What do you love most about working at Honest?

Our company truly cares about its customers. Working in social media allows me to interact with our customers every day and the feedback we hear always inspires us to do better. We have brilliant people here working hard to make a difference in the world and it makes me proud to be part of it. And with so many awesome employees, I’ve been lucky enough to meet some of my best friends here.

Meet Honest Social Media Associate Jen Martinez

What is your favorite product?

Everyone who knows me knows that I am obsessed with our Organic Healing Balm. There are tubes of Healing Balm in almost every room of my apartment and one in my desk at work. I put it on my hands after washing them, my elbows, feet, under the eyes, and lips — I seriously love it.

Meet Honest Social Media Associate Jen Martinez

What is your most memorable Honest moment?

My first week at Honest coincided with the company’s second birthday and there was a celebration after work with karaoke. I was still going through training and nervously trying to remember everyone’s names. Somehow I got pulled on stage to sing, and I remember thinking, “where am I?” because I had never experienced a company culture like this one.

Meet Honest Social Media Associate Jen Martinez

How do you embrace the Honest lifestyle at home?

My home is filled with Honest cleaning and personal care products, and now Honest Beauty skincare and makeup have become part of my daily regimen as well. I love that Honest focuses on education, and it has helped me make informed decisions about what I’m buying.

Meet Honest Social Media Associate Jen Martinez

If you weren’t at work, what would you be doing?

I’ve always loved paper crafts and baking, and lately I’ve been getting into watercolors and calligraphy. On weekends, I enjoy catching a hot yoga or barre class in the morning and seeing where the day takes me. (Usually to a coffee shop or a new restaurant.)

Meet Honest Social Media Associate Jen Martinez

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2 thoughts on “Meet Honest Social Media Associate Jen Martinez

  1. Could you come up with a lesser expensive Essentials Bundle? We have lots of allergies in our house so many of the personal care products are off limits to us. If I put 5 cleaning products and some bar soap in the Essentials Bundle it actually cost more than if I bought them independently.

  2. I love honest products. I absolutely love them all. I was just a little disappointed when i just bought the mandarin hand soap. I thought it would have a nice mild citrus smell. it seems to have not have much smell at all. thank you honest for all your great products.

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