As parents, the wonder, excitement, and exhaustion of having a new baby can overwhelm us. And, of course, we want to remember it all—even the smallest details. Despite our good (sleep-deprived) intentions, recording and organizing schedules, milestones, and memories is easier said than done. And Honest’s Director of Design Tim Hankins—the man behind our new HonestBaby app’s chic visual display—remembers these feelings like they were yesterday, even though his son is now three years old.

Parent's Life Inspired HonestBaby App

“My wife and I tracked every last bit of info about our son’s early development in notebooks. Every diaper change, every feeding, how long he slept. We tracked it all manually. I knew apps existed that tracked that sort of information, but nothing grabbed my attention. So, we continued with our stack of notebooks around the house,” recounts Tim.

But like all moms and dads, Tim found inspiration in his life at home and came up with a solution to the piles of notebooks. “I wished there was an app that satisfied our tracking needs, but was also really fun (and easy) to use and great to look at so we would continue going back to it,” shares Tim. “I truly think we’ve accomplished that goal with HonestBaby—something intuitive, fun, a delight to use, and also a beautifully designed experience to keep people coming back.”

HonestBaby App

Tim’s partners in the app development process—and our tech team colleagues—felt the same way. “Developing the app was interesting because we saw an opportunity to create something both visually appealing and functional. Throughout development, we made it our goal to make tracking early childhood fun and personal. Taking inspiration from modern apps such as Path, Facebook, and DayOne, helped us craft something we hope parents will enjoy,” says Tony Huynh, Mobile Software Developer.

Developing the HonestBaby App

HonestBaby will help parents chart their children’s daily activities and development, all conveniently within reach and in one organized place on their iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. Now, you can track feeding, diaper changes, sleep, growth, doctor visits, and honestly special moments before you forget. And if you’re an Honest member, HonestBaby provides you the added benefit of managing your account, subscriptions, and other orders.

Download your HonestBaby app for free via the iTunes App Store, and stay tuned for a Windows Phone app in the near future.

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  • Looking forward to the Android app.

    • Due to the overwhelmingly positive feedback the app has received, we are currently evaluating developing an Android counterpart. Stay tuned…

  • I need the Android App as well! Would love to be able to use this:)

    • We are currently evaluating developing an Android counterpart. We’ll keep you posted!

  • Sara g

    I love the app but there is an issue with the timers. Ive been using the WTE app and like the function that allows me to switch between apps while timing nursing or sleep sessions. The Honest baby app stops timing when you switch to another app rendering it (or my phone) useless. Fix this and Im your biggest fan.

    • Hi Sara g, We are working on a fix and should have it out soon!

  • Draya

    Please make a droid app too.

  • Yuli

    wow….im downloading right now! 😉

    • Let us know what you think, Yuli!

      • Yuli

        I LOVE it!!!:)
        Easy taps of my finger to record things I would otherwise forget when the dr asks me… “How many diapers do you go trough a day?” also keeping track of her growth and my favorite her first time “moments” like today! Her first time rolling over all by herself! The only thing that would make it even better for me is having a line dividing the days and maybe a tally for the day for diapers and maybe even the oz fed.
        And managing our bundles, you couldn’t have made it easier for us;)
        This app is amazing, pretty and so convenient. Thank you so much.
        -First time mom.

        • You’re so welcome! Thanks so much for the great feedback. We’ll pass it on to our app designers.

  • geehae

    looking forward to the android version!!!!!

  • heather

    Please hurry with the Android Version!!!

  • marisa garcia

    Man wit it was for android. I have Samsung galaxy S5 nd pregnant so would love to have this app! Can u maybe put it up for android?

  • Tess

    It’s been 2 years now… Are you going to put out an android app?

  • Heath

    Does this app still exist? I have not been able to find it in the app store.

  • photomom

    they’re are said to be releasing a new version “early 2016” … every time I click into the current app I have it states that. I have yet to find anywhere it gives an actual release date, though. it’s been down since mid-December!

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