful) latch. I use it after every feeding and it has helped so much. I used to use lanolin, but this seems to heal cracks and blisters faster.

  51. Vanna Christine Van Hooser

    Is this good for rosacea? I was recently diagnosed with rosacea and want to take a natural approach instead of using antibiotics on my face. What products are good for that? I am currently using the face wash and face lotions.

  52. Kaleenka

    I love the product I just wish it had a more pleasant smell to it.

  53. Derek Dotson

    Is the healing balm still safe after its expiration date ?

  54. Sherri Sanchez

    I was told to use Aquaphor while I was undergoing radiation. I decided to use your healing balm instead. A couple of times the nurses gave me a hard time about not using the standard Aquaphor, but I had already been through cancer, and there was no way I wanted those ingredients on my skin. I finished radiation 2 weeks ago, and just yesterday my oncologist says to me, “People’s skin has all different reactions to radiation, but you look like radiation never happened.” I know there could be other factors in this, but I am so pleased with your product. Shame on doctors for recommending such horrible products to cancer patients. And thank you Honest company for such a great alternative!

  55. Stephanie Pujols Graupera

    My 3 month old is showing signs of baby eczema. Is this safe to put on her face since she is now touching her face and sucking her fingers regularly?

    I know the product is organic but is it nontoxic to children that may touch the ointment and put it in their mouths?

  56. Vrz Lala

    If you are having patches on the side of your nose that gets Red, Itchy and Burns that is Rosacea. 😉

  57. Andrew Russell

    We’re using on our son’s burns and its healing super fast.

  58. I use it on my daughters face and have since she was like 2 months old.

  59. Kim Talbert Hall

    Can this be used with every diaper change to prevent diaper rash? Looking for something without zinc oxide

  60. Sergej Levcenko

    Super bless it company!!!Sergej Levcenko/ Latvia/

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