There are few easier style statements than a scarf. The ultimate grab-and-go accessory, a scarf can add a pop of color to any outfit, not to mention function! Whether headed to the office, going out to dinner, or just grabbing groceries, a scarf is a simple way to pull together any ensemble. They also work as a great transition piece as we work our way into spring and summer styles.

Today’s eco-friendly DIY scarf is a total no-brainer and it won’t cost you a single cent. You will have to take a trip through your own closet, but it’s just about time for spring cleaning anyway. Gather up some old t-shirts, grab your scissors, and let’s get to it!

DIY 3-Step Scarf

Make It Now: DIY 3-Step Scarf

Old cotton t-shirts (the bigger the better!)


Make It Now: DIY 3-Step Scarf

  1. Snip: Cut your shirt horizontally, just below the sleeves and just above the bottom hem.
  2. Stretch: Put your hands inside the piece you just cut, and pull outwards to stretch the shirt fabric. As you stretch, the ends where you cut will roll in on themselves to made a sort of pseudo-hem.
  3. Style: Add a scarf to any outfit, the options are endless! Wear it as a single loop over some layered necklaces, or double it for a bolder band of color.

 Honest Tip: To create some fun fringe, cut vertical slits in the bottom half of your scarf. Pair with a chambray or classic white tee for some added texture.

 Make It Now: DIY 3-Step Scarf

If you have kids at home, get them in on it too! This DIY works as a great lesson in upcycling and it’s especially timely with Earth Month right around the corner.

We love a good DIY. Use the comments section below to let us know what you’d like us to make next!