This low-key spring look takes less than five minutes — and it’s gold

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Like an IRL natural flush, only better, with just 4 beauty basics.

This is the Only Makeup Trend You Need to Know for Spring

Low-key makeup reigned queen on spring runways this year — and we’re not-so-low-key hyped about it. With a focus on fresh, dewy skin that gives freckles full play, we couldn’t wait to try this rose glow look on honest beauty, Tashi Rodriquez (who is a beauty inspiration in her own right, as evidenced by her cult-status IG: @tashimrod). The key to bringing the look to life? Color-coordinating your Créme Blush to your Lip Crayon. Here’ how to get your rose glow on — fast:  


Step 1: The Primer of Life

Give your skin its healthiest, dewiest glow possible with Everything Primer. Its combo of hyaluronic acid and botanical peptides helps smooth the look of skin while peony root extract and mica help impart a gorgeous, luminous complexion. Simply blend a dime-size amount to create a luminous base.


Step 2: Cheeky Color

Because it packs a major color payoff, the trick to applying Créme Blush for a natural, rose-tinted flush is to start with a little, then build and blend until fully diffused. Use your fingertips to warm up the product and dab directly onto the apples of your cheeks, then go over once more with a brush to buff out the edges. Tashi is rocking Truly Teasing, but pick the hue best suited to your skin’s undertones for your most natural finish.


Step 3: Matchy Matchy

The demi-matte finish of our award-winning Truly Kissable Lip Crayon is the perfect complement to creamy cheeks. Its lightweight, cushiony texture glides on easily and deposits a rich layer of luscious color with toned-down shine. To nail the monochromatic makeup look, choose a similar shade (or one slightly darker) than your blush, like Tashi’s Marsala Kiss.


Step 4: Two Wands are Better Than One

First, this step is optional if you’re ready to rose glow-and-go sans mascara. Second, if you want a bit more wow around the eyes, Truly Lush Mascara + Lash Primer is your one-two punch for pumped up lashes. Primer on one end creates an even base and intensifies color while rich mascara on the other lays down dramatic length and lift.

Behold, the better-than-real-life flush of creamy color on dewy skin! Pretty sure we found the low-maintenance look we’ll be wearing every day (until summer, that is).


  1. Kathryn Saunders

    Is there a store/shop where I can purchase “Honest” products. I live in Tucson AZ.

  2. cathy doll

    i am looking for something for brown spots. I have a few . on my face and hands. thank you.

  3. Teresa C.

    Check your local Target store. They started carrying Honest Beauty cosmetics last year.

  4. My local Target has Honest makeup and baby products. Try checking out yours!

  5. Cindy L

    Try the contact # to the right. I’m sure they will be glad to help you.

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