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Kids say the darndest things. And Honest Toddler is no exception. This Twitter darling (or maybe he’s a little rascal?) definitely knows how to use his words by telling parents exactly what he thinks.  His witty way with 140 characters always leaves us laughing because…

  • Publicly you call yourself Honest Toddler. What are you called at home?
  • My name or “Why? Why would you do that?”
  • You often hear parents tell their children to use their words. How did you learn to be such a prolific writer at the ripe old age of two or three?
  • My Baby Can Read. We didn’t actually buy it but the infomercials taught me a lot about success.
  • There’s no guidebook for parents, but you seem to know a lot about what they should and shouldn’t do. What’s the best advice you can share with new moms and dads about caring for their baby?
  • Babies don’t need so much love. Focus on the toddler in your life. Cake, UP, Big bed…you know what to do. Follow your instincts and your toddler’s loud directions.
  • If you could spend the day doing whatever you want, what would you do?
  • I’d love to visit the park fully nude with a bag of Goldfish so big they could see it from space.
  • How would you deal with picky eaters and make mealtime easier? Any healthy snack ideas?
  • Unbroken crackers are always a winning complete meal. There are many varieties on the market.
  • We love non-toxic and eco-friendly toys. Do you have any favorites?
  • I love friendly toys too, which is why I have had to break so many of mine for back talking, general insolence and getting boring.
  • The most influential piece of literature in your library…
  • Blueberries for Sal. It taught me that even if I engage in behavior so risky it almost gets me and my mother killed by wildlife, we’ll still go home and prepare some jam.
  • Let’s play a game of word association…
  • Vegetables: Pain
    Sleep: LOL
    Potty: Marshmallows & Anger.
    Honest Skull Diapers: Diapers4EVER
    Rules: Forget.
    Garbage Truck: POWER
    Instagram: Homemade pillow case dresses & cut-up fruit
    Pinterest: Casseroles & depression
    Mommy: UP
    Daddy: UP higher
  • Now that you’ve mastered social media and gotten the attention of parents everywhere, what are your goals for next year?
  • My main goal for next year is avoid both preschool and keep diapers a regular part of my lifestyle. I’d also like to see cake consumption increase 20-25% in my home but a person can only dream.

In need of more laughs? Follow Honest Toddler on his blog and Twitter.


  1. An interesant baby. He learned English really speed and learned how to use a computer quickly too he will be like einstein. İ have saw on news and cannot forget, it’s a baby and he played golf! he looks like him. But maybe some babies has got really amazing brains. But yes he says: ” Babies doesn’t need much love”. Also it comes to me weird!!! is his family trying to make this baby into robot? or is this baby reall? how did you guys conntect with him? there’s a chat programm?

  2. Honest Toddler definitely captures the thought process of kids. Sometimes it feels like our own children are behind the Twitter account. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Hi Melda. We agree that babies have amazing brains and Honest Toddler often feels real due to his relatable musings. As far as we know, Honest Toddler is an anonymous person who writes a blog and has a twitter account. We connected via social media and caught up over e-mail. We personally don’t know who he or she is – but we enjoy their sense of humor. Maybe they’ll reveal the identity someday!

  4. Stefanie Matthews

    Absolutely genius LOL …I have a two year old and honest tot and he seem to be on the very same page!!! Truly adorable and very truthful for those of us that have toddlers

  5. We’re glad it gave you a good laugh, Stefanie! It’s amazing how accurately the Honest Toddler captures life with kids.

  6. Honest Store, if it’s true that you are bullying Honest Toddler to shut down his blog, Twitter and Facebook because you both have the word HONEST in your names, please know that you are awakening the ire of half a million fans who will make it their point never to support your company. I’m ashamed of everything such a request suggests about your character as a supposedly “honest” company. Stop playing the bully and stop your demands!

  7. honestly?

    Thanks for posting this interview…followed by suing that little brat for having a name similar to yours!

  8. Interesting that you don’t threaten HT for infringing on your “brand” during this interview. This should be a fun page to present in court with a motion to dismiss!

  9. Suegirly

    If you ARE indeed THREATENING the Honest Toddler with a lawsuit you are FOOLS. FAR more people know and love HT then have ever HEARD of your company. This will spread over social media like WILDFIRE!! And TRUST ME…the mommies who LOVE HT and HAVE actually HEARD of you will be DONE with you FOREVER!! My advice…take it back! TAKE IT BACK NOW!

  10. So you interview HT and then a couple months later threaten HT with a law suit? Classy move. I was intrigued by your company’s products but will not be purchasing based on this idiotic move.

  11. honestTODDLER4EVER

    I can’t believe you are threatening a lawsuit….YOU INFANT!!! No wonder you haven’t responded on any of your social media accounts…

  12. are you actually threatening to sue Honest Toddler for use of the word “honest”??? HONESTLY that’s the most absurd thing I’ve heard in several days, and I’m the parent of a 3 year old who regularly tells me he wants to ride on the roof of the car. I’ll never spend a dime in your store if this turns out to be true. Plus I’ll be sure to share on all social media what I think of your scumbag company and all its overpriced products (and how easily they can all be made at home).

  13. Seriously?

    I’ve been a fan of the Honest Toddler for over a year now, and just recently started using The Honest Co. products. Great products, but in light of a threatened lawsuit, I will be canceling all future orders with your company.

  14. Everyone

    Dear scumbags, threatening to sue honest toddler is a petty, stupid, and disgusting.


  15. Wow. How incredibly disappointing. You share the word “Honest.” I don’t know much about The Honest Company. But I do know that I am no longer interested in finding out anything about you. The lawyer advising you should be fired.

  16. WOW. Bush league.

    Everyone knows how much mommies love bullies. Talk about a crappy PR move. I suggest Honest Company track down the lawyer responsible for this ham-fisted maneuver and dispense with the walking papers.

  17. As the parent of a toddler myself, I can guarantee that I will never buy a single product from your company again and I will badmouth you guys to every other parent I meet – if your PR is this bad, then your products must be crap also! You guys need to go to timeout!

  18. I’m hoping that you aren’t actually threatening Honest Toddler with a cease & desist or a costly lawsuit. Do you really think we’re so stupid that we can’t tell the difference b/w your company and a blog/twitter/facebook run by a hilarious mom/author?

  19. Bad move threatening Honest Toddler. Bad move.

  20. It is moronic to threaten the Honest Toddler.

    I have purchased your product in the past but I will not do so again.

    While a tantrum from the HT is funny a tantrum from an adult (which is what this is) is not at all funny.

  21. Angela, I was just going to say something similar. Pretty ironic for a company with the word “Honest” in its name to pull this stunt. This reeks worse than a toddler’s hours-old diaper.

  22. HT #1 fan

    Your company interviews Honnest Toddler and then a couple months later threaten HT with a law suit? In HT words: “RIDIKILIS”

  23. We became aware that The Honest Toddler filed a trademark application in the same class where we hold superior trademark rights. Under current law, a company’s right to its trademarks can be lost if not licensed or supervised properly by the owner. It’s unfortunate, but we cannot allow other businesses or individuals to file trademarks in our class and compromise our brand or ability to sell products in different categories. We remain interested in pursuing an amicable resolution with The Honest Toddler — one that does not impact her current and future course of business online and in the media. We hope to resolve this complicated legal issue in a timely manner. For more information, please see our detailed response at

  24. Well, you know who they are now, don’t you? And you have managed to alienate the majority of your customer base by your dishonest and selfish actions. Why on EARTH would you interview them in such a positive way and less than a year later try to bring them down? Your ridiculous diatribe on shows you to be anything but honest. You show a letter from the owner of the honestbaby website whose trademark YOU infringed. Well, lo and behold, that website no longer exists – successfully sold following your ‘mutually beneficial agreement’. The Honest Toddler doesn’t compete with you. There is no confusion for parents. The very fact that you think so shows how little you think of your target demographic. Are you also going to go after Honest Tea for trademark infringement too? Or are Coca Cola much harder to bully than a mother of three? Again, if you think that’s the case, then you clearly underestimate the strength of a mother.

  25. Diaryofa1stTimeMom

    Beyond ridiculous. It’s ludicrous.

  26. starryhye

    Shame on the “Honest” company. Honest Toddler 4 Lyfe!

  27. Honestly – your quickness to sue is what’s wrong with America. Please, quit listening to advisors and just leave The Honest Toddler alone. It’s a blog. There’s more than enough money to go around, and you already have plenty. Get over yourself. Please quit spending time and money on this and focus on an issue that would benefit from that attention – like water quality in impoverished countries, or maternal/child welfare in inner city America, starvation, there is so much and yet THIS is what takes up your time? I won’t be buying ANY of your products.

  28. Honest Toddler is a threat to your company in only one way: wittier commentary.
    You should have put your energy into trying to hire her for your website and media!
    Your mistake!!

  29. Michael Foxworthy

    My family currently uses about $100 a month on your products. No more.

    We will also be very vocal about our strong feelings with our friends and family.

  30. I have bought my last Honest product. Such a shame. I’ve kind of lost respect for Ms. Alba at this point, too.

  31. Kate Long Jefferson

    I will never purchase anything from your company. again. Such a shame that you can’t “play nice” with others.

  32. HonestlyNever

    Feel threatened much? Don’t you have enough already? Seriously – let the Honest Toddler play in the sand box.

  33. So it looks like the honest company bought up “honest” preemptively to be a bully and try to prosper off honest toddler’s coat tails. That’s oh so honest. I’m done with your products. I’m also done recommending them. Protecting your intellectual rights has nothing to do with it. Are you going to trademark anything with the word “honest” in it? Honest mom? Honest dad? Honest child? Maybe start with “honest bully”.

  34. The Kelster

    BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! That HT is sure inspiring. I’m so glad my HC diapers sucked so I don’t have to wear them! #Nakedtoddlersunite

  35. mama thomas

    Seriously? Are you going to go after The Honest Kitchen next? How about Honest Apparel? Or Honest By? I have two toddlers and choose natural products for them, but will not be using Honest products. I’ll use Seventh Generation instead; at least they haven’t tried to sue the Iroquois Nation for copyrite infringement.

  36. Oh you have GOT to be kidding. What is complicated about the utter business *idiocy* of actively driving away your target market over a petty (and indefensible BTW) legal issue?! Not to mention that this snivelling, petty behavior utterly undermines your so-called “Honest” brand. Get over yourselves, and fast, before the backlash bites you in your undiapered patootie in the form of plummeting revenue.

  37. Hey honest co. How about you work for something and not against. Maybe start by dropping this and partnering with honest toddler with free diapers for life??

  38. Adios, Honest Co. Until you proved to be a jerky litigious company, I had made no association between your company and Honest Toddler. Now I have a negative reaction whenever I hear the names “honestbaby” or “Jessica Alba”.. Why go after a mom and her writing with your big bucks rather than worrying about not being a dick of a corporation?
    As a father of 4, and one who tries to purchase natural products for my family, adios.

  39. Chapel Hellian

    Your “branding” can’t be that great to begin with if you think someone would mistake a hilarious blog they came across for your products. Leave HT alone and pick a fight with someone your own size!

  40. Momofmany

    Before the whole nasty Honest Co. vs Honest Toddler debate popped up I never associated the two with each other. See, I am of the mind set that common words should not be allowed to be trademarked, copyrighted etc. I am also smart enough to tell the difference between things that are completely different. What did I associate Honest Toddler with? A fun, witty, imaginative, creative mother, blowing off steam and showing the rest of us mothers a new prospective from a toddlers viewpoint. What did I associate the Honest Company with? Actually it was with DIShonest business practices, as the trial offer to your subscription services have ripped many many people off in more ways than one. On top of that I also associated the not quite so Honest Company with expensive low quality diapers. When tested on my own child using the proper size diaper she was leaking thru her clothes within 15 minutes of putting it on. When speaking with a rep it was suggested I did not know how to put a diaper on a baby. This is my 7th child, I think Ive mastered the use of diapers by this point. Funnily enough, the Honest Diapers are the only ones Ive ever had leaking issues with. What do I associate Honest Toddler with now? Still the same as above but now you can also add the fact that as a small business owner myself I now see Honest Toddler as a representation of every small business owner in America having to fight for our own against big rich corporate bullies. What have I added to my views of the Honest Company? Well on top of their dishonest business practices and their condescending manner I now view the company as bullies who have no qualms about pushing around the person smaller than they are. I still even after all of this do not associate the company and the toddler together, however I do realize how much negative publicity you are bringing your company and how much more popular you are making Honest Toddler. Honest Company I think it’s time America sent you and other companies like you, your very own cease and desist letters. Not telling you to no longer do business, but to no longer allow you to bully others into submission.

  41. ree disserus

    I diss Honest, or should I say, I diss dishonest?
    Do you Really want to start such a p!ssing match in the court of public opinion?

  42. Wow…I had not heard good things about the honest products but this seals the deal for not trying them and spreading the word. Love the ‘nominated’ Jessica Alba in the letter they sent. THAT is hysterical.

  43. Remember when Coke became New Coke? Yes – your marketing stunt for protecting “Honest” in your trademark will be studied in the same way.

  44. Karyn Proudlock

    To be honest, I’d never even heard of the Honest Company before all of this. I adore the Honest Toddler blog, and book and I am so proud of HT’s Mum for standing up to this ridiculous bully of a company. You will not win Honest Company – we will not let you. All you are accomplishing is making yourself look like (insert bad word here) and making Honest Toddler even more popular and fantastic.

  45. Nicole Dodd

    Brand fail (dis)Honest. You need to think about your actions before alienating moms (who happen to be your clients) by bullying one of them.

  46. Nicole Dodd

    So you register a domain that will pop up when people are searching for Honest Toddler and use it to broadcast your weak defence? It’s clever, but it’s also corporate and slimy.

  47. roxtarmama

    Oh. My. Gosh. People bashing Honest Co. because Honest Toddler is having a tantrum are ridiculous. Seriously… business is business. I see no bullying here other than HT turning to social media to bash Honest Co. I personally enjoy both Honest Toddler and Honest Company… but if I had to choose my loyalty lies with Honest Co. If any of you have truly shopped around for all natural eco-friendly diapers you would know that Honest Co. is superior to its competitors. My baby’s butt-butt is way more important to me than the random chuckle I get when I come across Honest Toddler’s posts.. Just so ya know, Honest Co, you have MANY loyal customers. Perhaps the only reason we are not as vocal is because you’re not boo-hoo’ing on Facebook. Glad to see you keeping it classy, Honest Company!

  48. Momofmany

    Actually I HAVE done the shopping and found Honest diapers to be the worst on the market. Seventh Generation is by far superior to the Honest line. There is a big difference between honest business and scare tactics. Honest Toddler won their trademark approval fair and square and the Honest Company are kicking up sand because they dont like it and are using scare tactics to try to bury Honest Toddler. The majority of fans from either of the two have no trouble discerning the difference between them. They do not have any competition to speak of, one provides laughs and the other provides expensive low quality diapers. There is no reason the two can not co-exist peacefully. This is just the beginning, if allowed to continue the Honest Company will go after every business with the word Honest in its name. Let’s get real, if you are going to choose a common word as your business name then you should really expect to have to share it with other types of businesses. If you don’t want to have to do that then you should pick something thats not very common, or come up with your own name. Its like the stupidity with McDonalds a few years ago all over again when they trademarked Mc. A family owned business in our city with their family name of McDonald in the title, which had been in business since 1932, received notice if they did not cease and desist using the superior brand name of McDonalds they would face legal action. Did they sell poorly made burgers? No, they do not sell food products at all. That’s corporate America for you though. We live in a world today where the little man (or woman) doesnt stand a chance against big money, and honestly that needs to change.

  49. Honest Toddler has calmly expressed the facts of the situation, which, as any real parent knows, is the exact opposite of a tantrum. Honest Company throwing their big bucks around with threats is classic bullying, which is seems to be against the HONEST concept they are so desperately trying to claim as their own. Get real. I’m glad I’ve never purchased anything from Honest Company, especially given some of the terrible reviews of their products, and will continue to direct my fellow parents to Honest Toddler’s blog in hopes they will see for themselves what a farce this situation has become. I absolutely love the irony of this interview, and the replies to comments below praising HT’s mom on her hilarious, real take on parenting. Social Media is a powerful tool, and one that I sincerely hope The Honest Company continues to underestimate.

  50. laughing with my toddler

    Sad that your company thinks the only amicable resolution is to take over and license Honest Toddler back to itself. I guess tho, that is so you can profit from the Honest Toddlers good name. Its a big sandbox, I promise there is room for both of you, now you go play on your side and leave Honest Toddler alone to make his/her jokes. Get a grip and stop acting like a spoiled toddler who has to have it all to himself Honest Company. The world is much nicer when we learn to share with our friends.

  51. what a crock of baloney, Honest Company. i cancelled my subscription after reading about your bullying a mommy who simply has a funny blog. oh and that’s so sketchy to buy up the domain names, and AFTER finding out about HT. Shame on you! I do NOT support bullying, especially corporate bullying!

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  54. From what I understand your idea of an “amicable” solution is to license the name for exactly one year and then she can’t use it anymore, ever. HONESTly, I think you’ve done irreparable harm to your reputation. By the way, great example for your youngest clients on how the world really works–big $$ bullies the little guy. Hopefully the end of this story has a happy ending, one where the little guy wins. Because we, the consumers of your products and/or followers of the blog, ARE the little guys and are tired of corporate BS.

  55. Never buying anything from Honest Company again. You guys suck. Go pick on someone your own size and leave the cute toddlers alone.

  56. Alisha Parker

    Team Honest Toddler!! People start using cloth diapers! So much cheaper and much more ecofriendly.

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