Modern Organic Bedding for the Whole Family

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Organic Bedding for the Whole Family

It’s no secret that we spend one-third of our lives sleeping and spend a lot of time snuggling under the covers! Conventional bedding is likely made with chemical permanent-press, stain-repellent, and water-repellent finishes. Make sure to wash this bedding to rinse away any skin-irritaing residues or consider opting for organic bedding instead. Look for sheets made from untreated organic cotton, linen, hemp, or bamboo, as well as mod designs made from non-toxic dyes. Here are some favorite organic sheets for kids and babies (clockwise from left):

Kids' Organic and Natural Sheets

1. Cotton Monkey Sheet
2. Land of Nod Waves Sheets
3. Boppy Sheets
4. IvieBaby Sheets

If your children are anything like mine, they also spend their fair share of time in your bed. Whether they’re waking in the night and need extra cuddles and comfort, or just playing with the pillows and fluffy blankets in the morning, organic bedding may be just as important to you. Thankfully, it’s getting easier and easier to find natural options at larger retail stores. Here are some bedding options we love for keeping mom and dad’s beds honestly organic:

Organic and Natural Sheets for Adults

1. CB2 Bedding
2. West Elm Bedding
3. Anthropologie Bedding

Do you have favorite brands for eco-friendly and organic bedding? We’d love to hear your suggestions!

~ Kate Brightbill of Style Smaller


  1. Target’s “Threshold” line carries affordable organic sheets, pillow cases and blankets

  2. Thanks for the great suggestion. It’s awesome how it’s becoming easier and easier to find organic and natural options!?

  3. I’m loving this blog! I love all the good tips, especially as i get ready to be a mom myself. Just a note to blog writers–it would be great for us readers if you used more inclusive language. Not every parents’ bed sleeps a mom and a dad. Thanks for considering this!


    This blog is great! Love it. I love the organic textiles offered by Carousel Designs. I chose my baby bedding from them because of their organic offering and while yes it is plain and doesn’t do a whole lot for my baby nursery in terms of design – it does make me feel better as a mom and also knowing that I am helping the environment. Besides – I found this great company – that was able to dress my room up with custom designed accessories (wall letters, wastebasket, step stool, baby memory book, etc. – they made everything I needed to match my room) that made the organic bedding I chose seem not so plain.

  5. It’s great to hear that you loved Carousel Designs. It’s awesome that more and more manufacturers/brads are offering organic options, and that you can add a splash of design and color with other room accents like no-VOC paints, decor including DIY and upcycled projects, and more.

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