No Boring Beige! Organic Bibs Go Fashionable

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Organic Bibs Go Fashionable
{bibs pictured: Gingham Bib & Crosscountry Bib}


We talk a lot about our kids eating organic food and being healthy, but it’s easy to forget that what they wear while they eat should also be made safely and chemical-free! Just a few short years ago when I had my first child, the options for organic bibs were boring beige, and they didn’t hold up to messy jobs and repeated rounds of laundry. Now, organic bibs (in my humble opinion) offer babies and parents style and quality!

Consider using organic bibs instead of conventional ones made from synthetic materials or finishes (PVC, vinyl, and plastic coatings) that may have that chemically smell—it’s healthier for your kiddos and the planet (toxic residue from chemicals used in growing conventional cotton pollutes soil and waterways).  And because bibs often make great teething toys, natural materials make for a safer option.

Here are some organic bibs that I’m loving:

Clockwise from top middle:

1. Airplanes. || 2. White Floral. || 3. Chevron Bandana. || 4. Pink Floral. || 5. Lion Roar. || 6. Striped.


What eco-friendly favorites do you have for feeding babies?


~ Kate Brightbill of Style Smaller


  1. Juliana_20

    Super…super…super CUTE!!!… You guys have incredible ideas!!! … I love the team Honest..!!!

    PS: Congrats Christopher and Jessica for 1 year of Honest-friendly! This is the first of many that is coming! Go Team Honest Go …. o/ #Brazil

  2. JuGue, thanks so much for the support! We’re so grateful that you’re part of the Honest community.

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